Meet The Cat Calendar- Interview With Artist Alex Hubbell

We’re All About Cats are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really cool for you guys, Artist Alex Hubbell is behind a new innovating project called The Cat Calendar.  So we caught up with Alex to hear more about what appears to be a project  we should definitely pay attention to ?

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

Hi! I’m Alex. I paint watercolors, and in particular, animals. I like getting to know an animal first, and then painting a portrait that shows their expression, their movement, and their spirit. One of the animals that I know best is my cat, Petunia. This is why I love to paint her so much.

Q2: Tell more about the inspiration behind Cat calendar?

Since my cat brings me such joy, I thought it might be nice to make something that would share her spirit with everyone, especially those who can’t have a cat of their own. I paint her so frequently that it was easy to find a selection of paintings to use! Each month is a unique and original watercolor of Petunia.

Q3: What do think makes cat Calendar so unique?

This calendar comes from the heart and is painted with a single color: Indigo. I haven’t seen another Cat Calendar quite like it! Also, I assemble each one by hand, and the materials are 100% natural. So, you can recycle it when the year is over!

Q4: How do you see Cat calendar developing in the future?

Next year, I want to paint cats from around the world. I’m hoping that people will submit stories of their felines to me, so that I can be inspired by all the amazing animals that brighten people’s lives. My dream is to have a 2019 Cat Calendar with future portraits of new cats I’ve yet to meet.

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