51 Black and White Cat Names

There is no greater joy than a new Kitten. Cats are a great part of the joy and humor we experience every day. Here you’ll need to find the cutest name for your new family member. We’ll help you chose the name that relates to the cat natural behavior and appearance.

There are a lot of funny, unique, color based as well character-based names for cats. If you need a name for your cat, you came to right place.

Male names

The 1920s entertainment. A great name for black and white cat.
The Figaro
Black and white Figaro starring role. A good choice.
A good name for a black and white cat. Based on Looney Tunes cartoons
A great name for black and white sweet cat.
It is perfect for a black and white kitten.
Like a cow.Black and white spots
Has a white face, like he has bangs.
Similar to white pool ball and the black
A name for cats with white tips
Great name for the black and white.
An excellent name for your cat.

Max: It means the greatest

Lucky: This means fortunate

Oscar: It means lover of deer

Toby:: Goodness of the Lord

Tom:: Honesty.

Rocky:: Means famous ruler.

Pepper: Means what it is pepper.

Gizmo:: a Cute creature in the Gremlins movie.

Bailey:: Means Bailiff.

Dusty: Brown kittens are often called Dusty due to their dusty appearance.

Female Names

cute tuxedo cat

Sassy: Sassy means pretty girl.

Precious: Precious means virtue.

Maggie: Maggie means Pearl.

Lily: Lily means flower

Lucy: which means light.

Coco:: Means coconut

Cleo: Means the fathers glory

Whiskers: Means the long hair on your pets face.

Callie: A female ruler

Holly: Holly means exactly what it says

Butterscotch:Very famous type of confectionary which is usually made of brown sugar and butter

Amber:Hard translucent fossilized resin typically yellowish in color

Confetti: Small pieces of colored papers

Mosaic: A picture or pattern produced by arranging small colorful pieces together

Peaches : A round juicy yellow fruit

Mona Lisa: Named after famous painting

Spicy: A substance used to in food to give color and aroma

Autumn: Season after summer and before winter

Lily: Well, this simply implies your cat is bigger, fiercer and even more graceful like the animal tiger.

Rainbow: Made of different colors or mixture of colors

Ember: Nice name to give a cat that is always glowing.

Shady: any dark cat around the house, this should be its name.

Smoky: perfect name to give to a black and white cat.

Phantom: Give this name who likes to go out and about alone.

Rorschach: name originates from a ghost like character.

Hocus Pocus: have a cunning cat around the house, this should be its name.

Pepper:a lovely name that is given to a bubbly cat that is playing all day.

Hershey:this is the interesting name given to a cat that shows affection to its owner.

Godiva: the perfect name given to a cat that is strong as a metal.

Beelzebub: given to a cat which is not loved so much at home.

Morticia: is the name based from a fictional character, undertaker.

white and black cat

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26 thoughts on “51 Black and White Cat Names

  1. AvatarPatricia Ashbrook

    I have a gray and white cat. She is has markings like a tuxedo cat, but is Gray and white instead of being black and white. What can I name her?

    1. AvatarQue

      Hi that’s because your gray and white cat is a tuxedo cat. I have a dark gray and white tuxedo cat I call Didi and and she’s a delightful feline and I luv her to pieces.

  2. AvatarAmelia Garcìa

    I just got this black she-kit with white paws, and I need help with names for her. I’m thinking of calling her Raven or Whitefoot but I’m not entirely sure.

  3. AvatarAlissa

    How about add a name like:
    -Mr Mime
    -Mr Lee
    -Ms. hawkins
    -alot more i could think of but ok

    1. AvatarRaquel

      How about moon which means to me a strong independent women that can be a great at survival and is very brave because I have one cat and 2 dogs my cat was a stray and my cousin sent my two dogs to attack her and she was so still and when my dog Nala tried to bite my cat ,my cat just defended her self .And I was like”holy s**t”s then I was so amazed.Then the next day the cat was so cold that I told my mom that I wanted to keep her for a “while”I she was like since she didn’t move from the window (yes the WINDOW) so me and my brother was fighting about name I was like “Oreo “and he was like no coco so then he said he wanted to see the cat and I was like sure so then we when to check on the cat and she wasn’t there.One month past and then my mom found her(which was today )and she was starving so my mom feed her and gave her water so yeah moon because she is fearless and strong so yeah that’s my story oh and she isn’t scared of dogs (aka my dogs are Nala and ruby ,Nala is a golden retriever and ruby is a fricking German sherperd)so ya I’m proud of moon as a name for my cat(which I might keep!! Forever )peace bye write comments about what your pets name is and the story behind it bye!(btw I going to the vet today to check moon out)bye

  4. Avatarrichard

    I have a tuxedo cat – Best cat ever. She has a first and last name. Her first name is “Khamir”. Her last name is “Kitty”. She hears that more than anything. Come mere kitty ….. It’s true. Cat’s in the past Homer, Bert, Squeaky, Monkey, and one I named with a first and last name “Scratch Roughbite”. My daughter had a kitty with two names. The cat, still alive, is Penny Lane – named after the Beatles song.

  5. AvatarBella

    I named my black an white Persian Tuxie because she is black an white I think she looked like she was wearing a tux so to make it a girl name we added ie to it an boy names for black an white boys are tucker tux or tuxedo

  6. AvatarRosy

    I have a black an white cat she is female an she is beautiful she is named Tuxie because she looks like she is wearing a tux to make it a girl name we added ie another name we came up with is bootsie because she looks like she is wearing four white boot most of her fur is black some boy black names are tux tucker or tuxedo

  7. AvatarDave

    I named my black and white cat Map, because some of her marks look like certain continents on a map. I still think this a really daft name to call a cat and wish I had called her something else instead. But, never mind. She is adorable!!


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