5 Ways to Adapt a Small Apartment for Living Comfortably With Cats


Having a cat (or two) in a small apartment can lead to boredom, the bane of cats. The term ‘’curiosity killed the cat’’ is not applicable to your own if she can explore every piece of furniture, gap and hole within your living space in a matter of days.

Your furry felines require stimulation on a daily basis, and keeping them satisfied will prevent a lot of problems, if you have any. Say goodbye to ferocious outcries in the middle of the night, obsession with anything slightly edible and frantic running around your home. We will help you out with some quick tips on how you can make your cat’s apartment life a bit more comfortable.

Buy quality litter

I cannot stress this enough if you are cramped in a one room apartment. Where your cat does her thing varies from owner to owner, however, the odor of the litter is something we can all relate to.

In addition to having some form of ventilation near the kitty litter, the litter itself has to be high-quality. Even though some owners are really picky about their litter of choice, the only important thing about your litter is that it smells ok with the cat poo inside (you won’t get better than ok).

Kitty needs some toys!

Credit: joggingaddiction.com

Along with some places to hop on, it’s far from wrong to invest some cash into cat toys. They don’t have to be expensive $100 toys, cats don’t care about money. You should get to know your cat (if you haven’t already) and find just the right toy to keep her busy.

For example, if a cat is 7 years old and the only thing she/he will chase after is a laser pointer, it might be difficult to find anything other than that to get her attention. You may try everything and fail, but you’ll learn with time that cats have their own thing and like to play by their own rules. Therefore, you should buy a toy that your cat would consider cool, not the other way around.

Protect your furniture

Preventing your cat going ham on your furniture is a universal problem for most cat owners, unless you’re happy with torn sofas and mangled rugs. Cats will usually scratch anything they find territorially important. The glands in their nails mark the surface they scratch with their scent, while also making sure their claws are healthy and fresh.

Getting a scratcher for your kitty will give her a nice place to relax her claws while you relax on your unscratched sofa, thinking about how well-maintained your furniture is.

Let your cat get some high ground

Rebuilding your entire home isn’t a must, cats usually just want a place from which they can observe their surroundings. They want to know everything and everyone so having a sweet spot for your little watchman is welcoming to say the least.

You can use shelves, cat trees covers and boards to create interesting construction that will spark your cat’s interest. These changes do take time though and require creativity and in case you lack any of these, firms like Sphere Constructions can surely help you out.

Secure the windows

Cats like their windows, they like them big, clear and accessible. However, danger is looming if you’re living on a high floor. Cats have a good sense of balance and are nimble, but sometimes a bird flying by may prove too tempting for your feline fighter.

On the other hands, for some reason some cats don’t like to relax by the window and in this case cat owners might have problems even opening their windows. The solution here could be a tricky one for most of you, but it’s definitely worth it.

Try finding some sturdy nets, any net will do, as long as it’s appealing enough for you and it doesn’t block a lot of light. Of course, your cat shouldn’t be smaller than the net’s gaps. Once you have your net, the solution is simple. Install them onto you windows from the outside, and your cats can enjoy a safe breeze of wind. You’ll also get to ventilate your apartment with zero stress, how cool is that?



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