150 Best Orange Cat Names: Male, Female & Unisex Names

An orange kitten is unique on its own. That’s why you should find a name that would be a a good fit.Whether its a male or female, finding the best name for your beloved feline can be a really hard task, especially when their name should have something special to say about their unique orange fur or character. Here is a list of 150 orange kitten names to make your choice much easier.
1.Orange– Very straight forward and right to the point.
2.Portokale– Means orange in greek.
3.Ember- Only for the fiery orange ones.
4.Alani- Which in hawaiian is the orange blossom tree.
5.Amber- In glassware, it’s a dark orange color.
6.Dorito- Our favorite orange snack.
7.Garfield- Τhe famous cat from the movie ”Garfield” whose color is orange.
8.Paprika- It is a sweet orange spice.
9.Peaches- Orange fruits that are delicious!
10.Poppy- Referring to the red/orange poppy flowers.
11.Pooh- From the cartoon ”Winnie the pooh” in which pooh is an orange fluffy bear.
12.Prince harry- Since prince harry has orange hair.
13.Pumpkin- Our halloween special…a pumpkin!
14.Red- What is there to say?!
15.Rosy- Gaelic, meaning ”Red king”.
16.Roughy- Like the very scary looking orange fish.
17.Rusty- The color of oxidized metal…orange and red.
18.Rufus- Means red in latin.
19.Rojo- Means red in spanish.
20.Saffron- Another orange spice which comes from the flower ”Crocus Sativus”.
21.Russet- A dark brown color with a reddish- orange tone.
22.Sandy- Sand is golden and many times under the sun seems to be having a tone of orange.
23.Scarlet- A brilliant red color with a tone of orange.
24.Sherbert- An iced dessert, only for the sweetest kitten.
25.Tiger- Might lack the size,but its spirit matches that of a tiger.
26.Tulip- A flower which comes out in many colors including the beautiful orange/red.
27.Treasure- In the pop culture, treasures are usually depicted as gold/orange.
28.Vincent- Like the famous artist ”Vincent Van Gogh” who was a redhead.
29.Tabasco- Hot sauce made of tabasco in colors of Fiery red and a tone of orange.
30.Charmander- The cute little pokemon, as orange as fire (and he has a tale with a little flame on it too!)
31.Nemo- Like the very popular cartoon clown fish nemo.
32.Black- A kinda funny reference name to the ”orange is the new black” TV show.
33.Kenny- The character from the cartoon series South Park, that is always wearing an orange suit.
34.Carrot- A classic orange vegetable.
35.Haz- Short for Hazman suits, which are usually orange.
36.Pennie- All pennies have a light brownish orange color.
37.Ernie- The orange muppet from sesame street.
38.Beeker- Another muppet with orange hair.
39.Sacral- Reffering to a chakra, this particular chakra is depicted as orange.
40.Foxy- Matches a kitten with a big fluffy tail perfectly, just like a fox.
41.Bell- An orange colored pepper.
42.Monarch- Referring to the monarch butterflies,perhaps the most beautiful butterflies out there…and they are orange!
43.Mango- Just like the mango fruit.
44.Dono- When your cat resembles Claudia Donovan’s orange hair.
45.Αpri- Orange like an appricot.
46.Lilie- Resembling the fire red and tiger orange colored flower.
47.B- ball- Referring to an orange basketball.
48.Nectar- Like a nectarine fruit..
49.Clementine- How sweet and juicy is your cat?
50.Sunset- The time of the evening when the sun meets the horizon and the orange color is just so beautiful!
51.Tic- tac- Everyone’s favorite tic- tacs are the orange ones.
52.Coral- The color is kind of pink with a tone of orange.
53.Chipmunk- It’s so cute when your cat has a tone of orange on its side, just like a chipmunk.
54.Crimson- Very light red color.
55.Katom- Orange in Hebrew.
56.Kamala- Orange in Bengali.
57.Karaka- Orange in Maori.
58.Daidaiiro- Orange in japanese.
59.Fanta- Liking everyones favourite soda.
60.Flame- What is there to say..?!
61.Ginger- Those who have red hair and in this case have plus 7 souls.
62.Nacho- Very similar to the Dorito but a little more light in color.
63.Oren- Orange in welsh.
64.Macaroni- The world’s most tasty food whose colors are light and might sometimes even resemble orange.
65.Simba- The Lion from the movie ”Lion king” that as an adult has red hair on his head and golden haired body.
66.Sunflower- One of the most beautiful flowers, with a yellowish orange color.
67.Rajah- The orange striped tiger from ”Aladin”.
68.Stimpy- The cat from ”The Ren and Stimpy Show”.
69.Aslan- The majestic lion from The ”Chronicles of Narnia”.
70.Toulouse- From the movie ”Aristocats”.
71.Crookshanks- The orange haired witch’s pet in the ”Harry Potter” Movies.
72.Jeruk- Which means orange in Indonesian.
73.Ed Sheeran- Name of the red- headed famous singer.
74.Marmalade- A fruit preserve which sometimes has an orange color.
75.Sun- Just like our sun which is orange and yellow.
76.Jupiter- The only orange colored planet in our solar system.
77.Mars- Has brownish red that resembles fire colors.
78.Cheeto- Another one of our favourite orange snacks.
79.Mimosa– Name of the yellow/orange mimosa Cocktail.
80.Conan O’Brien- Referring to the late night show presenter and his orange hair.
81.Fiona – Princess Fiona from the Shrek series has orange/red hair.
82.Heathcliff- Popular cat from the 80’s whose fur is orange.
83.Honey- Only for the sweetest kittens out there!
84.Kumquat- Small Orange fruit.
85.Marigold- A flower that is a beautiful yellow and orange.
86.Nutmeg- Another orange spice.
87.Orangina- A funny and feminine approach to the orange color.
88.Persimonn- An exotic and orange colored fruit.
89.Weasley- Just like Ron Weasley the read- head in the ”Harry potter” Series.
90.Curry- A spice used in indian cousine, that has a really intriguing orange and kinda yellow color.
91.Cheddar- Our favourite kind of cheese would make a perfect name.
92.Autumn- Surely the time of the year with lots of orange colored scenery.
93.Cayenne- A spice. Great for a cat with attitude.
94.Chuck Norris- Only for the most macho cats out there.
95.Copper- A metal that has a bit of an orange color.
96.Merida- The main character of Disney’s film Brave appears to be having some locks that are orange.
97.Oliver- The ginger cat from the animated movie ”Oliver and Company”
98.Blazer- Needless to say that your cat is going to be blazing awesome with this name!
99.Sangria- A red with a tone of orange drink, originating in Spain.
100.Peter Pan- Our favorite Ginger haired pixie.
101.Daredevil- When your cat reminds you of a daredevil, that pretty much always wears a fiery red and orange flaming colored jacket.
102.Lady- bug- For a female kitten,the beautiful red and sometimes orange bug that comes out at spring.
103.Cinnamon- A spice whose color is brownish orange.
104.Mayo- Named after mayo sauce, that can be light orange when mixed with ketchup and mustard, which gives us thousand island dressing. Yummy!
105.Daphne- The orange haired character from ”Scooby- doo” cartoons.
106.Ariel- Just like the red/orange haired mermaid.
107.Hercules- A fitting name for a male kitten. Hercules is depicted with orange hair in the disney classic.
108.Ivy- Resembling the comics character Poison Ivy.
109.Naruto- Based on the anime ”Naruto”,much fitting a stealthy ninja kitten.
110.Ichigo- Another orange haired character from a Japanese anime cartoon.
111.Caramel- A fitting name for your sweet little kitten.
112.Chili- A pepper which comes in colors of red and orange.
113.Daisy- Referring to the orange daisy flowers.
114.Muffin- Just like a sweet little muffin that comes in a typical brownish and orange color.
115.Pebbles- An orange haired character from “The Flintstones” cartoon.
116.Sunkissed- What is there to say?! A kitten that has been kissed by the sun and got blessed with its beautiful colors.
117.Tin- tin- The famous comic hero with orange hair.
118.Pharaoh- Brings in mind the orange colors of the Egyptian desserts.
119.Cheyenne- Stands for the orange cheyenne pepper.
120.Flash- The Marvel super hero with his Red/Orange suit, the best name for a fast and frisky kitten!
121.Firefox- Resembling the cute cartoon fox web browser logo..
122.Lantana- A tropical plant that is orange in color.
123.Hobbes- The orange cat from ”Calvin and Hobbes” comic.
124.Vatra- means fire in Croatian.
125.Lois- As in Lois from the Family Guy cartoon.
126.Mai- tai- The mai tai cocktail is orange.
127.Pineapple- A mostly yellow fruit but with a tinge of orange.
128.Sophie- Named after the famous actor from Game of Thrones and her remarkable fiery orange hair.
129.Citrus- Most citrus fruit are orange in color.
130.Fuego- Means fire in spanish.
131.Tann- Has your kitty been sunbathing for too long?.
132.FireFur- The name says it all. A cat whose fur looks like it’s on fire.
133.Flare- Look up in the sky! Its a flare!…. Naahhhh… It’s just my kitten sitting on the ceiling fan.
134.Firefly- Those beautiful bugs that light up the darkness.
135.Hocus pocus- From the all time classic movie with the orange haired witch.
136.Igni- Short for ignition or ignite.
137.Archie – Stans for Archie Andrew in the comic.
138.Chester- The official Cheetos snack mascot.
139.OJ- Short of orange- juice. So funny and so catchy!!
140.Floga- Flame in greek.
141.Pepper Ann- The red- head character from late ’90s Disney cartoon.
142.Firecracker- A nickname for an oranged fur kitten with an explosive spirit.
143.Pippin- The orange haired hobbit from The lord of the rings.
144.Merry- Pippin’s brother. Also orange haired!
145.Mad Hatter- The crazy orange haired character from ”Alice in wonderland”.
146.Ignis- Means fire in Latin.
147.Bumblebee- The orange/yellow transformer in the ”Transformers” movie and cartoon.
148.Slammer- Named after the alabama slammer red/orange cocktail.
149.Ferret- Just like a reddish fire ferret, with its amazing fur.
150.Jamra- Means ember in Arabic.

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