35 Most Popular Ragdoll Cat Names

ragdoll cat names
Their blue eyes, their soft and silky coat, their rich color, their friendliness – what’s not to love? Ragdoll cats are distinctive within the cat family for their seemingly “dog-like” manners. These cats are compassionate and often noted as being docile, with their name referring to their habit of falling limp in the arms of anyone who holds them – a trait found unusual among other cat breeds, who are often skittish and less affectionate. They love greeting people, interacting with family, retrieving and playing with toys, and, best of all, snuggling up in bed whenever they please.

These fine felines are definitely unique in terms of their physical appearance and personality, so what’s better than to give your Ragdoll cat a unique cat name to match? It truly does come down to the blue point name and its meaning; it’s important to make sure that your Ragdoll cat’s name represents their enlightened aura and enhances their kind personality.

So, without further ado, here are 30 most famous Ragdoll names for cats and kittens that are sure to give your companion a new light with their interesting origins and meanings.

Female Ragdoll cat names:

Kailan (English origin): keeper of the keys
Gilah (Hebrew origin): eternal joy
Kesara (Spanish origin): youthful
Nudara (Arabic origin): gold
Ayasha (Chippewa origin): little one
Zadie (English origin): princess
Mairona (Irish origin) bitter
Cacia (Irish origin): vigilant
Forba (Scottish origin): headstrong
Raleigh (unknown origin): blessing to earth
Havalah (Hebrew origin): life
Darcell (French origin): dark
Cyrilla (English origin): lady
Seraphina (Hebrew origin): burning fire
Ophelie (French origin): serpentine

Male Ragdoll cat names:

Renne (French origin): to rise again
Colton (English origin): from the dark town
Isadoro (Spanish origin): strong gift
Amory (English origin): brave, powerful
Bannan (German origin): commander
Leveret (French origin): young rabbit
Kagen (Irish origin): thinker
Glyn (Celtic origin): from the valley
Ashwyn (English origin): spear friend
Micaiah (Hebrew origin): who is like God
Berkeley (Irish origin): birch tree meadow
Skipper (English origin): captain
Pierrel (English origin): little rock
Fionn (Irish origin): handsome
Sittichai (unknown origin): success
Leonardo– After the ninja turtle.
Copper– After the copper coloring of your cat.
Tiger– a ferocious name for your little feline

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