Tortoiseshell Cat Names – 101 Unconventional Ideas

tortoiseshell cat breed

Tortoiseshell cats have a unique look to them that’s a mottled collection of black, orange, grey and brown, giving their fur the appearance of a turtle shell. That interesting mix opens them up to some unconventional and fun names, and here are our top picks.

Boy Names

  1. Leonardo- After the ninja turtle.
  2.  Copper- After the copper coloring of your cat.
  3. Tiger- a ferocious name for your little feline.
  4. Tigger- A more affectionate version named after the Winnie the Pooh character.
  5. Shere Khan- You could go the other route and choose a much scarier literary character.
  6. Motley- A play on the word mottled.
  7. Verdun- This word meaning green describes the color that tortoiseshell cats seem to have.
  8. Jupiter- These cats look similar to the muddled appearance of the planet.
  9. Rocky- A tough name for a cat whose coat looks like a pile of rocks.
  10. Rorschach- Like the psychological test that uses mottled designs.
  11. Picasso- Or you could go for the artist that used odd shapes and colors in his work.
  12. Ninja- Perfect for if you have a darker cat.
  13. Midnight- Also a great name for dark cats.
  14. Coal- Good for darker cats.
  15. Shadow- Another fitting pick if your cat has darker coloring.
  16. Croc- Works well for cats with a mud-like coloring.
  17. Blaze- Good for cats with some orange coloring.
  18. Julius- Like Orange Julius, because of your cat’s coloring.
  19. Blade- In case your cat likes to scratch.
  20. Felix- A great name for cats no matter what their color is.
  21. Mogwai- Like the cute creature from Gremlins.

Girl Names

  1. Cinnamon- Food names are perfect for cats with sweet dispositions.
  2. Dotty- The patchwork colors of your cat are similar to a dotted pattern.
  3. Amber- A beautiful girl’s name for your beautiful feline.
  4. Honey- Sweet names work great for most cats.
  5. Pumpkin- Referring to the orange in your cat’s coat.
  6. Penny- Due to the slight copper coloring these cats have.
  7. Domino- Good for any multi-colored cat.
  8. Sable- A strong name for cats of any color.
  9. Autumn- A cute name for cats with orange in their coat.
  10. Tigress- A strong name for female cats.
  11. Stardust- A unique name for cats with some color in their coats.
  12. Harlequin- The doll is known for its different colors, just like this cat breed.
  13. Faith- A lovely name for cats of any color.
  14. Shelly- A play on the word “tortoiseshell”.
  15. Clementine- Like the orange.
  16. Nova- Space names are superb for colorful cats.
  17. Cinna- Short for cinnamon.
  18. Peppy- A play on “pepper”, which is similar to your cat’s coloring.
  19. Daisy- We love this name for cats of any color.
  20. Glitter- The perfect name for your colorful cat.
  21. Taffieta- A fun name for cats with some brown or orange in their fur.


Unisex Names

  1. Carmel- For the orange-brown color they have.
  2. Butterscotch- A sweet name for your sweet cat.
  3. Sandy- A fairly common name that’s appropriate to tortoiseshell cats.
  4. Pebbles- For the pebbled look of their fur.
  5. Patches- Tortoiseshell cats can look patchy in a good way.
  6. Pepper- A good choice due to the multi-colored look of your cat.
  7. Jellybean- The assorted colors of this candy are similar to your cat’s coloring.
  8. Nectarine- After the orange color in your cat’s coat.
  9. Oreo- Great for any cat with more than one color.
  10. Rainbow- Odd but fitting name for multi-colored cats.
  11. Coco- As long as there is some brown in the coat, this is a perfect name.
  12. Coffee- Your cat may help you wake up in the morning, just like the beverage.
  13. Expresso- You can reserve this for more energetic cats.
  14. Twix- Due to the caramel color mixed into the cat’s coat.
  15. Snickers- Your cat’s coloring may remind you of the chocolate bar.
  16. Speckles- Any name that means different patterns or colors is a good fit.
  17. Checkers- The checkerboard pattern is a fitting name for a tortoiseshell.
  18. Spotty- It’s an oldie but a goodie.
  19. Confetti- For colorful cats that are true party animals.
  20. Mudball- An affectionate name for cats with muddy coloring.
  21. Tortie- Short for tortoiseshell.
  22. Turtle- Since their fur looks like a turtle shell.
  23. Marmalade- A fun name for cats with similar coloring to the jam.
  24. Nutmeg- Another food name that refers to your cat’s coloring.
  25. Skittles- We love candy names for colorful cats.
  26. Marbles- A great choice for colorful felines.
  27. Boots- For cats with different colored feet.
  28. Mittens- If your cat has feet that look like little gloves, then this is a great name.
  29. Oriole- For cats with some orange on them.
  30. Pixel- Great for multi-colored cats.
  31. Cosmo- Space names are also good picks for unusual cat breeds.
  32. Milky Way- We just love this original name for tortoiseshells.
  33. Agate- Like the colorful rock.
  34. Dapple- Means “patchy or spotted”.
  35. Phoenix- Great for cats that have some orange in their fur.
  36. Tangerine- Orange names are fitting for tortoiseshells.
  37. Mandarin- Another orange-themed name.
  38. Kaleidoscope- Colorful names are so appropriate for these cats.
  39. Quasar- A fun space name for a cat.
  40. Toast- A quirky but suitable name for your cat’s color.
  41. Buttons- A cute name for a cute cat.
  42. Carrot- This is a fun food name for cats with some orange.
  43. Cuddles- Just the sweetest name.
  44. Dusty- For cats with some grey in their coat.
  45. Echo- A fun and quirky name.
  46. Lucky- This may be common, but it’s popular for a reason.
  47. Jigsaw- Refers to the patchwork coloring of your cat.
  48. Sparkles- Magical names have a colorful feel to them.
  49. Mage- You could use this for any cat to give it an edgy moniker.
  50. Granola- This odd name refers to the mottled coloring of your cat.
  51. Puzzle- Another odd one, but suitable as well.
  52. Rusty- The reddish orange color of your cat requires an appropriate name.
  53. Taffy- Candy names befit cats with sweet demeanors.
  54. Toffee- Due to the brown-orange color of your cat.
  55. Zodiac- Adds an air of mystery and magic to your cat.
  56. Whisper- For cats with some grey in them.
  57. Tortilla- A fun play on “tortoise”.
  58. Sweetie- For the friendliest, most lovable cats.
  59. Streaky- Describes the patterns of colors on your cat.

Those were our picks for tortoiseshell cat names, and hopefully one of them is just what you wanted for your cat.

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  1. AvatarAdrianna

    My Tortishell is pregnant and I am coming up with all these boy names but it is very uncommon to find a boy so this really helped with the girls


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