How to Decorate a Perfect Cat Corner in Your House

Are you a cat parent who loves to spoil their little fur ball? And do you have a spare corner or even a spare room that you don’t know what to use for?

Instead of having food and water bowl in one room, cat litter box in the other, and play area in third, why not make a perfect little heaven for your kitten at one place where they can truly rule. Here are some things you need to think of in order to make a perfect place for your favorite furry friend.


Now, you may wonder ‘why would my cat care how I decorate a room?’, but as much as you want to please your cat, you want to make this kitty corner enjoyable for you too. Let’s be honest, you’ll spend plenty of time here as well.

So think about painting the walls a nice calming green and about adding some nice pictures or signs on the walls. And you also want to make this space cozy, so having a carpet free floor is not a good idea.

Try putting a couple of nice, patterned runner rugs beneath windows at spots you know will be hit by the sunlight because your cat will want to catch the rays as often as possible.

Play area

When they’re not sleeping, cats get easily bored so instead of letting your cat look for trouble, it’s a really good idea to make a nice play area. Whether you buy a huge cat tree at a pet store or simply add some shelves randomly on the walls using a cordless drill, you can do no wrong as long as make some kind of a climbing area for your little ‘monkey’.

You can even make a DIY cat castle by using boxes and your cat will be thrilled because as long as they get to go into a box, their life is perfect. And don’t forget to have a scratching post, they love to sharpen their claws and you don’t want them to do that on your favorite chair.

Kitty TV

Cats love looking out the window, so you really need to make sure your cat has a window in their cat corner. If it’s possible, you can even make an outdoor area for your cat by extending the window board on the outside and adding a net to keep your cat from actually stepping out.

Another interesting idea is to have a bird feeder outside the closed window; this will occupy your kitten for hours. If these ideas are too complicated for you, simply make sure there is enough space for your cat on the window board, and you’ll see just how much it loves spending time lazing around while looking outside.

A quiet corner

Creating a safe and quiet corner for your pet is probably the most important part of making a perfect place for your cat. While your cat will sometimes want to sleep or nap in an open area like on a rug, it’s very important to provide it with a quiet place to retrieve when it wants to.

So make sure to have an enclosed basket or a tent-like bed, or even a cozy box for it to sleep in. You also want to provide your cat with privacy when using the litter box so it would be smart to make a hidden litter box where your pet can do its business in peace.

Having a clean food and water bowl is a must, so make sure your cat’s bowls are not near the litter box in order to keep the possible dirt out of them.

It’s also recommended to keep the water bowl separate from the food bowl because it reduces the possibility of your cat transferring food bits into the water.

Another thing to keep in mind is greenery. Cats love grass so adding a place for catnip will surely be a golden star next to your name in your cat’s diary.

No matter how independent cats may be, they sure love to be pampered, so try some of these ideas, it will make your cat happy, and that will ultimately make you happy.

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