Interview with the Vampire: Mamba the Original Vampire Cat from Instagram Speaks Out on Behalf of Black Cats

Armed with an immediately arresting combination of inquisitive yellow eyes and sabertooth fangs, Mamba the Original Vampire Cat is quite a unique sight to behold. He is also known for his penchant for wearing silly costumes and captioning his posts with clever puns. It’s no wonder that his cult favorite Instagram account (link: has earned him a loyal fanbase. Though difficult to imagine, there was a time not long ago when Mamba was completely unwanted at the animal shelter he came from.

“I was discounted. You can call me DisCOUNT Dracula.” Mamba explains, speaking candidly from his private lair inside a leftover cardboard box in the living room of his mother’s Los Angeles apartment. “No one wanted to adopt me because I was a black cat. I was also already an adult, and most people PURR-FUR to adopt kittens.”

History was made, however, the moment Mamba saw his future adoptive mother. “It was love at first BITE,” he swoons. “She asked to get me out of my cage and hold me in her arms, and I immediately climbed up her shoulders and onto her neck. As a vampire, of course, I’m always the most attracted to necks.”

Mamba was adopted at a shelter adoption event in Los Angeles in March 2014. At the time, he was 1-2 years old (true age unknown, but we all know that vampires are immortal). He had traveled south from a no-kill shelter in Fresno, CA that was too full to keep him there. He was so unwanted that he was actually discounted relative to other cats at the same event. Luckily, his future “MEOW”mmy (his affectionate nickname for his adoptive mother) had eyes only for him.

Now Mamba lives strictly indoors, and typically spends his days darting around the apartment quicker than a bat in flight, aggressively snuggling any human he meets who will let him, and harassing his two adopted lady cat sisters – Beatrix and Khaleesi (link: – to play with him. He is affectionate, energetic, silly, creative and always mischievous. His favorite hobby is thinking outside the box (or coffin?) to concoct elaborate schemes for how he can steal food from his sisters, rise to the top of all furniture, or break into cabinets and drawers he’s not allowed to go into.

“I am so happy I was finally adopted. My life is nearly PURRfect now because of it. Los Angeles is no Transylvania, but it’s something.” He explains jovially, in a characteristically toothy grin. “My MEOWmmy doesn’t feed me the blood I crave, but at least she gives me wet food, which is the next best thing.”


He continues, with an earnest expression. “If you are a human at a point in your life where you can responsibly commit to giving a pet a stable home, please adopt! In particular black cats, like myself, are the least-often adopted and most frequently euthanized at shelters. During Halloween, many black cats are adopted for pranks or rituals, which puts us in great danger this month especially! In shelters everywhere, there are adorable cats just like me, just waiting for you to welcome them into a loving family. Most of them won’t have my bloodlust, though.”



Original Vampire Cat is a cult-favorite celebrity cat on Instagram. His fans all over the world love him for his endearing fangs, inquisitive yellow eyes, penchant for costumes and silly puns for image/video captions.


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