140+ Bold and Beautiful Names for Black Cats

Hey guys, we’ve narrowed down our search for the most popular black cat names from around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: plain AWESOME names for your little bad ass black panther.

Mysterious Black Cat Names

black cat myth

    1. Shadow – Shadows have always been dark and mysterious.
    2. Phantom – Perfect descriptor for a quiet, sneaky feline.
    3. Misty – Mist is an elusive phenomenon that mimics the behaviour of some cats.
    4. Midnight – Nothing is darker or more mysterious than this moment.
    5. Dracula – A notoriously dark and mysterious character.
    6. Casper – Since the film, this name has been associated with the paranormal, thus making it perfect for black cats.
    7. Raven – A traditionally dark creature that doubles as a perfect name for a black cat.
    8. Ophelia – A beautiful name taken from a dark and mysterious play.
    9. Gato – Naming your feline “cat” in another language gives it a very eclectic and mysterious feel.
    10. Ozzy – Who better to name a black cat after than the cryptic Prince of Darkness.
    11. Elvira – She is the Mistress of the Dark and, even if you don’t recognize the name, it is definitely enigmatic.

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Mystic Black Cat Names

black cats history

    1. Pluto – This name represents both the ruler of the underworld and the name of the black cat in the famous Edgar Allan Poe story.
    2. Hades – He is another ruler of the underworld in ancient mythology.
    3. Loki – He is a trickster who shares many characteristics of wily felines.
    4. Sphinx – A mythical creature from a culture who idolized cats.
    5. Voodoo – A practice which has traditionally been viewed as dark and mystical.
    6. Wicca – A name for a black cat that references the mystical women who traditionally kept them.
    7. Nimbus – A Latin term meaning “dark cloud” which beautifully describes black cats.
    8. Tenebris – Literally the Latin term for “darkness”.
    9. Onyx – A beautiful, shiny, black coloured stone.
    10. Fortune – A play on the superstition that black cats are unlucky.
    11. Jinx – This describes what some people may feel about your black cat.

Famous Cat Names

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    1. Grumpy – This is both the name of a famous cat and a potential descriptor or your feline.
    2. Felix – A name inspired by the retro cartoon black cat of the same name.
    3. Monty – The name of one of the most famous cats in the world, who was born a little different.
    4. Cheshire – Taken from the famous story of Alice in Wonderland, your black cat can mimic this cat in darkness.
    5. Mr.
    6. Bigglesworth – The famous right-hand cat of Dr.
    7. Cat Stevens – A pun name taken from the famous singer-songwriter.
    8. Cindy Clawford – Another pun name centralized around the smoky good looks of Cindy Crawford.
    9. Oprah Whisker – A funny take on the name of one of the most famous women in the world.
    10. Chairman Meow – A funny pun on a notoriously famous Chinese dictators name.
    11. Genghis Cat – Another funny pun on another very famous man.


Funny Cat Names

black cat photo
Snowball – A clever play-on-words name for a black cat.

      • Boo – A funny little exclamation associated with the black cat holiday; Halloween.
      • Whispurr – A funny pun name for a quiet cat.
      • Scratchy – Could be descriptive of your cat’s personality, or could be a reference to the black cat from The Simpsons.
      • Catsanova – The perfect joke for a friendly, loving black cat.
      • Catzilla – This is a cute name for a mischievous little black cat.
      • Ninja – A perfect, funny name for a black cat who is agile and nimble.
      • Schrodinger – The name of the man who is famous for his theories which involve cats.
      • Fraidy – A play of the quote “fraidy cat”.
      • Nyan – A throwback to the funny internet sensation that was Nyan Cat.



Cat Names From Movies


    1. Lucifer – The sneaky black cat from the movie Cinderella.
    2. Binx – The name of the notorious black cat who starred in Hocus Pocus.
    3. Coraline – This is a reference to the Tim Burton film “Coraline” where there is a famous black cat without a name.
    4. Selina – The secret identity of the infamous Catwoman.
    5. Hat – A funny play on the Cat in the Hat, who is also never named in the movies or books.
    6. Berlioz – The adorable little black kitten from the Aristocats.
    7. Scat – Again from the Aristocats, this time the name of a jazz playing feline.
    8. DC – An abbreviation of the name “darn cat” from the film That Darn Cat!
    9. General – The name of the mysterious black cat who stars in the Stephen King adaptation; Cat’s Eye.
    10. Salem – The name of the sassy cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
    11. Sylvester – The notorious feline frenemy of Tweety Bird in the Looney Toones.

Boy Names

    1. Shadow– This names gives your cat a sense of stealth and sleekness.
    2. Jett– Named after the very dark gemstone.
    3. Cinder– This fiery name is ideal for feisty cats.
    4. Smokey– You could go with this option that has been used for dark grey or black
      animals for ages.
    5. Mage– Dark cats are often considered magical creatures, just like mages.
    6. Wizard– Another appropriate name with magical connotations.
    7. Black Magic- Give this name to a mysterious, black cat.
    8. Ninja– This stealthy warrior’s name is perfect for dark cats that like to hunt.
    9. Hunter– Or you could try this instead.
    10. Bullet– Ideal for fast cats.
    11. Batman– You could name your cat after the dark-clothed super hero.
    12. Darth Vader– This iconic Star Wars character makes for a great black cat name.
    13. Stallion– A powerful horse makes for a good choice for dark cats that are kind
      of tough.
    14. Orso– You could use the Russian name for bear to describe your cat.
    15. Felix– This famous cartoon cat is also black.
    16. Sylvester– This is another black cartoon cat whose name you could use.
    17. Asher– This is a pun on Ash or Ashy that is a Hebrew man’s name.
    18. Nightmare– For when you want to straight up scare people with your cat.
    19. Menace– This is another great scary name for your cat.
    20. Venom– Like the comic book villain.
    21. Salem– Named after the black cat from the Sabrina the Teenage Witch
      television series.
    22. Blackbeard– After the famous pirate.
    23. Poe– After the author Edgar Allen Poe who sometimes wrote about black cats.
    24. Bagheera– This is the name of the black panther from The Jungle Book.
    25. Elvis– You could choose this singer’s name because of his famously black hair.
    26. Iron– You could give your cat a tough name like this.
    27. Steel– Or you could opt for this equally tough name.
    28. Obsidian– This lovely name refers to a hard, dark substance.
    29. Ace– A very cool name for your dark cat.
    30. Spike– A cool, tough name that you may find even more fitting.
    31. Tuxedo– Perfect for black cats with a bit of white on them.

Girl Names

    1. Batgirl– You could opt for this female super hero as a namesake.
    2. Velvet– We love this beautiful name for black cats.
    3. Rose– Like black roses that are beautiful in their own way.
    4. Bast– Egyptian goddess who liked black cats.
    5. Nefertiti– Egyptian princess whose name is perfect for darker cats.
    6. Mystique– This name means mysterious and is often associated with females.
    7. Olive– Like the black olive.
    8. Sabrina– Named after the television witch.
    9. Opal– This is the name of a dark jewel.
    10. Dixie– This unique girl’s name is great for a special black cat.
    11. Storm– Named after the dark-skinned super hero.
    12. Chelsea– A surpassing number of cat owners name their dark cats with this
    13. Mara– Like a black mare, but with a feminine twist.
    14. Sophia– A lovely name for your lovely cat.
    15. Sable– This name refers to the color black.
    16. Jade– Good for black cats with green eyes.
    17. Nightshade– You could name your cat after the poisonous flower.
    18. Dahlia– After the dark flower.

Unisex Names

  1. Midnight– This dark and mysterious time of night is perfect for darker cats.
  2. Black Panther- Like the animal or the super hero.
  3. Ash– This appropriate name is great for either male or female cats.
  4. Dusty– This is another great unisex name with dark overtones.
  5. Goth– This shortened form of gothic describes something dark and creepy.
  6. Raven– This dark bird is a great namesake.
  7. Crow– Here is another dark bird that makes for a fitting name.
  8. Voodoo– This is another magical name with dark connotations.
  9. Phantom– This is another name for a ghost or spirit.
  10. Spirit– Speaking of spirits, why not go with this ethereal namesake?
  11. Blackberry– This adorable name is sweet like your cat.
  12. Chocolate– Here is another delicious food name.
  13. Coco– Similarly, you can use this chocolatey name.
  14. Oreo– This is a great name for black cats with a bit of white on them.
  15. Cosmo– Space names like this work well or dark cats, since space is mostly
  16. Cosmonaut– Or you could choose something a bit more unique, like this
    Russian version of astronaut.
  17. Eclipse– This name refers to the light of the sun or moon being blocked out.
  18. Vortex– This means a dark hole.
  19. Spider– We like this creature’s name for a black cat, due to the creepy
    qualities it has.
  20. Noir– This is the French word for dark.
  21. Spade– This is a classic tough name that’s fitting for a darker cat.
  22. Inky– A great choice for very dark cats.
  23. Enigma– This name means mysterious.
  24. Expresso– You could name your cat after some dark coffee.
  25. Pepper– Or you could opt for black pepper as a namesake.
  26. Licorice– A sweet candy name is appropriate as well.
  27. Syrup– You might find this name funny, but it is appropriate.
  28. Molasses– Similarly, you could use this food name.
  29. Pudding– Named after delicious black pudding.
  30. Whiskers– This classic cat name is a good fit.
  31. Boots– Great for if your cat has some white feet.
  32. Speckles– Good for cats with a bit of white here and there.
  33. Patches– Also suitable for cats with some white on them.
  34. Ghost– Another spooky name that is fitting for black cats.
  35. Nightfall– This is another great “night” name for your cat.
  36. Ziggy– This unusual name is great for cats that are a bit mysterious.
  37. Satin– For cats that are smooth and shiny.
  38. Silky– Another great fabric name that fits black cats.
  39. Felt– This is a superb choice for soft, dark cats.
  40. Sneakers– A play on words for cats that have white feet, as it describes how
    sneaky dark cats look.
  41. Jinx– Great for black cats, since they are considered lucky or unlucky in
    different cultures.
  42. Hex– Another magic-infused name for your black cat.
  43. Blot– Like an ink blot.
  44. Puma– These can be very dark cats, just like yours.
  45. Omen– This magical name is an ominous one for your cat.
  46. Dragon– If you want to strike terror in visitor’s hearts, just tell them you chose
    this name.
  47. Lucky– The black cat is considered good luck in some cultures.
  48. Thunder– This strong name is perfect for dark cats.
  49. Emerald– Great for black cats with green eyes.
  50. Zero– A cool name for black felines.
  51. Ebony– This name actually means black.
  52. Arthur– This one means as strong as a rock, follower of Thor and noble.

Those were our choices, and we hope one of them stood out to you as you try to
find the right name for your black cat.


9 thoughts on “140+ Bold and Beautiful Names for Black Cats

  1. AvatarAnn

    How could you forget Bagheera? He was the black panther from “The Jungle Books.” I always thought it was a great name for a big black cat.

  2. AvatarBobbi Ellis

    My female black kitten will be named Beauty from the British 70s TV serie s The Adventures of Black Beauty , it’s about a black Racehorse who gets abused by several people, but it’s a happy ending as he remembers his owners voice when th man recognises Black Beauty’s neighing.

  3. AvatarMitchell Gold

    I had a very cool black cat I named Sam Cooke.

    I am picking up my new black Siberian kitten next week at 16 weeks. His name is Apollo Creed.


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