The 10 Signs of a Happy Cat You Should Know About

As a cat owner, you definitely try to do everything possible to make sure your pet is happy. You give them the best food, take good care of them, play with them, and spend time with them.

However, even after doing all this, it is difficult to figure out if your little friend is content. The problem is cats cannot speak the language we humans do, and we have a hard time understand their language. So, does this mean you can never understand if your cat is happy with you? Of course, you can, there are quite a few signs of a happy cat that we shall share with you right away, and if your cat displays such signs, you can be sure they are pleased in your company.

  1. They give you a happy welcome

When you get back home, have you ever noticed your little friend welcoming you with their tail straight up and the end of tail quivers or there is a little hook at the end of their tail? At the same time, her eyelids are lowered slightly and ears are erect? If you do notice such signs then the fact is your cat is very happy to see you, and at this moment she is also likely to rub her body and face against you. What do you need to do? Simply enjoy every bit of this happy welcome.

  1. They are relaxed

Cats, when happy and relaxed, rests with their front paws tucked under, their eyelids look sleepy, and their ears are forward.

If you stare at your cat and they blink in return then this also shows they are happy. If she lies down on her back, usually when out in the sun, and has all her legs pointing upwards, this shows she is very relaxed, and there is absolutely nothing that she feels threatened to. At this time, she also perhaps is allowing you the chance to rub her tummy, which shows not only is she happy, she also trusts you.

  1. They are chatty

Kitties love getting involved in conversations with their human friends. Their high-pitched sounds usually signify they are happy, and the low pitched ones show they are a little frustrated. There are also a few quiet cats that prefer staying silent when happy, and vocalize to express unhappiness. Though this can be a little confusing but is it not also the way we humans are – different people also express different emotions in a different way.


  1. They purr

Your cat may chirp or meow, but one of her ways to tell you that she is happy is by purring. Though cats do purr even when they are sick or nervous, it depends basically on how she acts when purring. If your little friend is content on your lap, is cuddling you and purring, then this definitely shows she is happy. However, if she looks agitated and worried while purring then this shows she is uncomfortable or sick.

  1. They bump their head against you

You, many a time, must have noticed that as soon as you enter the room your cat friend starts bumping her head on your legs and starts purring. Or maybe when she is on your lap, she moves close to your neck and begins gliding her head around. Well, this is a way she tries telling you she is happy and wants to say she loves you.

  1. They are playful

Does your furry friend like to socialize and play with other cats and with you? Then this shows she has the strength and energy to exercise and enjoy. It also shows she is comfortable in her home and likes playing with others, which reflects a healthy and happy attitude. You can understand your cat wants to play or is enjoying playing when you notice her ear is leaning forward slightly or are straight up.

  1. They start kneading

Of course, your cat will not be kneading the dough with you, but you must have noticed them kneading like they are mashing something. They might start kneading a piece of furniture or maybe kneading you. When they start kneading you, not only will this make you feel great, this also shows they are happy.

cats are brothers

  1. They sleep socially

If your cat friend is not happy she will hide away and sleep for a long time. However, if she is happy she will sleep less, and will also select her sleeping location carefully. A happy cat is most likely to sleep with other cats if there are more in your house, or she may sleep curled close to you. So, if your cat chooses to sleep next to you on your bed, even if you do not much like it, it shows she is content and trusts you.

  1. They have a good appetite

Your cat will rub around your legs and meow asking for food, and will also lead you to their feeding bowl. This shows they know they can trust you and you are the one who looks after them. Cats are really clever and know how to make you understand what they want. But more than this, it shows they trust you and are happy. Furthermore, if your cat asks you for food from time to time then they have a healthy appetite and they are in a good mood. If, however, they have too healthy an appetite then this could show they are lonely, depressed, or bored.

  1. They give you presents

The biggest sign that shows your cat is happy and loves you is when they share with you the things that they have put in all their efforts hunting. This is not something they will do with everyone, and thus it is the biggest sign of trust. Though you may not be happy if you find a dead mouse or bird somewhere in your room, this only shows your cat loves you and that is their happy present for you.

So, now that you are aware of the signs of a happy cat, things will certainly be a lot easier for you. Bid goodbye to all your confusions, and the next time your little furry friend displays any of these signs, you can be sure that they are happy and you have managed to befriend them successfully.

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