55 Most Popular Names for Tabby Cats

Tabby cats are some of the most common household pets, and their distinctive black, grey and brown striped coloring opens the door for some really awesome cat names. Here are 45 of our favorites.


Male Names for Tabby Cats

Tiger- We had to start with this one. It’s just such an obvious name for a tabby cat.

Leopard- This works best if you have a spotted tabby cat.

Leo- It’s short for leopard and also means lion.

Shadow- If you have a darker colored tabby, then this is a good choice.

Cinder- This is a strong pick for darker colored cats.

Earl Grey- The British tea is just about the same color as the average tabby cat.

Sable- This is the name of a ferocious carnivore from the weasel family.

Garfield- The orange comic strip cat is actually a tabby.

Bullseye- Your cat may have a bullseye marking on their fur.

Taz- The Warner Bros. cartoon character has a name that sounds like a play on Tabby.

Hunter- It’s a human name with fierce connotations.

Quintin- This is a play on harlequin, which is a pattern that some tabbies have.

Badger- Tabby markings can make them look similar to the ferocious woodland animal.

Buckwheat- Tabby markings can remind you of a field of wheat that is ready to harvest.

Bumblebee- The distinct tabby markings could also remind you of a bee.


Female Names for Tabby Cats

Harlequin- If your tabby has a harlequin pattern, why not name her after the famous doll?

Quinn- This is an affectionate version of harlequin.

Dotty- Your tabby may have spots or dots across here fur.

Honey- Save this name for the sweetest tabby cat you have.

Abby- This is a lovely play on “tabby”, and it means “father’s joy”.

Emma- This German name, meaning universal, is apt for tabbies since they often have an “M” mark on their forehead.

Nutmeg- This is a sweet spice that is similar in color to many tabbies.

Marbella- You could go feminine with the idea of marble coloring.

Raya- In Spanish, this means stripes.

Tabs- This is an affection form of Tabby.

Tabitha-  Here is a more formal and human sounding version of Tabby.

Tapestry- The ornate drawings have a name that is a play on Tabby as well.

Zebra- The distinctive tabby marking is similar to those of the African animal.

Paisely- This is a form of intricate Indian artistic designs.

Jasmine- The cartoon character from Aladdin had a striped tiger as a pet.


Unisex Names for Tabby Cats

Cheetah- This is another name that works best when your tabby is spotted.

Spot- This classic is ideal for the spotted variety of tabby.

Marbles- The marble pattern on a cat can serve as a great namesake.

Checkers- Your cat could also have a checkered pattern that demands you pick this name.

Patches- The mottled, patchy look of some tabbies makes for a cute name.

Cocoa- The warm, comforting drink is a brownish color similar to some tabbies.

Cinnamon- You might pick this spice as a name if your cat has a reddish hue.

Copper- This reddish metal is perfect for cats with a reddish-brown coloration.

Attabiy- Tabbies actually get their name from a silk made in Bagdad in the Attabiy district.

Pebbles- This is another one based on the look of your cat’s spots and markings.

Pepper- The distinctive grey and white look of pepper may perfectly describe your cat’s markings.

Hodgepodge- It perfectly describes tabby markings

Patchwork- Here is another name for tabbies with indistinct markings.

Mottle- It’s another option for patchy coloring names.

Speckles-  Let’s end with one more spotted name.


There you have it- our top picks for tabby cat names. You can find tons more if you keep looking, but we hope one of these caught your interest.

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