TEDDY FOOD – A Way to Bring Joy to Homeless Animals

Here in All About Cats we are in constant search for cat-friendly trends. This time we wanted to feature an innovative new online project called TEDDY FOOD. So We had a chat with Pavel, the founder of TEDDY FOOD , to learn more about this awesome new project, that will surely make headlines in the near future.

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

My name is Pavel. I’m 25. I studied mathematics and I am a system programmer in the University.

Even though I acquired this profession with much effort, I realized that it was unsuitable for me.

But thanks to my programming education, my wife and I came up with a simple way to help homeless animals.

We needed job that could support us, so I got a job in marketing. Yes, I always had a tendency to prefer human relations 🙂

During my marketing position we have been working on the TEDDY FOOD project every day. The project is more than a year old and has already helped 259 pets!

We believe that this is only the beginning of the project’s way.

Q2: Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind TEDDY FOOD?

One day we (my wife and I, together with our dog Teddy) were walking and Teddy led me to a stray dog that was in terrible condition.

We took her home and helped her recover, but when it was time to take her to a shelter, we realized that it wasn’t enough; we wanted to know what would happen to her after being admitted to the shelter. Then my wife suggested: “What if we can watch her on video streaming?” At the time I was into mobile software developing and realized that it was possible.

So wee came up with a components which would create a sort of game: points, titles, etc, which would serve as an incentive for people to buy the pet a treat. This way they could be inclined to help out that pet while sharing it’s joy. That’s how we are able to get followers to make a donation, while participating in a joyful game that will enable them to watch the fruits of their participation.


Q3: What makes TEDDY FOOD so unique?

1. Transparency (24/7 live video streams for pets):

The main feature of the TEDDY FOOD project is the opportunity to see the result of your good deeds in real time and observe the life of the pet you are following. Moreover, a person can assess the characteristics of the pet – whether it is playful or calm, watch just look out for its well-being.

We recently had an unusual case. The user via video stream found a foreign object on one of the kittens’ body. He called the shelter and reported it. Thanks to this call, the shelter staff could help that pet in time, by removing that object and saving the little kitty’s life.

2. Operating the project requires only small amounts from our followers
In TEDDY FOOD you can make a donation starting with $1. Even though this is a small amount for many people, for a single shelter several such donations can become significant.

3. Following a pet does not require much time

Unfortunately, not all people have time to travel to the shelter. Also, not everyone can take the pet home. By allowing only a few minutes each day to follow your chosen pet, a follower can provide real help to the shelter of their choice.

4. Contributing to a pet can be joyfully shared with your friends

Thanks to the system of points and titles, users can see the progress of their assistance. For every small contribution, they receive appreciation and growth of their rating. This can be shared in social networks and is great for all pet lovers.

Q4: What do you have planned for TEDDY FOOD in the future?

Our mission is to make supporting homeless pets as easy as watching cute videos on YouTube. We want helping a homeless pet to become a real trend, which would raise more awareness for our beloved pets’ needs. We believe that helping pets that way can be both educational and fun and will therefore we will continue develop the gaming components of the project.

We have also organized a fundraiser at Kickstarter. Anyone can support the project by any amount at this link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/520287694/teddy-food-a-new-way-to-make-homeless-pets-happy and get rewarded with tons of joy!

There are only a few days left to collect the amount claimed, otherwise all the money will go back to the sponsors, so any contribution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the fundraising, we will be able to connect new shelters around the world, including the US, and reach out to even more pets around the world. We will also complete our mobile app, which will enable us to attract new users, who could help change the lives of many animals.