Hello, My Name is Bunny!

Hi Everyone, This week we’d like to tell you about a really cool cat book we came across. It’s called Hello, My Name is Bunny! is a completely new and innovative tale of a small kitty with a big heart who’s finally found her fur-ever home, thanks to a kindly New York City couple. We sat down with with the book’s authors Matt, and Shelley. To hear more about one of the most talked about cat books of 2017

Please Introduce Yourself to Our Community

Hi, thanks so much for featuring Hello, My Name is Bunny! I’m Matt Bloom, I live on the upper west side of Manhattan with my wife, Shelley, and Bunny, our adorable four year-old tuxedo cat, who happens to be the inspiration for this project. I’ve been writing for many years and have published three novels, but have never written a children’s book or anything like this before.

Tell More About the Inspiration Hello, My Name is Bunny!?

I have to admit that I didn’t realize I was a cat person, until we adopted Bunny. My wife, Shelley, who had always lived with cats, strongly and repeatedly hinted over the years that she would love to give a home to a cat. I resisted until one day, on a bus, a cat occupying the seat behind me with her owner locked eyes with me. I was hopelessly charmed! I turned to Shelley and said “Ok!”

We were fortunate to find Bunny almost immediately at the KittyKind shelter in the Petco store on Union Square. Bunny tried to play it cool until she finally decided we were the ones for her. Within minutes of taking her home, she was purring and extremely comfortable with us. Bunny’s incredibly sweet nature got us thinking about what she would do to pay forward her good fortune if she had half the chance to. And this is the story of Hello, My Name is Bunny!

We felt so grateful to KittyKind for rescuing and caring for Bunny that we decided to help raise funds for them. That’s why $5 from every book sold goes to KittyKind to help them cover the costs of their amazing work. In fact, when we got married soon after we adopted Bunny, we asked our guests to consider donating to KittyKind in lieu of a gift.

What differentiates Hello, My Name is Bunny! from other cat books?

Hello, My Name is Bunny! is inspired (and narrated) by a real life cat with the biggest heart in the world. All Bunny wants to do in the book is to help animals less fortunate than she is. When she reads about the possible abuse of a Central Park carriage horse, she plots to escape her comfy eastside apartment to rescue him, with the help of her friends, Mike the Mouse and Polly the Pigeon. It’s a chapter book with beautiful illustrations created by a really talented friend of ours, Pippa Mayell.

My goal in writing the book is to help children understand the importance of compassion, inclusion and giving back, while also helping to raise money for an all-volunteer, no-kill shelter. It was a joy to write, so much so that I am already working on the next book.

How can how community help the New York City cat shelter group?

There’s so many ways to help an organization like KittyKind. We’ve been blown away by the dedication of the volunteers and the love and care they show the cats and kittens. It’s really inspiring. I think there’s four ways everyone can help:
1. Buy Hello, My Name is Bunny! and not only enjoy a really fun and inspirational read, but help raise funds for KittyKind

2. Donate at www.kittykind.org

3. Volunteer to help out on weekends or evenings

4. Most importantly, adopt a cat or kitten. They’ll bring you so much joy that you’ll wonder why, like me, you didn’t do it sooner.

Hello, My Name is Bunny! is available exclusively at www.hellobunnybloom.com for $21.95 with a $5 donation for every book sold going to KittyKind.

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8 thoughts on “Hello, My Name is Bunny!

  1. AvatarDana

    I love Tuxedo cats! We have Tuxe named Ursula and she adopted us about 3 years ago. She acts just like a dog and is so affectionate.

  2. AvatarDavid

    What an amazing story,I just rescued a tuxedo kitten last week. He is so cute but my 2 girls are so happy right now they now have a new best friend. l love her already


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