Oscillot Cat Containment System- Interview

We’re All About Cats are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really cool for you guys, Kateryna Kabanova is behind a new innovating project called Oscillot® Cat Containment System . So we caught up with Kateryna to hear more about what appears to be a project we should definitely pay attention to in the near future.

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

We at Oscillot North America are an official exclusive distributor in the U.S. and Canada of Oscillot® Cat Containment System created and owned by the Australian company Cat Containment Solutions PTY.

Q2: Tell more about your decision to distribute Oscillot®?

My husband and I have 2 gorgeous cats – Mimi and Luna. Mimi is a Highland Lynx. She is very active, loves being outside hunting mice, and of course, roaming the neighborhood. When she escaped the yard for the first time, we were looking for her for several hours at night. After that incident we decided to buy a cat GPS tracker. Even when she ran away with the tracker, we still had a hard time finding her, as the tracking is not precise, and shows a pretty vast area on the app.. Even though it eased our worries slightly, it still did not give us peace of mind…What if she gets run over by a car? Gets into a fight with a wild animal? What if someone steals her because she is a true beauty?  Since then the GPS tracker has been resting in a drawer and we let her out only on a leash. Later we brought home Luna from a shelter. Luckily, she brought her fear of heights with her! 

Since then the GPS tracker has been resting in a drawer and we let her out only on a leash. We later we brought home Luna from a shelter. Luckily, she brought her fear of heights with her!

When we came across Oscillot® for the first time, it seemed like the best solution out there. We instantly got in touch with Cat Containment Solutions PTY and started working together to bring Oscillot® to the U.S. and Canada for the first time ever. We have tested the system and made some changes to adapt Oscillot® to the North American standard fences. Now we are ready to officially introduce Oscillot® to North America!

Q3: What do you think makes Oscillot® so unique?

The Oscillot® System has been developed to safely prevent your cat from scaling over your existing fence. There are no wires and no electric current, and is therefore completely safe and will not cause harm to your cat. It is cat friendly, unobtrusive and turns most fences into a cat proof fence, easily and cost effectively.

It also blends in with the design of your yard!

Q3: Where can you buy Oscillot®?

At the moment we have a Kickstarter campaign running, which will be active until December 9, 2017. You are able to pre-order your Oscillot® there at a special Kickstarter price. After the end of the campaign, Oscillot® will be available on our website at a regular retail price.

Q4: How do you see this industry developing in the future?

According to the CEO of APPA, Bob Vetere, now that millennials have officially taken the reins as the primary demographic of pet owners, industry spending is higher than ever.

APPA’s estimates show that the U.S. pet industry is growing at 10.7%, while the Canadian pet industry has been growing at an average of 3.6 per cent per year.

We believe that the industry outlook is very positive, as more and more people decide to take a humanitarian approach and adopt pets from shelters and rescues., as well as starting to take humane approaches to animal containment, with products like Oscillot®!  

Please support the Kickstarter project at

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