All About Mau Katz Modern Cat Furniture- Interview

We’re All About Cats are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really special for you guys, Casey From Mau Katz is here to let us know there is existing new cat-friendly furniture  we should definitely pay attention to ?

1) Please introduce yourself to our community

Hello! I am Casey Webb, the founder behind Mau Katz. An online store specializing in modern cat furniture. I’ve always had a passion for business, design, -and of course- cats! So I decided to combine these interests and team up with different designers around the world to make modern cat furniture designs more readily available to others.

2) Tell us more about the inspiration behind Mau Katz?

As most people have probably noticed, the majority of cat furniture in stores is a bit tacky. I don’t think that your cat’s happiness should come at the price of compromising on your home’s decor. It’s your habitat too! I also don’t think that there’s any reason that cat trees, and other cat products, can’t be as beautifully designed as anything else in your house that you’d buy for yourself.

3) What do you love most about designing awesome cat furniture?

At this point, we don’t design any of the cat furniture on Mau Katz. It’s all from an array of different designers around the globe. But I definitely enjoy the job of picking the products out! In the future, however, I do plan to design some modern cat furniture that will be added to our site and exclusive to Mau Katz. Many of those designs are nothing more than drawings on paper at this point that won’t come to fruition until sometime in the future. I’m definitely looking forward it to getting to that point though.

4) How do you see this industry developing in the future?

One of the reasons I started it as my business was because I could see the trend happening already. I would notice gorgeously designed cat furniture on Pinterest and would think to myself, “I want that.” and then I’d notice that many major pet stores still weren’t catching up. Some would have a few modern products, but even then, the majority of their alternative items were still just furniture covered in carpet. Over time, those thoughts I’d have while looking at Pinterest morphed into, “I bet more people than just me want these items” and “why aren’t products like these more readily available online?”

So to answer your question, I’d say that I see the industry growing surprisingly well. When people ask me what my site sells, and I say “modern cat furniture” I feel like I sound crazy. Maybe because they look at me that way and I know what they’re thinking. But people love their pets, and we seem to be exceptionally “crazy” about cats (as both self pro-claimed frantic and the observers would claim.) So why wouldn’t someone who is that passionate about their “furbaby”, not be interested in buying their cat something nice that will complement their own home’s decor just as well as any other piece of furniture in their house? I believe that once more and more people discover the existence of modern cat furniture as an alternative, the demand will only continue to grow. And as the demand grows, you’ll only see it offered more and more in other stores as well. And in time, once it takes over the market as being the more popular choice, I wouldn’t be surprised if carpet covered cat trees become a thing of the past.

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