Life Hacks For Cats – How to Travel With Your Cat in the Car

As we all know, summer is almost here, which means that the season of road trips is about to begin. If you are a lucky cat owner, these road trips are about to become so much better. Imagine cruising the road from Sydney to Brisbane with your beloved cat with nothing but the wind in your hair. Lovely! However, should you decide to take your furry friend along, we strongly advise that you take a careful look at our tips for safe travels with your cat. Let’s begin.

Safety first

Safety needs to be of the utmost importance since we’re talking about you and your cat. Therefore, you need to check everything before and during the ride. For example, loud music will make your cat nervous, sudden braking and swerving will make your furry friend go mad. And we don’t want that. Be gentle, take it nice and slow and remember to allow yourself an extra wide follow gap so that you never have to slam the brakes. Also, what’s even more important is that you find a mechanic to service your car. Find a reliable shop or just contact a good mobile mechanic in Sydney. Experienced drivers know how important it is to have their car serviced before long trips. So, if you want to make it a long trip, it is highly recommended that you do a full check-up which includes a complete service.

Check your furry friend too

Of course, besides having your car checked, you also need to make sure that your cat is well. Before leaving, make sure that your furry friend is in good health and that it has all the necessary vaccinations. Also, it should go without saying but it’s worth mentioning that your cat needs to be microchipped. God forbid that you two get separated. However, it is obvious that you have a better chance of finding your friend if it has a microchip. Last but not least, kindly ask your vet to provide you with a copy of your cat’s medical records. Just in case something unexpected happened.

Familiarize your kitty with your car

It’s important that your cat doesn’t feel uneasy in your car. In order to avoid that, you need to provide your cat a chance to get familiar with that type of environment. Start by taking your kitty out to the car and just sit in the back seat together. Bring some treats and pet it. Then let your cat sniff and explore the car. Bring its carrier out to the car and put it where it will be when you travel. Put on some easy tunes and drive for a few blocks. If your cat shows signs of enjoyment, you should definitely repeat the practice of driving couple more times before embarking on a longer road trip. If not, take things slowly. Be patient, your cat will get used to your car.

Keep your calm at all times

Making sure that your kitty is calm is one part of the job. In addition to that, you need to make sure that you are as calm as possible before and during the trip. It is well known that cats notice how we feel and that means that if you’re stressed out, the chances are that they will be too. Some people find it difficult to prepare for traveling with cats without getting stressed. When you add an unexpected traffic jam to the whole picture, it is easy to see how some humans may get nervous too. That’s why you need to find some peace and calm. That will benefit both you and your cat.

Plan in advance    

Let’s presume that your trip will last for several days. So, you need to figure out how long you can drive before becoming too tired. When you figure that out, search for nearby hotels. But make sure that they are pet-friendly. And do it all in advance! Plan your itinerary carefully and make sure that you have pet-friendly hotels along the way. Some well-known hotel chains such as Red Roof Inn and Sheraton have been known to be great for pets. There, you can rest assured that no one will bother your furry friend. So, find an appropriate hotel and inform them that you’re arriving with your kitty when you make your reservation. That’s the safest way to confirm that they allow pets.

Bear in mind everything you’ve just read. Doing some things wrong with your cat inside of the vehicle can get you two in a messy situation. Remember that you have to keep your composure on the road. Safe travels!

About the author

Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at and a full time animal lover. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she is a mum of two, raising them inseparably from their furry family members.

4 thoughts on “Life Hacks For Cats – How to Travel With Your Cat in the Car

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  2. AvatarKitty Expert

    Never drive with a cat loose inside the car. It can be very dangerous for all concerned. For short trips, use a secure carrier. For longer trip, use a large cage and place a small disposable litter box in one end and some food and water on the other.
    Plan for breaks where you can let Kitty out while the car is 100% on lockdown and you’re not driving. Spend some time together and then back into the cage before driving on.

  3. AvatarWorld of Animals, Inc

    Thank you for sharing such helpful advice. Although it takes a good deal of preparation to do it right, the reward of being able to experience a trip with your cat more than makes up for the effort.


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