How to Organize a Birthday Party for Your Cat

Having a cat in your life is a true blessing, and celebrating them come pretty natural to us, cat adorers. If you as well consider your pet cat a family member then there are simply no reasons not to throw a fabulous birthday party for your four-legged fuzzy friend. So here are some ideas on how to organize a purrfect party for your beloved cat.

When it comes to organizing a party for your lovely cat, the first step is, obviously to plan ahead, write a guest list and send invitations. With the exact number of cats and their humans, you can start planning food menus, drinks, and entertainment. The easiest way to create a purrfect birthday party is to pick a theme and focus on all the little details such as fun ways of serving cat food and snacks. And of course, don’t forget the cakes!

Think (outside of the) box

For example, you can decorate your party venue with boxes of all sizes to make your four-legged fur ball have lots of fun on its special day. Put small balls inside of the boxes or other small toys to make it even more interesting. Make sure to have lots of fresh water and snacks for your kitten and her guests since they will probably need to recharge energy for more play time.

As for human food, you can find inspiration in the box shape and make square-shaped snacks for your family and guests. Besides the human cake (the best part of the birthday parties to be honest) you can also DIY cat food cake that your fuzzy pal is going to adore! Grab some headbands and felt and catify your guest. Create cat ears headbands in different colors to transform your human guests into cats or glue small boxes on top of headbands to follow the party theme.

Pick any theme you like (or find inspiration in what your cat really loves doing) for the party and make sure you have enough time to prepare all the little things and decorate the place. You can match human food decoration to the theme and make a fabulous party for your little ball of fur. Whatever you do, your cat is probably not going to like it anyway, so just choose what you like.

Donate the presents (wow, your cat is really going to be mad)

When it comes to birthday gifts go to your local animal shelter, make a list of things needed there and tell your human friends to donate the presents. Your cat probably has more than enough toys (and yet loves the boxes the most) and food so there is no need to expect gifts, instead donate them to the animals in need.

Memorable souvenirs

Set up a photo booth (well this is more of a human way of partying but never mind) and capture all the wonderful party memories. You can hire backdrop, put a prop box next to it, let your friends play with your pet and give them a memorable souvenir to take home with them. Everybody’s going to love your cat’s birthday party photo souvenirs!


Don’t forget the catnip

A great idea for your cat’s birthday is to DIY catnip-stuffed yarn balls and decorate the house with them. Cats adore catnip and it will certainly put them in a great mood for playing. Use yarn balls as an inspiration for the human cakes and food to match the look.

Show off your cat’s special skills

Hold a talent show for your cat and its friends and let them show their special tricks. You and your human friends will surely have fun seeing the talent show as well as showing what your lovely furball knows. If nobody knows any special tricks, well, make a kitty training and see who gets it first.

These tips will help you remember all the things you should do before organizing a purrfect party for your fuzzy pal. Simply pick a theme, decorate with DIY ornaments or catnip yarn balls, prepare some food and voila! And if your kitten falls asleep on this special day – well, you will have fun for sure.

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