Meet Catipilla- 2017 Most Innovating Cat Product

We at We’re All About the Cats are all about bringing the most unique, interesting, and innovating cat-friendly news from around the globe. We came across a really cool idea we wanted to share with you.

Catipilla, a UK start-up, has developed a functional alternative to the Cat Flap. The Catipilla product is a modular climbing frame providing a new way for cats to enter homes. The lightweight, versatile design makes the frame exceptionally easy to install, can be tailored to each individual need, and is pleasing to the eye.

As well as facilitating home access, Catipilla also opens up opportunities for cats to climb and play in safe garden environments. Founded by the Sutton family, the idea for Catipilla evolved from a homemade device that was built to help the sixteen year old family cat in and out of the window. The climbing frame instantly caught the attention of visitors who wanted one of their own. Unable to find a good-quality, unobtrusive alternative to a Cat Flap device anywhere in the market, Catipilla was transformed into a professionally designed product. Catipilla will target the UK’s 5 million cat-owning households with a product that combines functionality and playful activity.


Having designed and tested various prototypes, Catipilla is now ready to bring the idea to market. CEO Andy Sutton, explains, ‘We are excited to bring Catipilla’s innovation to cat lovers. To reach the next stage of our journey, we are now embarking on a small-scale crowd-funding campaign to kick-off our first production run. With the right support, we aim to bring our first product to market in the spring.’

The product will be made of high-quality materials including aluminum and has been designed with home security and safety features in mind. All products will be manufactured in the UK. The team at Catipilla have ambitions stretching far beyond their first product, with multiple ideas already in the pipeline. You can keep up to date with new developments by visiting their website at

About Catipilla

Catipilla is a UK based family-owned business founded in 2016, developing cat products for consumer use. With ambitions of breaking into the pet market, Catipilla is focusing on allowing cats to enjoy what comes naturally to them; climbing. For more information, please visit

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