Top 10 Best Cat Collars


Brand Rank Rating Price Amazon Deals
Friends Forever

1th 9.8/10 $8.99 Check
GoTags LLC

2th 9.6/10 $15.95 Check
Bemix Pets

3th 9.5/10 $8.94  Check

4th 9.3/10 Check

5th 9.1/10 $15.99 Check
Bemix Pets

6th 9.0/10 Out of stock Check
A Kitty

7th 8.8/10 $8.99 Check
A Kitty

8th 8.8/10/5 Out of stock Check

9th 8.7/10 $8.99 Check

10th 8.5/10/5 $8.99 Check

What to look for when shopping for a cat collar

The mateiral– When shopping for a cat collar, buying quality beats quantity. Some materials will wear poorly on the cat’s skin and cause constant rubbing, which can lead to irritation and rashes.
Hemp and cotton are natural materials, which are often more gentle on the skin. They also have a bit more stretch to them, allowing for more freedom of movement. Nylon is a traditional synthetic material which is very durable, but does not stretch very well. We recommend that you buy a breakaway style if you are purchasing a nylon collar because, if stuck, the cat will not be able to escape.
The leather is another very durable and natural material which is recommended for cats who are very rugged and are known to “play hard”. They can also be very stylish and look very rugged on your cat. In terms of style, there are so many designs to choose from that you will need to focus on your tastes and what you think your cat would like. Bells, buckles, rounded edges or square, prints or solids. The possibilities are endless.

Why use a Cat Collar

Protect your cat– If your cat loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time outside, it is advisable to purchase a cat collar. Collars are a good way to protect your cat from getting lost and not being able to be reunited with its owners. They can also be useful for medical instructions, should your cat happen to have a condition which may require medical attention like diabetes or allergies. Lastly, they can be invaluable for identification purposes when there are two identical cats that you have to choose between and one of them is yours.
Safty First– In terms of safety, the most important thing to consider is your cat’s ability to escape the collar should it get stuck somewhere. Let’s face it. Cats get around. They climb trees, scale fences, jump from branch to branch, prowl the night and generally are extremely active creatures. They do these things without abandon or seeming concern for the consequences, which mean that cats put themselves into dangerous situations all the time. If they do get themselves in a particularly uncomfortable situation, chances are the cat can get stuck in the collar and not be able to break free which can lead to hanging or strangulation.

Final thoughs

When choosing the right cat collar, it is important to choose one that will perform properly and help keep your pet safe. Three very important features to look for are:

  • A breakaway clip– This is designed to release the collar’s clasp when a substantial amount of weight, like the weight of your cat, is pressed down on it. That way, your cat will not get caught.
  • Breathable– flexible material. It is important for your cat’s collar to be a bit stretchy in order for the cat to pull out of it if it is in distress.
  • Reflective materials– If your cat is out on the prowl in the evening, reflective material is a very important thing to have. No one wants their pet to get hurt in any way. It’s important to take the proper precautions to make sure that none of this happens.

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