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Did you know that your kitty sleeps around 16 hours every day on an average? Whether they are taking a quick nap or they are down for a long haul – cats love warm and comfortable places. This is especially why your cat loves sleeping on sofas and your favorite furniture. But as they, there is no place like home, and in this case, there truly isn’t a better place to sleep for a cat than on its own bed. Keeping this in mind, we have reviewed a great product that we find relevant and useful for all cat owners. Here is our take on it:

The Cozy Egg Tart Cat Bed Review

We had positive reactions from the moment we saw the bed. It is wide and spacious, big enough for most cats. A closer inspection will reveal a durable exterior with a removable plush mat on the inside. Considering how picky and hygienic cats are, it is also important to find something that is easily washable, right? The plush mat inside the cozy egg tart can be machine washed once a week or so to keep it fresh and clean.

Coming to the design, it is as clean as it gets. The whole texture and the yellow mat perfectly mimic the looks of an egg. The bed will surely suit most living rooms, and in certain cases, may also complement the surroundings. Our white coated cat, Lizzie, loved every bit of her experience on the bed and looked gorgeous while she was napping on it.

Made out of high-quality plush cotton and ABS plastic materials, this cat bed is both environmentally friendly and safe for your cat. Even if your kitty suffers from allergies, there should be no problems with this product. Did you know that cats are bound to pick places that are aesthetically pleasing to view? The Cozy Egg Tart Cat Bed has been carved out taking recent scientific discoveries into consideration as well – and is the perfect fit for every home.

Measuring only 45(D) X 20(H) centimeters in terms of dimensions, this cat bed will fit into all kinds of modest spaces that cats ever so love – without compromising on comfort. What¡¯s more? It weighs only about a kilogram in weight, so it’s super easy to for you to move it from one place to another.


If you¡¯re looking for a cat bed that has a great design and comes with an easy to clean mechanism, then the Egg Tart Cat Bed is your best bet. What¡¯s more? It offers the best in class comfort levels. So you can rest assured that your kitty is bound to get good rest every time he or she uses it. Choose the Cozy Egg Tart Cat Bed today – this is a must-have accessory for your feline. It ships to most countries of the world at a nominal rate of $15 and makes for a great buy.


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