105 Best Gray Cat Names

Do you have a gray cat or kitten and are on the look for a name for it? Look no further! We have a list of some of the cutest and most fun gray kitten names to make your life much easier!

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  1. Smokey

A classic moniker that works well for a male kitten.

  1. Earl (or Lady!) Grey

Tea lovers will enjoy this one. A regal name for a regal gray kitty of any shade!

  1. Sterling

Sterling, as in silver. A wonderful option, especially for a light grey or silvery cat!

  1. Pearl

Wonderful for a female kitten with lighter-coloured grey fur, Pearl is a lovely classic name.

  1. Lilac

When describing cats, “lilac” means a very pale coat. It is a pretty name for what is certain to be a very pretty kitty indeed.

  1. Storm (or Stormy)

A wonderful name for an energetic cat of any gender!

  1. Skye

Grey skies won’t seem so bad if you name your cat after them!

  1. King Grayskull

For the cat-owning He-Man fans out there. A fun nerdy reference for your gray kitten.

  1. Gracie

Both a cute name for a female cat and a cute pun. Gray-cie, get it?

  1. Cinderella

For cinders, which are– you guessed it– gray! An adorable name for your little princess.

  1. Ash

This can be short for either Ashton (for a male kitten) or Ashley (for a female), but either way, it reminds you of gray ashes. Great for a dark gray cat.

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  1. Misty

Lovely for a lighter gray cat, bringing to mind beautiful gray mist on a mountain.

  1. Tinsel

A fun festive name, evoking the holidays and glitter all at once! Great for a female cat.

  1. Disco

For a silver mirrored disco ball.

  1. Anchovy

Cats love fish, and anchovies are naturally a shimmery silver! An unusual choice, but still adorable.

  1. Opal

Wonderful for a gray cat with white spots, reminiscent of a multi-colored opal stone.

  1. Silver Bell

For your Christmas kitty– or anyone who loves the holidays!

  1. Mackerel

Like anchovies, mackerel are a beautiful shimmery silver color– much like your gray cat.

  1. Pepper

Another one that would be good for a gray cat with white markings, or even a tabby!

  1. Mack (the Knife)

A tough name for a tough male kitten.

  1. Zorro

Another name that evokes toughness as well as shining silver blades.

  1. Monarch

For a very regal gray kitten indeed!

  1. Artemis

Stands for the Greek goddess of the beautiful silver moon. Also goddess of the hunt, and we all know what fearsome hunters cats are!

  1. Diana

Artemis’ Roman counterpart. Also appropriate if your kitten is a little diva (as in Diana Ross!).

  1. Dusty

A classic name for a gray cat.

  1. Inky

While many might associate this name with black cats, it is also a wonderful and unusual name choice for a dark gray kitten.

  1. Topaz

For smokey gray topaz, a wonderful name for a female kitten.

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  1. Twilight

The grayish colour of the sky at dusk makes this name perfect for your gray kitten!

  1. Blue

“Blue”, as in Russian Blue, refers to a cat’s coloring. It is a sweet name for a gray cat.

  1. Periwinkle

A nice alternative to Lilac that would suit either gender.

  1. Mouse

A cute name for your little mouser!

  1. Smudge

A sweet name for a gray cat, and even sweeter if that gray has a little bit of another color mixed in.

  1. Foggy

Evoking silver-gray foggy mornings.

  1. Nickels

A cute name for a gray cat whose fur shines like coins.

  1. Pebble

Does your cat’s sleek fur remind you of a gray pebble on the beach? This might be the name for you!

  1. Shade

Another classic name that works for either gender.

  1. Vergrys

Afrikaans for “Gray”.

  1. Slate

The color of a slate stone is gray.

grey kitten

  1. Bluebell

Much like “blue”, this is a name that only a gray cat could pull off!

  1. Mercury

Just like the liquid metal or the Roman trickster/messenger god, your choice!

  1. Pinot Gris

A cute name for a wine lover’s cat.

  1. Grimaldi

A name that evokes the word “gray” without referencing it directly.

  1. Asteroid

For space lovers who also love their gray cats.

  1. Blade

Another one for the tough-guy kittens out there.

  1. Carbon

For a lovely charcoal gray kitten.

  1. Chrome (or Chroma)

Great (or should I say Gray-t?) for a shiny silver-gray kitten.

  1. Dusky

Another pretty name that reminds us of evening, gray-ish colors.

  1. Gandalf (The Gray)

This one is pretty self-explanatory if you are a Lord of The Rings fan. It is also another fun and nerdy reference.

  1. Gravy

A food pun AND a color pun, all in one place!

  1. London

Evoking travel, and especially that foggy, rainy, gray London weather.

  1. Steel

A nice name for a tough gray cat with shining fur.

  1. Thunder

For big gray thundercloud kitties.

  1. Tom (and Jerry)

One of the most famous gray cats of all times! Jerry not included.

  1. Pigeon

A funny name for a sweet gray cat.

  1. Wolfie

Named after the great gray wolf, Wolfie is a fabulous name for your little male kitten.

  1. The Brain

As in gray matter, another fun punny name.

  1. Payne

After Payne’s gray, a particular deep gray paint color.

  1. Iron

A nice name for a deep gray colored cat.

  1. Moonstone

A charming feminine name for a lighter gray cat.

  1. Mystic

The colour gray is often associated with wisdom and mysticism, making this a great name choice.

  1. Oyster

A particular pale shade of gray, this is another cute fishy name for your cat.

  1. Powder

Another sweet name for a pale-gray cat!

  1. Scratchy (from Itchy and Scratchy)

Another famous gray cat, this name is sure to appeal to any Simpsons fans out there.

  1. Sharky

Name your cat after another renowned gray hunter, the shark.

  1. Soot

An adorable name for your dark-gray cat.

  1. Sparkle

Describing your kitty’s beautiful eyes or shiny gray fur.

  1. Spoon

As in “silver spoon.”

  1. Aluminum

An unusual but on-the-nose name for a bright gray cat.

  1. Argent or Argenta

Argent is an archaic word used in poetry or heraldry to refer to silver. Argenta would be a cute, feminine take on it.

  1. Berloise

This name references the cartoon “The Aristocats”.

  1. Bugs

For another famous gray prankster.

  1. Cenzio

Spanish for gray.

  1. Edie

As in Big or Little Edie of “Gray Gardens”.

  1. Gray Poupon

A slightly silly name. Just like the mustard!

  1. Luna

Another name for the beautiful silvery moon.

  1. Pewter

A name for a particular shade of deep gray.

  1. Nube

Spanish for “cloud”.

  1. Patches

A sweet name for a gray-and-white cat.
grey kitten

  1. Checkers

Another name that would be especially nice for a multicolored gray cat.

  1. Sardine

Another fun fishy name for your silver kitty!

  1. Abo

Grey in Tagalog/Filipino.

  1. Dorian

As in Dorian Gray.

  1. Oscar

As in Oscar Wilde, author of “The Portrait of Dorian Grey”.

  1. Eeyore

After the famous gray donkey from Winnie The Pooh.

  1. Frosty

A nice one for a pale gray cat.

  1. Granite

A nice name for a male cat, after the often colored-gray stone.

  1. Cobweb

A slightly spooky name for a gray cat of any gender.

  1. Ziggy

As in “Ziggy Stardust”.

  1. Tin Man

Though we’re sure your kitty has plenty of heart, this is still an adorable name for a gray cat!

  1. Griselda

A fun, slightly witchy name that derives from the word meaning “gray” in Spanish.

  1. Boz

This cute name is actually Azerbaijani for “gray”.

  1. Lana

Spanish for “wool”, this name is perfect for a soft gray kitty.

  1. Nickelodeon

Combining shiny gray nickels with classic cartoons, this is another name that’ll be a hit with pop culture lovers.

  1. Koala

A sweet name, referring to the Australian gray animal.

  1. Grady

A punny name for a male cat.

  1. Griseo

Latin for “gray”.

  1. Munkustrap

For the gray tabby cat in the hit musical “Cats”.

  1. Flash

A name that is perfect for a hyperactive gray kitten.

  1. Grey Gatsby (or The Grey Cats-by)

A silly literary pun that is perfect for your gray gentleman cat.

  1. Sir Cinders

Like “Cinderella” but with a masculine twist. Here’s an option!

  1. Elsa

Name your kitty after the princess who turned everything to ice.

These last three have already been tried and tested by celebrities!

  1. Tabby

If your cat is a gray tabby, it’s hard to go wrong with the simple moniker “Tabby”. Hey, it was good enough for Abraham Lincoln!

  1. Graham

Singer Ed Sheeran named his cat Graham.

  1. Ollie

We’re not sure why Ricky Gervais named his cat Ollie, but it is a cute name for a gray cat.

    1. Selina

The secret identity of the infamous Cat woman.

    1. Katana

The Japanese word for sword.

    1. Guinevere

This was the name of King Arthur’s wife.

    1. Angelika

This is a form of the word angel.

So there you have it! A nice compilation of names for your new gray furry friend. Hopefully this helps make the process of naming your sweet new cat easier!

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22 thoughts on “105 Best Gray Cat Names

  1. AvatarNancy

    I picked Sir Cinders for my kitten. All the names are cute though. I feel my kitten fits that name. Good luck to everyone naming your gray adorable.

    1. AvatarBarbara Pakay

      I had an orange cat that we named Chit Chat. He meowed a lot! My other cats names have been Buddy, Boo Boo Bear, Dolly, Snowball and Lucy.

  2. AvatarInaya

    I love this site! It helped me a lot! I picked Zorro because I feel it suits my cat the best! It’s a grey and white Tabby who’s a male. Thanks!

  3. AvatarIvy Janes

    If I may suggest the name Pipit. It is a cute little brown bird andthat’s what I’m naming my kitten. Sparrow is cute to, I was also thinking of kiwi, the bird, not fruit. You know? Being a cat and all. My kitten is very small that’s why I’m naming her after a small bird.

  4. AvatarMary

    Fabulous!!! Thank you!! I was at the car wash and a cute little steel gray kitten ran underneath my car and got on my car tire it was maybe four weeks old tiny tiny tiny. I rescued it took it home to my daughter and she said mom I like the name Misty or Luna so thank you we’re going to choose which name to give it as she’s a cute little female and we’re so pleased thank you for this site!

  5. AvatarTirzah

    I named my gray kitten Hot Stuff as I thought it was a nice pun on me being a firefighter. That was 12 1/2 years ago and a month ago today he was killed by the neighbor’s dogs. I miss my little buddy

    1. Avatarlucy

      OMG I am almost crying i love cats i am so sorry for your lose D: STUPID DOGS (no i’m just kidding i love all animals i’m sorry dog lovers I do love dogs and cats… WHY DO YOU NEED TO EITHER A CAT OR DOG PERESON)

  6. AvatarAlyson Johnson

    Awwww! all these names are so cute! u just got a new grey kitten and i used this site to find a name! there all so cute. i will definatly use one of the names on here!

  7. AvatarKennadi

    I have newborn kittens and there was 4 but 2 of them died and i have 2 newborn kittens and there names are Midnight, and Shadow and im sad that 2 kittens died.

  8. AvatarKim Larson

    I named my grey/ white cat before I saw your list, funny how the spelling I picked is the very same spelling you had on your list!😉 Skye is the name I chose!

  9. AvatarLaura Keever

    We had a grey cat and his name was Wolfy(nickname Wolf) for the same reason too. He was the color of a grey wolf. He passed away 3 years ago and he was just 3 yrs and some months. We have no idea why he died. He just stopped eating and would barely drink and his back legs were not working properly then he went and hid somewhere outside and died and we had to find him. We buried him in a specialty made box(we made him with his name and year he was born and died) wrapped in an American flag. He was my son’s cat and would sleep with him even when my son was sick, he would be right there at the end of his bed. He was an awesome cat, me, my mom and step dad teared up when we had to bury him, my son didn’t understand then. Now he knows Wolfy in heaven with my grandma(his great grandma). RIP Wolfy

  10. AvatarEdith Ullrich

    Edie Ullrich calls her handsome grey male cat, “Zane Gray” (Zanny for short) . I, myself , call him , “Handsome”.aka “Graystone” .

  11. AvatarMary E Marsh

    One of my fellow EMTs named his sweet gray kitten Diesel because we had diesel ambulances with that blue/gray smoke . It fit the cat perfectly!

  12. Avatarspprt norton

    Great post ! I was searching over search engines and found your blog site. Well i like your high quality blog site design plus your posting abilities. Keep doing it.


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