New Cat Company, Catipilla, reaches retail agreement with Pets at Home

We’re All about Cats are super excited for our friends from Catipilla. Catipilla managed to reach an agreement with a major UK retailer about stocking our AWESOME product.

We caught up with Joseph Sutton Catipilla’s Marketing Executive to hear more:

Catipilla – 12 Months in the Making

By Joseph Sutton

The last 12 months have been a hectic whirl of meetings and phone calls. It’s fair to say that this is not what I had expected when I left university at age 22. I went seeking out a stable job in a marketing agency and when none came along, I turned my attention to a climbing frame that I had mounted at home.

Little did I know back then that Catipilla would grow so fast. As I now get ready to turn 24, I’m guiding Catipilla as best I can by picking up hints, tips and any bits of information I can along the way. To design, build and sell a brand new product in the space of a year has been a challenge and I have relied on a lot of helping hands.

To reach a retail agreement with Pets at Home is a huge step for the company and a personal goal of mine. I’m thankful for everyone who has offered their support, from Doron at We’re All About Cats, to my design partners, to my parents. I’m learning so much so quickly but I know that I’ve only just scratched the surface. There is a lot of work still to do and I’m excited to see where Catipilla might lead.

Catipilla’s Official Press Release

New Cat Company, Catipilla, reaches retail agreement with Pets at Home

4 months on from their company launch, new cat brand Catipilla has reached a retail agreement with Pets at Home to trial their product range online. Following a successful first few months, Catipilla is now set to partner with the UK’s biggest pet retailer.

 It has been a fast start for Catipilla. Having launched their new range of cat climbing frames at the National Pet Show last November, Catipilla soon got the attention of cat owners across the world. They have since sold product into 5 countries and will now join forces with Pets at Home to increase their offerings to UK customers.

 Catipilla’s new cat climbing frames came from humble beginnings. Having initially built a DIY ramp to help an elderly cat at home get in and out of home, the team behind Catipilla are now manufacturing product at scale for commercial use. Their range is modular, wall-mounted, and focused on improving the health and general well-being of cats.

 Catipilla products can be mounted both indoors and out, providing differing options for cat owners who want to build cat friendly spaces. The Catipilla Pro is a 2-metre high cat climber and the core product in their range. Developed to encourage cats to climb naturally, the Catipilla Pro provides a pathway up walls and makes excellent use of vertical wall space. It has been designed with the highest quality materials and is modular, allowing installations to be tailored to suit a variety of home environments.

Catipilla is also developing a range of other modules that appeal to a cat’s natural instincts. The Catipilla Mini is a 1m climber that is ideal for tighter spaces. The Catipilla High Plate and Catipilla Hammock are modern, wall-mounted cat beds for rest and relaxation. A number of other modules, including a scratching post and crib, are in the development stage and are due to be realised later in 2018.

 With an emphasis on high-quality and built using contemporary materials such as anodised aluminium, EPP and zinc-plated steel, Catipilla’s products are suitable for modern-day homes as well as bringing a design-edge to more traditional environments.

Catipilla’s range is now available to purchase through the Pets at Home website or through the Catipilla website. You can keep up to date with Catipilla’s developments by visiting

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