15 Famous Cats That Totally Rock

We all know that cats are made for the internet and the internet was made specifically for cats (to share memes on, obviously!), but which cats have made the most of the internet to publicise themselves?

Here we take a look at the 15 most famous cats you will find on the world wide web.

If your cat is seeking stardom it can’t go wrong by taking some cues from some of these purrfect specimens!


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Nala is the Queen of the surprised face look. If you’ve ever used the “surprised face” emoticon then you’ll recognise Nala instantly as she is the master and originator of that look!

Lazarus The Cat


Lazarus cat is a miraculous feline who cheated death (hence the name) after being found abandoned in very poor health. When the vet saw Lazarus he said “if he’s made it this far then why not give him a chance?”

And so against all the odds Lazarus lives! Lazarus was born with a cleft pallet meaning he is missing a lot of his nose but this only adds to his cuteness!

Lazarus is another great role model for any felines that may be struggling with insecurities due to disabilities!

Honey bee the magical cat

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One of the most inspirational cats you could ever hope to meet. Honey Bee is completely blind as she was born without eyes, yet she refuses to let her disability hold her back!

She loves to climb mountains with her humans and what she lacks for in vision she more than makes up for with the keenest senses of smell and listening.

Maru Master of Boxes

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All cats love boxes, that much is clear, so to be called the “Master of Boxes” you really have to be something special in the cat world.

Maru has a remarkable propensity for squeezing his largish frame into a baffling array of boxes including many that are unfathomably small!

He managed to persuade his humans to film many of his incredible box sitting attempts and as a result the internet loves him!

Adele The World most polite cat

Meet Adele, She’s a ‘well-mannered’ cat that likes to say bless you to a human after sneezing and coughing.

She was featured in the on the dailymail.co.uk after she first appeared in the hilarious video.


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Fukumaru the odd eyed cat was found alone in a shed back in 2003, she was adopted by an elderly lady called Misa, their relationship rapidly blossomed and was captured by Misa’s daughter in many beautiful photographs.

Saldy Fukumaru passed away in March 2016 but we will always remember Fukumaru and how she taught us so much about the beauty of a relationship between cat and human.

Venus The Two-faced Kitten

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Despite the name Venus the Two faced Kitten actually only has one face, however her face is black on the right side with a green eye and ginger on the left side with a blue, a phenomenon which in theory is a genetically impossible variation.

This impossible cat has made appearances on national TV shows such as The Today Show and has baffled genetics experts across the globe. Some have suggested that she may have different DNA on each side of her body!

Grumpy Cat

We couldn’t possibly write a list of the fifteen most famous cats on the internet without mentioning the world’s grumpiest cat.

With a face to match the name this is one cat that will give hope to all sourpusses that fame can be achieved without having to crack a smile!


awesome-cat-love-1-240x180 (1)
Sam is a pure white cat who sports two perfect black eyebrows, the eyebrows alone have allowed Sam to amass over 150,000 Instagram followers!
So if your cat has a similar stand out feature follow Sam’s lead!


Snoopy, known by some as “the cutest cat ever”, Snoopy is a an exotic short haired cat with huge cute eyes!

Snoopy, who boasts over 200,000 followers on Instagram and more than 275,000 followers on the chinese social media site Weibo, is famed for his pie face look which apparently is a result of the delightful genetic mix caused by having a persian cat and an american shorthair cat as your parents!


Banye was blessed with a round black spot underneath his mouth which makes him look like he is in a state of perpetual open-mouthed shock!

Banye might be shocked by his meteoric rise to fame but I’m not surprised when he looks that cute!

Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow is a cat who will certainly catch your eye if you are lucky enough to ever meet him!
He currently holds the Guiness World Record for being the cat with the world’s longest hair!

Maybe next time your cat needs a haircut you might reconsider and make a push for stealing that impressive world record!

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Cool, collected and sporting an impressive white moustache. Hamilton the Hipster cat has his moustache long before it was cool!

Lil Bob

Lil Bub is incredibly social media savvy with very successful Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social media followings!

She was discovered as the runt of a feral litter found in a shed in Indiana and has risen from her humble beginnings to global stardom.

She hasn’t let her fame go to her head though, she’s still Lil Bub from the shed, she’s used her fame to raise well over $300,000 for a wide variety of needy animals.


Shironeko is the cat who just gets life, throw whatever you want at him and he remains resolutely zen. Nothing can upset this master of mediation.

Despite the fact that he is most often photographed sleeping he still seems to find the time to carefully manage his online presence without ever breaking a sweat!


Monty was born without a nasal bridge, making for a cute flat faced look. Monty is another cat who refuses to let disability get him back. Instead he embraces his disability and proves to all of us that no matter what type of a cat you are, or where you come from you should never let your disability hold you back!

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