“A Voice For Cats”: Essay Contest Scholarship 2020

We at We’re All About Cats are pleased to announce that we’re currently accepting applications for the annual “A Voice for Cats” scholarship contest. The winning essay writer will receive a prize of $1,000. An additional $1,000 will be donated to a rescue organization of the winner’s choosing.

A Voice for Cats

Our online cat community strongly believes in the importance of higher education. By sharing knowledge and information with our followers, we hope to help mitigate animal suffering and improve our pets’ lives. Every article, blog entry, social media post, research project, or essay is a small step towards our goal of better lives for cats.

We invite students to submit their essays on feline welfare and the humane treatment of cats. One outstanding essayist will be selected as the scholarship winner. The winning essay will be published on our blog and accredited to the author.


  • All essays must be submitted by Dec. 31st, 2020.
  • The student must have a background volunteering or working at an animal rescue organization for at least 20 hours.
  • Essay must be 300-500 words.
  • The student must be currently enrolled in or enrolled to begin higher education studies in the fall semester 2020.
  • Applicants must be permanent residents of the United States.
  • We’re All About Cats will retain all rights to the submitted content and may publish it at its own discretion.
  • This is an on-going scholarship. The above deadline refers to the current cycle only.

How To Submit Your Essay

  • Please save your essay as a Word document and send it to [email protected]
  • Please title your e-mail “2020 Scholarship Submission – Last Name, First Name.”
  • Please include a brief (50-100 words) personal bio. This bio will be published on our blog along with the submitted essay.
  • Please note that before receiving any scholarship, selected essay writers must provide proof of identification and current residence.

2020 Scholarship Winner Announcement

We are accepting submissions for the “A Voice for Cats” scholarship contest through December 2020. The winner will be notified by the end of January 2021 and announced on the site at a later date.

Our Judges:

Mallory Crusta

Mallory Crusta is a writer and adventurecat enthusiast on a mission to make cats’ lives extraordinary. She’s one of the founders of Wildernesscat – a site for happy, healthy, and adventurous cats who are fueled by nature. Mallory is considered one of the top writers on the subject of catt care and nutrition


Marc Andre is the owner and brain behind Katzenworld. According to Wikipedia. Katzenworld is the UK’s biggest blog platform on the subject of the cats. Marc is considered one of the leading cat bloggers in the global pet community

*2018 Scholarship Winner:

Casey Kennedy from Arizona State University.

*2019 Scholarship Winner:

Erin Layton, from Stockton University

We’re All About Cats is an online feline-friendly community. Our goals are:

25 thoughts on ““A Voice For Cats”: Essay Contest Scholarship 2020

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Audrey,

      We’re trying to contact the winner.

      Once we do we will announce it (Hopefully in the next few days)

      Apologies for the dealy

  1. AvatarMichelle Pauls

    Your scholarship opportunity is listed on the Rowan University website for opportunities. I am trying to find out if you are open this year?
    Thank you,

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Michelle, thank you for your interest in this opportunity. Yes, the “A Voice for Cats” scholarship contest is open for another round of submissions; we’ll be accepting entries through December of 2020. You’ll find all the updated details in the announcement above.

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Amy, sorry about the late reply! The “A Voice for Cats” scholarship opportunity is available this year and we will be accepting submissions through December 2020. Thanks for your interest!

  2. AvatarJennifer Iospa

    Hi I have not volunteered at a traditional animal shelter but I did spend two years working at a local aquarium which specializes in wildlife conservation would that allow me to qualify for the scholarship?

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Jennifer, thanks for your interest in the A Voice for Cats contest. As a community for cat lovers, We’re All About Cats is focused on providing opportunities for students involved in domesticated animal rescue. Therefore, the contest is open to students who’ve volunteered or worked at organizations that officially operate as animal rescues, typically organizations that provide temporary homes for abused or homeless pets. While it sounds like your experience at the aquarium was valuable and supported wildlife conservation, it doesn’t fit into the category we’re prioritizing.

      In case you haven’t yet seen it during your scholarship search, here’s a great guide to scholarships for animal lovers: https://www.top10onlinecolleges.org/scholarships-for/animal-lovers/

      Good luck!

      – Mallory

  3. AvatarEmily Zhu

    Hi!, I was just wondering what date or approximate date will the winner be notified? I just want to have a date so I can remember to check my email just in case I forget that I applied for this scholarship and to watch for the results.

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Emily, thank you for your interest in the scholarship contest! I can’t give you a precise date to mark in your calendar, but we will notify the winner by the end of January 2021. Hope this helps!

  4. AvatarJamie

    Can you tell me if this scholarship is only available to undergrads? My son is applying to grad school and would love to apply to this. Thanks!

  5. AvatarCaleb

    Hi, I wanted to ask for more information about the essay at hand for this scholarship, as my style of writing is… a little different than most.

    I am a ameuter horror/fantasy writer, going to college for creative writing. As a result, my submission would likely be less a direct factual submission and more a fictional story/creative short story dealing on “feline welfare and the humane treatment of cats”. I would like to know if something like this would be applicable as an essay or if it would be disqualified for being fantasy. I look forward to hearing back.

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hi Caleb, we’re looking for non-fiction essays on feline welfare and the humane treatment of cats. That said, we greatly appreciate creativity and you’re free to add your style to a non-fiction essay. I hope to see your entry in the running!



  6. AvatarMaria Flores

    I was going to apply to volunteer at a shelter since I was turning the required age for the shelters near me, sadly because of the corona virus issue it was all canceled. I am a cat owner if that helps in any way?

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hi Maria, I understand that this is a difficult situation, but the scholarship contest is only open to those who have volunteered at an animal rescue. I’m sure you’ll be able to find other scholarship opportunities that will allow you to showcase your unique experience and perspectives. Good luck and thanks for your interest in the contest!

  7. AvatarKristine Guy

    I was trying to apply for this scholarship but it keeps saying that the email address does not exist. I am putting in [email protected] but it isn’t working.
    Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong. Thank you.

  8. AvatarJilianne


    I am trying to apply as well and the email is not working. What is the correct email?

    thank you

  9. AvatarDulce Garza

    Hello! I’ll be a a senior in high school this coming year (I won’t be graduating until 2021) and was wondering if I was still eligible to apply for this scholarship?

    1. Mallory CrustaMallory Crusta

      Hello Dulce,

      Thanks for your interest, but the essay contest is only open to students who are currently enrolled in or are enrolled to begin higher education studies in the fall of 2020. We’d like to see your submission next year, though!


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