All About Ginger Cats

Ginger cats or orange cats are very popular felines, though they’re not usually acknowledged as a distinct breed.

Even though, orange cats are among the cutest kittens in the world and are very common pets in many households. Most homes which own cats have, at some point, raised a ginger cat.

Much like most Tabbies, Ginger cats are very friendly and can make excellent pet cats. This kind of a kitten is very unique because of its striking orange shade.

What Makes Ginger Cats so Special?

You only know how special ginger cats are if you had one.

Their playful personalities and nice coat color is what makes them great. They are named Orange Tabby kitten because of their looks.

Many ginger tabbies will have a little black freckle around the mouth area and on their nose. This is usual after the first or second years of their lives.

Ginger moggies come in four beautiful coat types- spotted, classic (swirled), ticked (agouti), and mackerel (striped). Most owners of this particular type of amazing cat will say that an orange cat is very friendly with almost everyone.

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But as we all know cats are unique, and obviously, they may also exhibit shyness, among other traits. However, ginger or orange moggies are generally very high-spirited and friendly.

Another interesting fact is that there are no kittens with a complete and unmarked orange coat coloring. Also, the majority of orange tabby felines are males. That may explain why they are so incredibly playful.

Famous Ginger Cats

  • Orlando (The Marmalade Cat) is the cute orange star of a series of illustrated children’s book by Kathleen Hale, first printed in 1938. There is a total of 19 books in the sequence, recounting the escapades of Orlando and his feline family, with attractive illustrations and hilarious stories. Orlando’s explorations were subject of the “Children’s Hour” broadcasted on BBC’s Radio. The last book in the series of The Marmalade Cat was printed in 1972 and Kathleen Hale was granted an OBE – the most excellent order of the British empire, in 1976.
  • Orangey– This was the Ginger cat that starred in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn in 1961. This astonishing television and movie acting cat debuted in 1952 with the movie “Rhubarb” and earned the Patsy Awards in 1952 and in 1962. He also participated in “Gigot”, and in the TV series “Our Miss Brooks”.
  • Orion– The ginger and white feline who has a galaxy cluster tied around his neck in the film “Men in Black” from 1997.
  • Jones– In the show “Alien” filmed in 1979, the orange colored kitten named “Jones” is one of two survivors of the violence on the ruined mining conveyance ship Nostromo.

Personality and Temperament

According to ginger cat enthusiasts, their pet cats have an easy going temperament, are happy and relaxed and quite dog-like in terms of their personality.

Ginger kittens are born wearing their unique coat, looking as dapper as can be and are even particularly friendly and easy going as kittens.

In the cat world, Ginger cats are considered to be the cool kid on the block due to their happy, and easy going nature. New research findings show that ginger moggies are feline owners’ favorite cats since they are thought as lovable and friendly.

Many times, white felines, are seen as distant and aloof, while Tuxedo cats and black cats are depicted as mysterious and bring bad lack, according to some folklore. Not so with ginger cats!

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Behavioural Traits

Bold– Most Ginger cats are pretty brave, and willing to approach unknown situations courageously. Being that this type of cat loves to hunt mice, boldness does help them in being better hunters.

Courageous– Their courage, which helps them in becoming great hunters, has become an inherent trait among them all, both indoors or outdoors. That’s why ginger cats don’t shy away from a fight.

Independent– Ginger cats are well known for their independence. While being independent does not mean that these cats love to stay alone, they have been known to dislike to be told what to do.

10 facts you did not know about Ginger cats

Some of the ginger cats can resemble small tigers.

Nobody is actually sure where the nickname “tabby” came from, or when it came to be associated to this type of cat.

These cats are known not to have thick, dense coats.

They’re considered as fat cats because they love eating almost everything and from anywhere.

Since these tabbies are not regarded as a breed, they may be attributed to many existing feline breeds.

The lifespan of an orange kitten is not specific to their coloring. They have the same average lifespan as does the particular breed of felines they belong to.

Most orange kittens are very social cats, either they are calm and loving or busy and outgoing. Still, there are some breeds that bear orange kittens that are uninterested in human friendliness and aloof.

Tabby cats get their name because of their coloring patterns. Tabbies have four typical and distinct arrays of coat color arrangement. If a tabby doesn’t have one of those patterns, it is not regarded as a tabby cat.

The orange cat needs to have some orange coloring on its body. Most of the cats are predominantly orange; however, there are those that have more whiter coloring than orange. These are rare and very hard to find.

Orange cats usually have a brave character. The majority of them are not excessively afraid of other animals or children and they don’t have a problem in sharing the household with other animals or dogs.


Do you have an orange ginger cat? Tell us all about him / her in a comment below!

61 thoughts on “All About Ginger Cats

  1. AvatarTEAH ZANE

    My little tabby kitten (Billy … short for silly billy) is 9 weeks old.

    Following please find a description of his temperament:

    ?extremely intelligent
    ?cuddliest kitten ever
    ?loudest purr ever
    ?would gladly rip the
    skin off my arms and
    hands if he was
    allowed …. so savage.

    Savage and cuddly …. what a combination! Thank God for ginger male kitten!

  2. Avatarsteve

    ha ha, this page is so right about ginger cats.

    my ginger boy is super laid back ridiculously friendly and very confident, he owns the street and is definitely top cat in the neighborhood.
    my other 2 cats tolerate my jack Russel but im ginger is good friends with him.

    i dont know if its a ginger thing but he also has a purr 3x louder than any cat ive ever had!

    1. AvatarSusan Riley

      I have a Jack Russell Shorty who is good friends with my ginger boy. She loves all the cats and I thought it was because she thinks she is a cat. But with a new ginger girl I find they are becoming good buddies as well.

  3. AvatarPrincess

    I recently got a ginger cat and I’ve been having trouble with it and its been hiding a lot, doesn’t like coming out. I’ve only had it for 3 days, Its starting to settle in and I agree with this information.

    1. AvatarVictoria

      Hi Princess, we adopted a 2 year old ginger male in late January 2018. He hid or more so stayed in his ‘settle in’ room for about a fortnight. He then finally came out and he is the funniest most sweetest cat I’ve known. He also gets along well with our 6 year old male Ragdoll.


    I have a beautiful ginger girl called Pickles. She has stripes and spots and a white chest. She is quite shy but loves to cuddle up to me in bed.

  5. AvatarJannet

    My ginger boy would have to have the loudest meow ever. Loves his food and makes happy, loud yum yum noises when he eats. Super cheeky, curious and mischievous. Very clever and independent. Loves attention and a pat on the head. Doesn’t like cuddles, being picked up or sitting on your lap. He is also tall and long!

  6. AvatarMargaret Antony

    My stunning looking ginger male cat named Darcy went missing on the 21st august 2014 he has stripes and circles in his coat and is slim. I searched miles for him walking miles a day and advertising and making lots of phone calls to vets and rescue centres and on the internet. He was only two and a half and would now be six and a half. I pine for him every day and just want closure so I can stop feeling the constant heartache. My elderly neighbour told me that a few days after darcy went missing that a man in a white van went into a doctors practise in Docking close to brancaster pe318aq where I live and ask if there was a vet practise nearby as he had picked up a injured cat and needed to find a vet. this is the only information I have ever had .If this is true I would worship this man for information even if he found a vet and gave darcy a home . Just to know if he is allve and happy or if he is dead as he is on my mind daily and I will never give up hoping and looking for him as I adore him.

    1. AvatarNicky

      Did you ever receive news of Darcy?
      Our two and a half year old ginger boy Hendrick was hit by a car last Friday and was so seriously injured we were advised to put him to sleep but it was a serious paralysing fracture not internal or head trauma so he was on the face of it ‘fine’ – dont know what is worse – having to make a decision like ours looking into his eyes or living not knowing like yourselves. Both are awful 🙁

  7. AvatarMohamed el Habib

    i agree with this article i 100 %, ginger cats are really DOG-like. My crazy friendly wild savagely aggressive and cudly at the same time ginger is called “RODMAN” i named it after the legendary basketball player dennis rodman because they do share lots of things in common, rodman is the best cat i’ve ever had in my life so far. RIP my friend you’ll be remembred for ever in my mind and in my heart.

  8. AvatarDorothy Virgadamo

    I agree with this article. Ginger cats are friendly, affectionate, intelligent, courageous and independent. They are also dog-like and cuddly. I had one Ginger cat for sixteen years. He passed away from old age suddenly. Now I have another Ginger cat. Once you have a Ginger cat, you have a comrade by your side. There is a strong love given by Ginger cats. Once you have a Ginger cat, you will never want any other type of cat. Ginger cats are the best.

  9. AvatarMandy pearce

    My ginger male is 14 years old a very friendly boy who hunts rats and mice and purrs very loudly hes asleep on my bed at the moment .love him so much hes a beautiful boy

  10. AvatarClaire

    I have 2 black and white girls and a ginger and white with 3 legs.He is extraordinarily friendly and people seem to adore him. I’m not sure if it is that fact he’s ginger or legless or so friendly that makes him special.

  11. AvatarEd.

    My little lad…well he is nearly 2 and half now is a very cheeky Ginger. He knows the word sit, fridge, ham…he is a mega ham fiend…he also knows the word no, and he hates it he gets in a right mood. He tolerates a bath…just and loves kisses, he also likes to play and can be hard at times with his leaping and nipping-many a bruise on my upper arms.

    He came to us as a 4 month old, a stray, he bounded up the drive to me and my wife and decided to follow us into the house and he just stayed…we are not cat people but he melted our hearts on the spot.

    He is spoilt rotten with with toys that he never plays with…a £50 scratching tree with house that he never bothered with…but, that is the way it goes. He does love chasing you and chasing after a ball.

    They say cats do not really respond to a name…well, Tigs certainly does, he comes when called or whistled.

    We couldn’t be without him now, our lovely Ginger boy.

    1. AvatarSarah Martin

      Ed, your boy sounds just like our Ron! He came to us as a stray and now rules the house! He also knows his name, no, fridge and is also totally obsessed with ham, never seen anything like it lol!
      He’s like a little dog, knows the sound of my car and waits at the gate when I get home from work….. best little guy ever. He likes to nip my husband, a lot lol, sleeps on our bed and loves to lick my toes… such a strange cat but just the best! Gingers rule😊

  12. AvatarLaura Boone

    my fat cat Garfield has potty trained his self to use the toilet… chases my mother in laws dogs…. hes fearless and smart .

  13. AvatarClaire drake

    My ginger boy Gorgeous died on 7th July 2018 age 15 or 16. I am devastated because he was all these descriptions and more! He stole my heart and took it with him.

    1. AvatarTeri Logsdon

      This made me sad about your ginger boy passing. Our hearts never heal from the loss. I have Lampasas Community Cats-TNR in Lampasas, Tx, we have a Facebook page. We have a beautiful Ginger Girl up for adoption and her name is Honey. Honey is 3 years old and is as sweet as honey too.

  14. AvatarCarolynn draeger

    Our beautiful Ginger is a female, she is very unique and she knows it. she is very ladylike and a wonderful mother to 5 beautiful kittens 3 rowdy ginger brothers, a beautiful calico and a darling grey tabby.

  15. AvatarRobin

    I just got a 7 week ginger tabby we named Oliver. Someone rescued him from a bridge that goes over a gator infested lake and he was clinging to the cement divider. He was a bit banged up but otherwise in good health. This is my first ginger after having cats since I was 5 years old. He is a total love bug!

  16. AvatarSalman Mahmood

    I just bought a ginger cat but I don’t kno what breed it is but its full orange with darker shade of orange stripes in legs and tail even in belly. Very playful. Can you tell me what breed it is?

    1. AvatarEd.

      He isn’t a breed, he is a tabby cat and sounds like a Mackerel pattern (my cat has the same pattern) he will have the usual ‘M’ on his forehead.

  17. AvatarMarina King

    Found nothink about what I was looking for about my ginger and white cat . Were ever he sits he leaves and orange mark and he is the only one of my cats that happens to as my other cats are tabby / brindle.
    So why dose my ginger cat do this.?

    1. AvatarEd.

      Could be scent marking from his anal glands, cats have two glands in this region and they use them to mark territory or an object-saying: this is mine-does he bottom scoot across the floor, lick his behind a lot? If he does then it could be that he is having issues in expressing (releasing) the fluid in them. This is normally done when a cat defecates or is deliberately marking.
      Problems can arise so if you are in doubt get him checked over by a vet.

  18. Avatargerrie

    Please tell me what can be the cause of my two Ginger, male cats by the way ,to be constantly fighting like hell?

    1. AvatarEd.

      Hi Gerrie, sounds like it could be territorial or jealousy regarding their slave…owner. Are they both neutered? If not that sounds like it could be the cause-adult males will growl and fight especially if it mating season.

  19. AvatarJodi sciberras

    We have two rescued ginger boys. One is named Blue 5 years old and the other is Boss one year old. They are the most beautiful loving cats I have ever owned! Both of them were left as babies in the side of a road. My whole family is grateful to have these two little gingers in our lives. They play, talk, interact. I have grown up kids who love to come home sometimes just to hang out with the cats! They walk outside with us like dogs never leaving us! Blue has even attacked a snake to protect me! ( just a small one… we live in Australia) ginger cats should be revered as they are supremely special!

  20. AvatarRayna

    I have a ginger cat, and he’s got a pure white tummy and neck, and the rest of him is ginger with darker ginger streaks inside the lighter. We named him Simba after the lion king 😛

  21. AvatarCameron

    LOL my cat Ginger is about 9 weeks old and I love how in the passage it says that they don’t like to be told what to do yeah I got that now I learned that the hard way but he’s like me LOL hard-headed

  22. AvatarTerra

    My sister and i adopted a ginger kitty when he was 11 weeks old and we named him Rhou or RhouRhou when we baby talk him. This is are first cat since we have always been a dog family and at first i wanted to adopt a pup instead but i swear Rhou was born to be a dog. He loves to swim and fetch and begs for snuggles in the cutest way. He was supposed to be my sister’s cat but he follows me everywhere and loves to be picked up and snuggled and has the loudest pur with cute little chirps here and there. He’s my furbaby now

  23. AvatarDonnamarie

    I adopted my Oliver, my beautiful, wonderful ginger male many years ago when he was only 2 weeks old. I found him in the parking lot of a restaurant near a farm in the winter time in the northeast in the bitter cold. Oliver was the best cat in the world and I loved him so much. He was my best friend and he was so smart and sleek. He knew he was special. These ginger cats really steal our hearts. I’ve had many other kitty cats but my Oliver was the best!

  24. AvatarBonnie

    I have a ginger female (“Tigger” — my then-young daughter insisted!) who is an angel, and a gift to me every day when I come home. We adopted her as a kitten, and she is the most laid-back and affectionate girl you could imagine. At age 10 now, she’s definitely dog-like…I’d say poodle-like, as she’s very clingy.

  25. AvatarSandra Miller

    I have a female Tabby with green eyes, a pink nose, a white kerchief around her neck and white booties on all four feet… her beautiful coloring of course. I got her 10 years ago as a stray someone had abandoned when she was approximately 5 weeks old. She took to me immediately, even sleeping on me every night. My neck, my head, my leg, my arm and still tries to do it now but she’s a bit big for it… lol. My then partner was so jealous as he wanted her to attach to him. HaHa. She loves attention and closeness. She is very intelligent and has learned to lay down when I tell her to,,, every single time. She is a bit sassy though, which I adore. She will mind me but has to sass just a bit first to let me know she has her own mind. She loves to stare at me and lay beside me almost all the time. She has to be really sleepy not to be by my side as she will be awake most of the time when she is. I don’t think she wants to miss a moment with me. She also greets me most days at the door when I get home and comes when I call. She’s a laid-back girl with an easy going nature who loves her lovings. Vocal,,, yes, but not overbearing with it. We chatter back and forth every day. I love my sweet Tabby girl ! She’s a purrfect pet 🙂

  26. AvatarStuart

    I have a female ginger she is a bitch when in season would like to mate her think she would make a great mum she has just tuned two she lives in East Sussex

  27. AvatarFrances

    I’m a dog lover but sadly my beautiful dog died in april. Then in September my daughter brought a kitten home. He looked at me meowed, jumped onto my lap….there he has stayed! He grooms me, talks to me, falls asleep on me and oh boy! Does he like to kiss me. He gently bites my earlobes. He gets jealous too. If I’m talking or on my laptop he will sit facing me on my lap and use two gentle paws to pull my face down to him for a lick and purr!
    This cat was sent to fix and fill my lonely heart. He hasn’t caught a mouse yet but so far has filled my kitchen with leaves (its autumn/winter here in uk).
    I am getting him neutered soon. I appropriately named him Jaffa because he is orange and seedless lol.

  28. AvatarJoyce

    Ginger…my three month old Ginger furred kitten loveeees seeking attention, like a lot and if u don’t give to him, he runs to u Nd jumps so that u would notice him

  29. AvatarSicili

    My Sam(Samuel L Jackson), is 18 months old. He has a yellow tabby saddle as well as face mask and the rest the softest white fur. He technically is my son’s emotional support animal as my son has Spina bifida and is paralyzed. He is the first yellow tabby we have ever had….and he is wonderful! He falls into every stereotype of yellow tabbies, from the big appetite to the black freckles in his mouth. He is also the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had and we are a cat family, having many rescues and fosters over the years. I love my ginger boy.

  30. AvatarOlivia

    My ginger cat is basically the loudest little thing ever. All he ever does is SCREAM for absolutely no reason. He is very laid back, but overall he’s just a fat crackhead. I love him.

  31. AvatarColin

    20 : 80

    that’s some really silly maths.

    You should say 1 in 5 is female, or 1 female to every 4 males.

    Please don’t propagate the myth that cat people are foolish.

  32. AvatarCharly

    My almost 3 year old loves the dogs and humans residing in the house but anyone else he will attack when entering our home. Just got 2 baby female gingers for him as friends. Btw he is ginger as well and the most docile I’ve ever seen.

  33. AvatarKimb

    This article certainly describes our ginger Milo. He was abandoned & starving when he found us & we adopted him. He loves his food, brings us mice presents lovingly displayed on the front mat & loves playing hide & seek with our 12 year old daughter. He’s a bit bossy & gets in a huff when he’s not fed on time.

  34. AvatarTiffani

    My ginger boy, Agent Orange, passed away in my arms 3-nights ago. He was about 17-yrs old.-Showed up on our door step in the spring/summer of 2006, and instantly adopted my husband, our enormous gentle giant yellow lab (Oliver), and I, and, our son, from the moment we brought him home as a newborn baby. As well as our early generation Savannah cat, Klepster, who we adopted over a year ago. Orangey got his name as he was very territorial of us when he first adopted our family and home… he would spray the putter Peronist of our yard and beat up any mean strays that would try to come around. But Orangey was the sweetest, gentlest boy. Always wanted to be near and sit on us whenever we weren’t standing. He was talkative, and the moment he was touched he’d start to purr. He has given us insurmountable, truly unconditional love, loyalty, and friendship. Our lives will never be the same without him. He slept on my sons
    Pillow every night (He’d tuck himself in and if we weren’t there at “bedtime” he’d come get us and stay awake through story time with our son every night.). He met me at the coffee pot every single morning, and he’d be waiting to greet us at the door every evening upon our return home from work. There is a hole in our heart that can only be filled by Orange. Struggling to accept that he is gone. I try to find peace trusting that he has reunited with his best doggie friend/brother somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

  35. AvatarSicili

    My Ginger Boy Sam, is getting so big, with a huge appetite! I work in a seafood restaurant so he waits up at night for me to come in with shrimp, scallops and crab legs. He’s due for more shots soon so we will see what he weighs. I’m thinking 12-15 pounds now and he isn’t even 2. I love having an orange tabby❤️

  36. AvatarJess

    I just got my first ginger kitten a month ago and this post describes him to a t. As soon as we bought him home he wasn’t afraid of my big German Shepard, it was the other way round! He’s very affectionate though but will start biting at you in a split second! He loves to eat including my dogs food which he’s obsessed with and cries, well more screams, at you when he sees you holding his bowl meaning food time. He has stripes all over him, such a beautiful boy! Our little tiger, we named him Tigger!

  37. AvatarBarbara McNeill

    My ginger Catzilla Ratkilla is, I am convinced, autistic. He detests any form of cuddling or patting, has major meltdowns if a strange human enters the house, goes hysterical if a book or shoe is not in its normal place, and uses sign language to indicate his wishes, rather than vocalising. He will eat only one kind of wet food, and before serving it, we have to go through certain rituals before he condescends to touch it. No ritual, he goes on hunger strike. All he wants out of life is food, sleep and nightly rodent-slaughter. I have accepted his eccentricities, ( but, oh, how I wish he’d let me cuddle him!) because on the plus side, he has never been ill, or run away, and has kept the neighbourhood rats under control for the last 12 years.

  38. AvatarRgrg14

    Recently, 2 months ago, we took in 2 out of the 6 kittens that were born in our shed 5 months ago. Mom started to move them the day we were to gather them up to take to a cat haven. 2 BLACK (1 male, 1 female) 2 tuxedo (1 male and 1 female) and
    The 2 ginger boys that we now have as indoor cats.
    “Loki” is a very pale blonde cream w white tuxedo pattern and
    “Titan” is the deep burnt orange almost reddish orange in some areas w the mackerel pattern.
    And TITAN is afraid of nothing. He’s Not afraid of our two German shepherds in fact he bullies them. He gets insanely rambunctious and will “drive by” anyone or anything with a fast run and then a leap at whatever body part he sees on you. He WILL eat anything. And I mean anything to the point where we have to lock the cabinets.

  39. AvatarDave

    My ginger cat is called Garfield, he’s amazing, I’ve taught him to come to me, jump up on the settee next to me, sit down, give me a kiss and…… Wait for it…… Shake hands. I love him so much, he’s my best friend. Is there a way I can post a short video of him?

  40. AvatarLisa

    I saved mine and he died today he got stood on by a horse i am devastated so very heartbroken he finally found a loving home where he wasn’t lonely anymore and he got killed the price of love is so painful sometimes , so very upset cant stop crying he loved sitting on couch with me follow me every where outside , was to trusting with the horses i moved him so many times away from them I wasn’t there to help him this time gutted

  41. AvatarSteve

    Hi, my orange and white tabby named Topaz(at the shelter) is Topi to me. She picked me right off, quite bold and assertive that she wanted to go home with me. She’s a sweetie, bright, courageous and bold. Sometimes crazy and runs like such. But she loves to snuggle. She’s friendly to everyone. A wonderful friend, and I am quite lucky she demanded I take her home!!!

  42. AvatarMeow

    I am fostering an outdoor ginger tux tabby who bit me, any ideas how to train him not to? He frantically rubs against my legs and then bites if I try to walk away. He is a big guy. Very beautiful, i am so scared he will bite me for real again. I stopped him with a piece of cardboard this time and coins in a can. But the can scares him away completely.


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