All About Tuxedo Cats

Black and white is always associated with black tie events and regal dinners with gents in suits and ladies in ball gowns. What is a tuxedo cat? It doesn’t take a lot of thought to see why they’re called tuxedo cats. Named after men’s formal attire, tuxedo cat characteristics are quite unique. These cats have a solid black coat with white fur patches all around their throat, chest, paws and belly areas. Markings can also include a black mustache, which makes this gorgeous feline even more irresistibleת but the rarest of all and the most handsome one is the tuxedo kitty “wearing” a bow tie. Referred to as “black ties”, these charming felines are believed to be lucky charms, especially in terms of wealth and good fortune.

Why are Black and White Cats Special?

Tuxedo cat outdoor

Because of their good nature, they do well with other pets at home, even with cats’ rather common foes, better known as canines! Oddly enough most tuxedo cats are almost dog-like, with their friendly nature, love for cuddling and the way they follow their humans around the house quite happily. A tuxedo cat that lives indoors can live up to 15 years but a tux’ living outdoors will only make it to about five.

It is important to remember that tuxedo cats aren’t a breed in their own right, but rather categorized by their bi-color markings. A tuxie’ is generally nicer than other cats; they are smart, friendly, affectionate and more vocal. They also seem to love their owners more compared to other felines. Of course, we know coloring has absolutely nothing to do with the personality traits of a cat. But when it comes down to the breed’s characteristics, it seems the black and white cat has a friendlier nature.

Famous Tuxedo Cats

dr. seuss cat

Some of the most famous tuxedo cats in history are of course Sylvester the Cat, from Looney Tunes’ Tweety and Sylvester’, Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat and Felix the Cat (from the 1920s). In T. S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, tuxedo cats are referred to by the writer as Jellicles, a name still used today. Other famous tuxedos include Mr. Mistoffeles, the cat from the musical “Cats”, Bill Clinton’s cat Socks and Simon, a chubby tuxedo cat who was awarded a medal in WWII for protecting the soldiers’ limited food supplies aboard their warship in the middle of the ocean.

Personality and Temperament

According to owners and tuxedo cat lovers, these felines have an easy going temperament and are happy, relaxed and quite dog-like in terms of their personality traits. Tuxedo kittens are born wearing their formal attire, looking as handsome as can be and even as kittens they are particularly friendly, easy going and more laid back.

Owned By a Tuxedo cat? Here Are a 17+ Facts That You’ll LOVE

tuxedo kitten

Tuxedo cats are way more intelligent than regular cats, like 200% smarter.

Tuxedo cats owned Beethoven, Sir Isaac Newton and Shakespeare (which may attest to their intelligence).

Tuxies’ become invisible on the vernal or diurnal equinox, making them magical.

Tuxedos are the best swimmers of all felines, but heaven help the human who tries to get them into water.

Tuxies’ bring you luck. Apparently, a lot of lotto winners are owned by these dapper felines.

The tuxedo cat is far more vocal than their counterparts and a lot more active too.

They love to cuddle.

Stan the tuxedo cat made headlines in 2012 during municipal elections. He was the mayoral candidate from Halifax, Canada, representing the Tuxedo Party’.

President Clinton owned a tuxedo cat called Socks.

Tuxedo cats are the only felines allowed in at performances of the metropolitan area because they’re always in black tie.

More than 70% of all the cats seen in Egyptian royal tombs are tuxedo cats.

Talk about lucky! A tuxedo named Sparky inherited over $6 million in 1998.

Roderick, a tuxedo, is the only cat to climb Mt. Everest.

Tuxedo kittens will open their eyes 24 hours before a regular cat.

The mustached tuxedo is infamously called the “kitler”, while another variation, with white around the chin and nose, is called the masked tuxedo’.

Their lifespan is 10-15 years

Other fun names for tuxedos include Charlie Chaplin, Panda, Peppy le Pew, Tuxxy, Domino, Oreo, Felix, Sylvester, and Boots. Tuxedo cats are outstanding and they will always have a friendly character.


Meet Loulou, Our Favorite Tuxedo cat: Credit to Living With Loulou

Tuxedos are without a doubt completely distinct from other black and white cat types. How rare are tuxedo cats? Well, they are pretty hard to find so if you haven’t come across Tuxedo cats and you find one, savour the moment!

78 thoughts on “All About Tuxedo Cats

  1. Dan

    Is there any proof for the fact that tuxedo cats are 200% smarter? I believe as my tuxedo cat seems much more alert and intelligent than the none tuxedo cats i have met, but I was just wondering if there has been any research?

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Dan,

      We interviewed and tested over 505 Tuxedo cats. They all proved to be suPurrr intelligent and

      1. Mike Awalt

        I have a tuxedo cat named Jazz he is amazing. He was a stray I took in and he became my best friend. He followed me around the house while I was hurt and followed me everywhere including the bathroom. He saw me use the toilet. And he just started using it himself one day. It was amazing. He is always with me when I am home and always greats me when I come home. Mind you he can come and go as he pleases but always comes home when he hears my truck pull up

  2. Johnny

    Hi my name is johnny waddell and I have a black tuxedo cat with a white spot on his nose and I got him from upstate ny lollipop farm and he’s five his name is Prince I was wondering can tuxedo cats get along with a different kind of cat

    1. Sarah

      I have a tuxedo cat. Oreo. He gets along with my other cats very well. He was best friends with my dog, Sugar, before she passed. He is best friend of my dog Peetie. When another dog is near my front yard, Oreo will walk over to make friends. This scares me sometimes. Usually the dog doesn’t know what to make of this and takes off.

  3. Douglas Carlsen

    We have a tuxedo cat Her name is maxey She an outside cat we inherited after our elderly neighbor died She has a love affair with our schnauzer clyde for over 5yrs now She walks like a dog and is the sweetest smartes cat ever Will have nothing to do with the other male cats in the area only our clyde The highlight o each of there days is to take walks together to cuddle snuggle and of coarse clyde trys with know protest to make love to maxey everyday Just the craisest love affair weve ever seen The question is she from the best we can figure she is well over 20yrs old She still looks and acts like a young cat Is it possible for her to be this old and be so healthy happy and in love ?
    Maxey and clyde for ever

  4. Tammy Sal

    I have a Tuxedo cat named Sylvester and he is incredibly smart and sweet! He was a stray who found me one day while I was at work. Unlike other strays, he marched right up to me and laid on my feet. It was love at first sight and I took him home. True to your article, he follows me around the house and comes running when I call his name. He gets along quite well with other animals and holds his own with my six month old Rottie, Brody. He also spends his days nurturing our newest stray, Maisy.. He exercises extreme patience, however he always has the upper hand. The one thing that everyone comments on in regard to my handsome tc, Sylvester, is how incredibly soft his fur is. Honestly, he is as soft and silky as a bunny😊 Best cat I have ever had

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Tammy, Sylvester sounds like a magnificent cat indeed. We would love to see some photos.

      Thank you for sharing

    2. Ferrah

      COOL, we have a cat named Katness she is a hot butt you no right so we have a dog named Pluto he is black and white on his tummy he is cute so cute they both are cute

    3. Devlan

      Tammy Sal & Doug! My baby is 15 with ATE (heart disease/kitty strokes). Very common in males, it’s hard to cope. 2 strokes so far. Get your tc’s regular exams; n hindsight I regret only going to the vet when he was sick. Doug, my boy looks like a way younger cat than 15 and acted like one before his strokes; that said, if you met him and didn’t know he’s had two strokes, you’d never notice. He’s still very politely demanding (you know how they are, so determined, but with class). Tuxies are strong and their will to eat is possibly stronger than their will to live, meaning, he’s a foodie. Lunch gut. Not too bad (he hides it in all the right places). My cat looks about 7-8, and acts it, but he’s technically geriatric. So yes, it’s possible. Tammy Sal – my baby boy had me in the same way! The rescue clinic – who hid him for weeks after he was supposed to be euthanized, hand-delivered him to a “safe house,” my begrudged friend who couldn’t keep him but agreed to for a limited time. Charming kitty, unknowingly escapes death by awesome demeanor! I was there when he arrived, and the little guy, with dog in room, jumped on the sectional couch, casually walked my way, across 2 love seats and a couch, bogarted my lap and fell asleep purring. I went back home to D.C. the next day with my new copilot. He meowed twice in 10 hours, appropriately as we got on the beltway, which makes anyone “meow” of sheer traffic. He is such a ham without trying!

      One of my favorite stories is a time I had a cable repair guy out. After ~20 minutes, he said, “I’m just wondering, is there a reason your cat is staring at me?” I told him that my cat wanted him to pet him. He thought it was so odd. So he pet him & my cat was content. He told me he doesn’t really take to cats, but that my cat forced his hand. Guy was was smiling and chuckling, he was had by the majestic tuxedo cat. It’s awesome to see someone get that affected by your cat’s love. They win the hearts of everyone. They’re marvelous, aren’t they?

  5. Chelsea

    The lifespan of tuxedo cats has been a understatement for myou family. My father had a tuxedo named Monster cat, who lived to be 26 and a half years old. He was a very big tuxedo that was an outdoor cat, but when my dad took him in he became only a indoor cat. Monster was a great and very smart tuxedo. After he passed away, we got my cat Maestro. He is currently 18 years old and he will turns 19 on 9/11 this year. He is super cuddly and is too smart for his own good lol. So with my tank of a cat, I expect he will live just as long or longer than my dad’s cat. Always have and always will love tuxedo cats more than any other breed. Best cats I have ever had :).

  6. Trudi Quick

    My family was just adopted by a 2? year old female tuxedo outdoor cat. We have brought her into our home to be an inside cat. She seems happy but at times acts as if she wants outdoors.
    I just have to ask if she can be happy living indoors for the rest of her life. Do you think she can go RVing with us and walk on a leash.
    She is the most talkative cat I’ve ever been owned by and does walk by our side through out the house.

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Trudi,

      You’re so lucky to have been chosen by a tuxedo cat! I’m sure you’ll give her a lot of love and care. I wouldn’t worry about her going outside. Try walking her on a leash and see how it goes. Even if she’ll go outside it looks like she can take care of herself having been an outdoor cat before.
      Keep us updated 🙂

    2. Alice

      We have taken our tuxedo Sweetiepea and our Bombay POOKIE RVING. They love it. New sights and sounds and squirrels and birds delight them. Go for it!!

  7. Amie

    I have a tuxie named Aries. He’s super smart. He fetches, comes when he is called, knows what “no” means and he will sit when i tell him too if he wants his wet-nom treats. My furbaby boy is gonna be 5 this year and he STILL acts like a kitten! He sleeps with me every night and a bed hog. I got him when he was four months old and we bonded instantly. I love him so much, so blessed to have this kitty in my life.

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      That’s so awesome Amie! We all know that Tuxedo cats are super smart. Aries is so lucky to have found you 🙂 Thank you for Sharing!

  8. Angie W

    Hi. I just adopted a 5 yr old Tuxedo male named Yum Yum! He jumped of the carrier and flopped down on the carpet like he was HOME.! He’s more dog than cat and possesses all the great stuff they say about Tuxies🐾 Yes his belly needs to be reduced but we’ll take it one day at a time. I’ve had tons of cats in my years but never such a dear as he is. A lovey!

  9. Rudder

    I never had a pet and knew nothing about cats in general. Darla found us through a shelter. Last year we brought her home at the age of 6 months. She loves chasing and retreiving our daughtet’s pony tail holders that we fling up and down our stair cases. She also jumps in the bathtub ( filled with water) and hangs out for 5 to 7 minutes. She follows us all around the house and loves to cuddle in bed and on the couch. She rarely meows alough sometimes makes a dove like sound in the morning. Curious if her lack of vocals should be a concern. ?

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Rudder,
      Nothing to worry about 🙂 All and all it sounds like Dafna is a purrfect family member. Cats make a dove like sound usually when they are looking from the window and often there is a bird in sight. It is an old hunting instinct.
      Thanks for sharing!

  10. Aimie Ferrante

    My tuxedo is so sweet, and very playful! But for some reason he hates to be cuddled! We will try yo hold himca and kiss him, he will allow it for 2 mins and then jump off! I hate this! I just want to cuddle my boy! Any suggestions?

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Aimie,

      Tuxedo are indeed among the most friendly “cat breeds” out there. But keep in mind that cats have over 760,000,000 neurons!! that is why they can get overly stimulated when we pet and cuddle them.
      But Hey 2 mins of cuddling is long time for an average cat 🙂

  11. Rick

    Our tuxedo cat is Minute Mouse, or just Mouse. Extremely vocal, but in trials, meows at supper. He fetches like mad, hair bands his favorite which he digs out of a wicker basket on top of the toilet tank, little paper balls are next. Indeed his fur is shed free, his nickname is Mink, beautiful soft glossy fur. We initially chose one kitten from the litter at two weeks old and took a picture, an identifying black spot on the rear leg. As it turns out we brought home a different kitten, black half nose gave it away. We’re so glad for the mistake, incredibly smart, sleeps on his back paws outstretched, he’s a maniac at times, but we love him dearly, he is one year old as of last week

  12. Lorna

    I found my tuxedo cat, Molly, at the humane society. She was nine months old and it was love at first sight for me. She doesn’t meow, instead she chirps. Follows me around like a dog, greets me at the door when I come home. If I or anyone else coughs or sneezes she goes right up to that persons face chirping to see if they are okay. So intelligent. I rescued two kittens that day and she was/is so much more intelligent than the other cat(who I also loved dearly until the day she died). But she is horrendous while at the vet and they have to sedate her to do anything. I hate that! Of all the animals I’ve ever had, cat or dog, Molly is the most special one. When I lose her someday, then I will have to be sedated! Tuxedo cats rule!

    1. Cowboy Ken

      I’ve just read the article concerning cats eating on their owners if they pass away!!! It seems they normally go for the soft parts of a persons face first. your part about your cat coming over to someone’s face right away after a sneeze made me think that maybe he/she was checking for the potential next meal? (Sorry, I had to!) 🤧😻or😼?

  13. JoAnn Rose

    I fond my Charlie Tuxedo cat when I was taking my Schnauzer Macy to the vet and it turned out that she was not able to get better. I was sitting in the waiting room when Charlie appeared in a vacant exam room. He just stood and looked out into the room and I felt a connection. He darted off to look for his supper, most likely. Six weeks later I was delivering towels and throws to be used in the vets boarding of animals. The picture of a cat needing to find a home (owner had passed away) It was Charlie. I asked to see Charlie and he was in the Vets office sleeping in the window, sunning, I wanted to take him home, but due to an already trip planned I will get him when I return. I am so hoping we have a good journey ahead.

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Charlie sounds like a PURRFECT match for you! We’re sure everything is going to work out for you guys 🙂

  14. Jennifer

    Our tux Francis who we call Frank for short also found us under strange circumstances…He stumbled out of the woods malnourished, dehydrated, full of fleas, and couldn’t have been 5 weeks old. My daughters ex-boyfriends dad who hates cats was on lunch break & shared some sloppy joe & water with this sad sight. This little tux perked up and stuck around so the cat hating ex-boyfriends dad brought him home and told his family to find A home for him. My daughter begged us to take him. I finally said “fine bring him here and we’ll see how it goes”. We already had two jack Russells and a crabby little cat that looked at us like she was going to kill us in our sleep. A few days later here comes this scrawny black and white flea bag. Not knowing how he would steal our hearts and the hearts of anyone that spends any amount of time at our home we kept him because he was so mellow and easy going with our small children. I could go on and on about Franks unusual personality but it only mirrors the above stories. We know our Frank is special but thanks to this site we also know he belongs to a very special group of fabulous tuxedo cats from all over the world! You would have to own a tux to believe it!

  15. Blake

    Just before Christmas last year I went to adopt a cat from a local shelter. As I was walking around the cages I saw a tiny kitten sitting upright staring at me. She kept staring at me as I walked back and forth. I knew right then that this was the kitten I was bringing home so I walked up to get a closer look and she kept staring straight at me. Then she promptly started chewing on my finger. I saw she was a little tuxedo with asymmetrical markings on her face. She was just fearless! A few hours later she was in her new forever home and named Audrey Jr after the plant from the 1960’s Little Shop of Horrors movie due to her getting into my finger when I cut it then started meowing for food. She is smart, friendly, absolutely fearless, plays fetch, has become friends with the neighbors cat and is growing into the sweetest cat.

    I completely agree with all of your statements about tuxedo cats!

  16. Gloria

    Mogli adopted us 16 years ago. My 10 year old son at the time, found him in our garage. When we finally got him into the house I picked him up and immediately he melted in my hands! My guess is that he was probably 6 months old. He is VERY dog like! He comes when I call, he follows me where ever I go. He is constantly at my side, lap, chest… He is very vocal and I can understand what he wants just like Lassie, he would call me and if I follow him he shows me what he wants. Water dish, food dish, to go outside or to check his litter box. I have never loved an animal as much I have fallen for this adorable sweet cat. Unconditional love is exactly what he is. I hope we have a few more years with him, he has been a very healthy cat. He goes outside, but when he has had enough, he lets me know when he is ready to come in by coming up on the deck and sit at the patio door until I see him or he will stand up in one of the windows looking into see if he can find me. Mogli is and always will be the best pet that has ever owned me! It is so true what is said about Tuxedo cats!

  17. Carrie

    I found my tuxedo cat, “Tux”, living in the woods by my office. He was so tiny, I guessed he was about 4 months old. It was difficult to catch him because he was absolutely terrified of being touched. But once he let us touch him, he wanted to be scratched and rubbed non-stop. The vet determined that he was a year old. He’s been with us for almost 2 years now and is no longer small! He and our bulldog are best buddies, and Tux tries awful hard to befriend our other male cat. Unfortunately the other cat is not going to let that friendship blossom. Tux is affectionate and loving, smart and friendly, just as you described. This beautiful cat spreads happiness to all of those around him (excluding my other cat who is not happy about sharing his people).

  18. Nikki

    I got my tuxie, Thyme, from a friend. One of her cats had kittens and she was looking for home for them, and allowed me first pick of them. Thyme’s siblings were not tuxedos like her, but rather a tortoise shell calico, and a ginger tabby. I love all cats, but I ended up picking Thyme simply because tuxedos hold a special place in my heart. I had two other tuxies before Thyme; Sasha Kitty, and Shadow. She isn’t really that vocal unless she wants to be near me and can’t find me, though her meow sounds more like a bird chirp. She’s quite the little huntress, stalking spiders in the house and bird watching. I’m just glad she doesn’t try to attack our pet birds, like our other cat Loki does.

  19. Cowboy Ken

    My Tuxedo Cat is Baxter. He is, for the most part all that has been described only better, simply because he is Baxter. While undergoing the fun of creating my x-wife, I moved into the guest room of the house. Prior to me living in there, no cats were allowed access to this room. My ex is a rvt and handled the adoptable cats at the clinic she worked at. When you are spending so much time with these little ones, you learn the idividual personalities of them. Needless to say we were owned by 5,(five) male neutered cats, and one, warm Doberman female. We lived out in the country with no nieghbors, but plenty of coyotes. The cats were all indoor/outdoor cats locked up in the house from dusk to dawn.
    The first night I moved into the guest room, Baxter started scratching at/on the door wanting in. I figured, why not? He came in and claimed the bed as his. From that point on, as I would be locking up and turning off the lights for the night, he would be at the door gazing at the doorknob, waiting for me to open up the bedroom.
    Since then, Baxter and I have moved into town. I was worried because his entire life was spent in the country. It’s a nice little neighborhood, but I won’t be letting him out. My gfriend and I have a nice covered patio that is enclosed I use for an outdoor cat area. I’ll put bird seed out there for the rodent type birds we have here to help the cats “wild-side”. And my Doberman was raised by the cats and sees them as more than her equal. 😺

  20. Mark

    My tuxedo cat is the complete opposite to what you explained except from they like the owner more than other felines and such, my cat hides from my other cat and dog who don’t try and harm each other at all they sleep in the same bed together and everything but my tuxedo cat usually hides until I go to bed then wont stop purring and drooling all over me lol

  21. Patti

    Hi my tuxedo cat is 3 years old he is smart he opens my cup board doors open my oven door witch scares me and I have to hide his food in a container because he opens the bag up he even opens the bedroom door by jumping at it and we have other cats to but he catches all the mice that comes in the but he plays with it first and we take it away from him he plays with my daughters chiwaw when he comes over we laughed at them he doesn’t like to be cuddle when I do my dishes he plays with the bubbles .

  22. Pinkie

    Hey umm I had a litter of tuxedo kittens and I gave away tree and there was litter of four but one of the three escaped and came back to my house she still was a kitten and my other cat that was from the litter hated her like she hissed and tried to scratch her. Umm, u said that tuxedos get along why didn’t my cat along with her sister? Plz tell me Also my cat had hissed at some strangers at the door that was just fixing my house umm is she suppose to be over protective? And it’s weird that my cat didn’t hiss at my aunt is it bc she knows that she part family or something plz help me.

  23. Pinkie

    Hey I had a litter of four tuxedos. I kept one named Nina. I took the rest of the three but one of them ran away she calmed back but Nina hissed at her and scratched her paw which now is bleeding. Isn’t she suppose to be friendly i mean they are siblings! Plus today Nina hissed at some workers fixing my house but yesterday my aunt came over and she only purred at my aunt. What’s going on? And why does my cat play chess every time I try to get my mom to play with me and the board is settled up. She already took my queen!

  24. Jay

    Hey there! It says that for a cat to be considered a tuxedo cat it has to have a ” black mask” over it’s eyes and head. My cat has white face and overall a black back and white underbelly and paws, does she count as a tuxedo cat?

    1. Diane Ellis-Mcrobertsof

      Hubby and I call our Tuxedo Car Grumpy Cat, Raven doesn’t get along with any of our other 7 cats, all rescued cats. She’s grumpy! And that’s what we call her…Grumpy Cat…Raven is her name. Help!

  25. Valentine

    There have bee several tuxedo kitties in my neighborhood over the years. But alas, I wasn’t able to meet them ’cause I’m an indoor kitty. Mom used to pet the neighbor’s fluffy “Sylvester.” My sweet “online” lady cat furr-iends Loulou and Erin the Cat Princes are beautiful tuxies and are super smart.

  26. Deziz World

    Well, we luv our dear furiend LouLou and came to see her feature. But, this article is anythin’ but factual. Statin’ a couple of facts doesn’t make an entire article factual. Unfurtunately some uneducated/unknowin’ peeps are likely to actually believe some of this and that’s just one of the many ways cats end up with a bad name. Inevitably someone will come across a tuxie that doesn’t match your facts, and the outrage will ensue. Hopefully they won’t return said kitty to the shelter.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Dezi and Raena! We’re so glad you came to visit us 🙂 We love Loulou too, she’s a real tuxie princess

  27. Magdalena Kimmel

    We adopted our beautiful tuxedo cat, Stella, from our local pet shelter in November 2016. She is the sweetest little girl you could ever imagine. She is very vocal and extremely affectionate. She loves to come upstairs and sleep in the bed with us. We could not imagine life without out “baby girl”.

  28. Kaye Williams

    My tuxedo cat is Tommy and he is 21 years old. He is very vocal and loving.

    He is still full of energy and his fur is still beautiful. He does have a hyper thyroid condition that makes
    him hungry all the time.

  29. Mireille Fernandez

    my name is Mireille I’m so exited reading all the comments… Now my question is regarding my baby tuxedo cat hes the cutest, the poor thing was walking around my neighborhood with his mother but she was in so much stress and he was so under-weight that I decided to rescue him.
    He’s so adorable not to mention he acts like a little man. Sweet, very clean, super structure that for me it’s very easy to take care of him, and true he follows me like a puppy! He knows when I’m in the room is food and play time super funny. He is so particular it amazes me.
    My only problem is a have 3 dogs, 1 Pomeranian and 2 rescue rat terrier, the Pom is super cool with kitten Jordy but the rat – terriers are not happy and since Jordy is very friendly way two much, also very small I’m keeping them separate. Can you give me some suggestion? Jordy is about 8 weeks 2 pounds in good health but my dogs are 16 and 22 pounds I’m just worry. Please help!

  30. Jozzy

    My tuxedo cat is about 5 years old and also A female!!!……she is a little grumpy at times…and really does not like to cuddle,Mostly because we all Smuther her to death…..But most of the time she is loving and fluffy……..when she wakes up she is so warm and make a yawn…..but instead a meow comes out of her mouth…… She sometimes plays with us….and we all thought that black cats give you BAD luck but I guess not!!!…..They give you good luck.😀😁😂

  31. Barbara

    Hi!! I have a female tuxedo… smart but not very affectionate at all!! On her terms only…she is 3. Playful when the mood hits her. Not friendly with other cats… as I had one and she spit at him… I guess your theory is lost.

  32. Ollie

    I want to get a tuxedo cat and I have been saving up and I was wondering if it was better to keep it inside to giving it a longer lifespan or is better to be an outside cat with a shorter lifespan

    1. Diane Ellis-Mcrobertsof

      Cats are always xafer indoors!
      My husband and I have 7 rescued cats. Tbe youngest is a Tuxedo. Her name is Raven. She is both affectionate and grumpy! She hisses a d yowls at the otbers. She’s tbe youngest, age unknown, since she showed up in our front yard alone.
      High traffic congestion here near DC, so we keep them inside. Their “outside” is two large screened porches. Plenty of room outside on the porches, and in our three level large home. Lots of towers and places to hide and play.

      1. Diane Ellis-Mcrobertsof

        She was a tiny unhealtny, hungty kitten when she showed up. Bench and Field holistic dry cat food made her skin heal and her coat is healthy and clear and shiny.

  33. Rebeccca

    My tuxie boy is very vocal, very active, and very doglike. I’d say he’s smart judging by the amount of trouble he gets into funding his way into cabinets and onto high shelves w no access. I call him the parkour cat. But sweet? Good w other cats? Loves cuddling? Not my boy! He won’t allow any petting unless he’s nearly asleep, he’s constantly bullying my tiny tortie girl, and he bites and claws me so often, I always have the proof on my hands, forearms and feet. Heaven help me, when will this dude settle down??? He’s about a year old and neutered.

  34. Deloris Brown

    Live my tuxedo cat since I first saw her. Her name is Longworth as I thought at first she was male but name stuck. She has the extra claw looks like she has little mittens. I believe she does have feral in her as she only loves my husband and me and will bite others and tease them then growl.

  35. Dave Mitchell

    My Tuxedo is called Oscar, he is coming up to 13 yrs old. He chose me as a kitten from the cat shelter. I totally adore him and he is so loyal to me. Oscar always puts a smile on my face and heart when I see him. He has his cranky side when you give him too much affection. However, he loves to sit on my shoulders and or lap – it’s always on his terms. I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is definitely smart. He tolerates my two Australian mists and the dog.
    He is definitely the favourite cat around where I live. The neighbours all know and love him.

  36. Deborah

    We just got two kittens and one is a tuxedo cat named Mr. M. He is so much friendlier than the all black one. As soon as you touch him he purrs. He cuddles under the covers and follows us around the house. I’m training him to be a therapy cat, so he has a harness and leash and he goes to stores and on walks. Best cat ever!!!!

  37. Mattie

    I have a 14 yr old Tuxie known properly as Deacon Rufus . I thought he looked like a preacher man. He adopted me when he was 3 mos old. He could not leave the shelter so when I went to visit the shelter one day, he said I want her and we have been pals ever since. The way he let them know I was chosen was to stick his polydactile paw through the kennel and called my name. I have been at his beck and call ever since.
    He understands several words–come, eat, bedtime, out, and lie down. His walking harness has kept me and him walking our neighborhood together and everyone knows who Rufus is. How will I ever have a life after he is gone.

  38. Chris

    Moustache is gonna be 7 in a few days, we are both libra maybe this is why we get along so well. I totally recognise him from the description made of tux cats. He’s super laid back and affectionate. And sometimes I feel he is smarter than me. For sure he is smarter than a lot of people I came across. He is also the first cat I know that doesn’t scratch or bite anyone. He likes to cuddle me with his paws and even touching my face, my eyelids and I know I can trust him 100%. Even playing with a laser, he’d stop as soon as the laser touches a person. Also a bit doglike, he comes and greets me every time I’m back home and needs a kiss to say hello properly. If I forget the kiss, he’d always remind me “hey papa! Where’s my kiss?” I didn’t think it was possible for 2 different species to have such a strong friendship until Moustache. 🙂

  39. andre duclos

    My partner Speagle traveled with me in a Semi-truck and he has almost a million miles to his credit. He would protect the truck while I was gone. A special incident comes to mind when I was crossing from Canada into the US. The border guard insisted that he search the truck. I warned him about the cat, but he thought it was a good idea to search anyway. The cat meet him at the door and about took the border guards arm off. I thought the guard will hurt my companion, but he just laugh at the cat and told me i was good to go. Speagle got tuna that night for dinner for being so brave. Talk about a cuddler as well. I am always waking up to him snuggling up next to me in the morning. Even the wife is jealous of him.

  40. Tracy Sherrer

    I’ve had 2 tuxies now that have both gotten sick and passed away. One we aren’t sure what was the cause, the other – and most heartbreakingly recent – we think may have had a heart problem. Granted, she was the runt, and that may have contributed to it. But I thot I heard somewhere that tuxedos were prone to heart problems? All I know is I’m reluctant to adopt another if I’m going to lose the kitty, especially since the 2 that died were only 3 and 4. 🙁

  41. Melinda Travis

    I have a tuxedo mix , she is a female and she absolutely has a personality like a dog since I got her I would honestly say all the time she is like a dog , she is crazy smart !!!! She loves loves belly rubs !!! And she is very protective of my son she cuddles him all night long and when he is gone she misses him so much she can’t stay long without him or she will get very upset !! I have always wondered what type of breed she was and just been looking up things and this is sooo very her !!!

  42. Kristina

    This is absolutely true! Gratitude on the article. Our cat Lexi waits for the boys to get off the bus and acts just like a dog. As well as takes walks. She’s so kind to children. She’s quite possessive when it comes to other animals and in our dog filled neighborhood they dare not walk by our house. She growls and can sense all animals. We live in the country so i find maybe that is why and we didn’t get her spayed until she was closer to 3 so she still goes outside every day and even uses the bathroom outside. Even any spiritual ritual since the day i got Lexi she participates. How does she know? This article explained a lot. As a cat lover… tuxedos are irreplaceable and def soul mates. Enjoy the time you have!

  43. Mary Kusnierz

    I am sad!!! We adopted a tux, Ritsy, short for (Return It To Sender) my husband named her. We love her to death but she is skiddish, fights to get out of your hug, does not like to be picked up, is not a lap cat & best up my other cat that was 13 years old. Reading all of your stories only reconfirms my thoughts of her being abused when she was little. She was 1 1/2 years old when we got her from the adoption kennel just for cats. We’ve had her a year now & she will sleep with us, mostly at the foot of the bed & we can hold her for about a minute but then meows & starts to freak out. I hope eventually she will come around & be as loving as what I’ve read about everyone else’s tuxedos.

  44. Maleah

    I have two cats that look like tuxedos but me don’t know we know they learned to open doors all by themselves and he has a mustache

  45. Pheline

    My experience with 2 Torties and a female Ragdoll vs 3 male cats: an orange tabby, an orange tabby putting on airs (red point Siamese) and a Tuxedo suggests that my male cats are more well rounded and welcoming to all genders than females. My Ragdoll adores my partner even though she was mine alone for 5 years before he moved in-

    Raleigh, my tuxedo, was famous for his outgoing personality, desire to meet people and willingness to explore. He was never going to be an indoor only cat, going so far as to refuse to use a litter box, no matter what we put in it. Stool samples were difficult- he was locked in a bathroom with several litter boxes with no result. After a number of days I let him out, prepared to follow. He went to an area with large crushed limestone chunks – 1″-2′”, dug down 6″, deposited his sample, replaced the chunks and rejoined the world he’d been kept away from.

    At times his world included a fast, early breakfast followed by a run out the door and down the alley. Eventually we learned he was getting 2nd breakfast with a neighbor… and probably 3rd and 4th and… when he could get it. One summer he stayed with a friend who took out a window pane, apparently so Raleigh could invite friends in to his small apartment. Cat friends. Male cats I’ve known never show anything but curiosity about other cats so he was perfectly welcoming to the 2nd tortoiseshell in my life.

    He was an excellent cat, with an excellent name, loved by many since I was an undergrad and then recent grad so he had the joy of 3 housesholds of housemates.

  46. Anton

    I have a tuxedo cat named Mittens. He is 16 years old and has trouble jumping onto me bed. I think he has arthritis.

    About two years ago my wife and myself split and she took him to live about 15 kilometers from our original home.
    I still live here. My ex wife informed me Mittens had disappeared from her house . After a few weeks we assumed he was dead.
    Six weeks later I went into my kitchen to make my morning coffee and was greeted by Mittens who had walked back to my house and used the cat flap to let himself inn. He was rather skinny and thirsty but recovered quickly!
    I advised my ex wife of his arrival. We are both amazed as he was put in a cardboard box while moving and couldn’t have known his new location or where my house is in relation.

    I love Mittens so much and hes the best cat I have ever had.


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