Best Automatic Cat Feeders You Should Know About

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Flexzion Pet Feeder

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3th 3.7/5 Check On Amazon Worth a try
Petnet SmartFeeder

4th 4.3/5 Check On Amazon Worth a try

5th 4.3/5 Check On Amazon Worth a try
Crown Majestic

6th 3.6/5 Check On Amazon Worth a try
Qpets 6-Meal

7th 3.5/5 Check On Amazon Worth a try

All of us who own a cat know how stressful it can get to take care of the amount of food our cat eats. Cats seem to be keen on eating all day long, no matter how rich the meal you’ve offered them only an hour ago was. Additionally, if you own multiple cats, feeding can truly become a nightmare! The “stronger”, more aggressive cat will eat more, while the passive one will probably eat and weigh less. People who go to work and leave the cats at home during the larger part of the day are also facing the problem of regularly timed cat feeding. Going on a short one or two day leave is mission impossible without someone to take care of the cat while you’re away. If you leave a lot of food out, you can be sure your cat will finish it all in a day. This can cause serious health problems. With that said, people with pet cats will agree that automatic cat food dispensers are very helpful products in daily cat care.

Recommended cat feeders

Petsafe Simply Feed:


  • Easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Also features dishwasher safe components.
  • Pet proof. This dispenser guarantees that the cat cannot reach the food in the container.
  • Has a digital time for up to 12 meals.
  • Anti-jam mechanism. Using a conveyor system, food does not get stuck while being dispensed.


  • Relatively expensive because some of its components, like the power adapter, are sold separately.
  • Not wirelessly connected. Many of its competitors have a wireless capability that allows the owner to monitor the cat feeding program from their phone.

Our Take

One of the best programmable cat feeders out there. This device allows for 12-meal programming, diverse meal portions, and a slow feed option for multiple cats which tend to eat quickly and are prone to stomach problems. Some parts can be washed in the dishwasher. A great advantage is that the device is equipped with a system that prevents the cat from using paws to dispense more food. This is the real calorie control system!

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Flexzion Food Station:


  • Non-skidding rubber that sticks it in place.
  • Antimicrobial micro-ban that prevents growth of bacteria.
  • Gravity operated feeding mechanism that does not require power.
  • Wide mouth bottle that is easily cleaned.


  • Gravity-feeding mechanism allows more food when dispensing than other automated feeders
  • Has no timer to regulate feeding habits
  • Food compartment can be knocked out in case there are many animals using it.

Our Take

This device is good for cat owners who like to control the feeding time, as it is equipped with a huge display showing the next feeding time. A great feature is its voice recording option. It is easy to clean by removing the feeding bowl. The transparent bowl is another advantage of this slow release 7-day cat feeder, as the owner can always check the food levels without opening the device. The crucial thing that makes this product stand out is that the maximum number of meals per day depends on the portions.

BABADIO Automatic Pet Feeder


  • Can be programmed to exact details i.e. feeding time and measurements.
  • Detachable, which makes it easy to clean.
  • Owners can record their voice as a calling tone for their cat to come and feed.
  • Built-in detection system to prevent food from jamming while being dispensed.


  • Not suitable for feeding wet cat foods. It’s food locking detection system does not work well with such foods.
  • Does not include alkaline batteries that are a necessary to operate it.
  • Limited storage capacity, as most space is occupied by its high-tech systems and can easily be rolled over if you have many cats.

Our Take

This product is easy to use, practical, and reliable. The owner programs food dispense into two available food dishes, sets feeding time, and the device will work according to the program up to 4 days in advance. It also weights a mere 1.8 pounds, making it very easy to handle and ship. The only disadvantages is the fact that it is suitable only for dry food and the low device weight, which means it is not suitable for large pets.

PetNet SmartFeeder:


  • Durable due to its enhanced components.
  • Its system is compatible with both Ios Android. You can monitor your cats from your mobile
  • It has a stainless steel bowl. As it does not stain it guarantees top most health for your cats.
  • Has wire connection that allows you to set the feeding program anywhere at any time.


  • Its high-tech features make it expensive.
  • Limited food storage space requiring one to add more food regularly.
  • High power usage when operating its wireless connection and could be difficult to manage especially for the elderly

Our Take

This device is amazing for users who are already familiar to other advanced technology gadgets, as it requires smartphone for control and programming. Older cat owners will probably find managing the device rather difficult, but younger ones and technology geeks will simply adore it due to its numerous options available. In comparison to the other devices reviewed here, this
automatic cat feeder for two cats or more can even take care of cat food delivery from the outside! There are numerous of portion size and type programmable options, up to 7 lb of food. The price corresponds to the number of options and device complexity.

HoneyGuaridan A26 Automatic Pet Feeder


  • Reliable, as it can accurately feed the set options.
  • Food locking system can also prevent spillage.
  • It has an awesome voice recorder that one can call cats.


  • Does not come with batteries.
  • Can only accommodate foods of up to “1 cm”. If larger, it gets stuck in the dispensing hole.
    Small food storage space that only allows up to six meals a day.

Our Take

This automatic cat feeder is equipped with separate feeding dishes, a digital timer option, weighs only 3.3 pounds, and ideal for portion control. Great news for cat owners is the fact that the dishes can be washed in the washing machine. It is suitable for both wet and dry cat foods. Cats might be somewhat frightened by the noise it produces, but as soon as they realize it is completely harmless, they will get used to it. Users report that the device is suitable for two cats as well. However, beware that if one of the cats is aggressive, you should probably get two separate feeder devices.

Crown Majestic Diamond:


    • Simple to program by anyone, making it ideal even for the elderly.
    • Allow for water dispensing, which is important for the healthy growth of your cat.
    • Keeps track of the number of meals and displays them on its LCD screen (easy portion control).


    • Cannot dispense disc-shaped kibbles, as they jam the dispenser mechanism.
    • Heavy in comparison to other machines.

Our Take

Crown Majestic Diamond is perhaps the best automatic cat feeder for wet food. It stands out at first sight due to its unusual and playful appearance. Cats will surely love it. It is suitable for dry food, but the good thing is this product has an attachment designed specifically for drinking water. With this machine, your cat consume both food and water in the same meal, without mixing them. Dry food capacity reaches 4.4 lb. The device is very stable, making it really difficult for a cat to turn it over.

Qpets 6-Meal:


      • Up to 6 compartments for use with all types of cat foods.
      • Lid lock mechanism that ensures the cat cannot open before the stipulated feeding time.
      • Has the option to record a voice message for the cat. This may act as a calling message when it’s feeding time.


      • Its small size enables it to hold only small portions at a time.
      • Most of its dials used for setting purposes are located at the base, which makes them vulnerable to a cat as it moves around.
        Suitable only for single cats due to its small size.

Product Description

The device has 6 feeding portions. Handling it is very easy – all you need to do is set the 6 feeding time periods manually. The first feeding time you set as “1” will actually be the initial working time of the device. The product is rather quiet, and powered by batteries. It has voice message recording option as well. This will be great for those who would like their cat to associate its feeding ritual with the owner, but who do not have time to actually do it themselves.

What is an Automatic Pet Feeder

An automatic pet feeder is a product that automatically feeds the pet according to the program the owner sets in relation to the animal’s needs. This makes it easy and convenient to regulate cats’ meal portion sizes, number of portions per day, weight, metabolism and general health condition. Pet feeders differ mostly in terms of the needs of the animal they are designed for. The most common feeders are automatic dog and automatic cat feeders. They differ in size, strength, number of programmable options, and type of food they are suitable for (i.e. wet food, dry food, or mixed food).

Control your cat’s calories intake

The best thing about auto cat feeders is the easy caloric intake control. Uncontrolled food intake leads to numerous cat disorders, such as obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, injuries as consequences of excess weight (such as ligament injuries), diabetes, and shorter life expectancy. Automatic cat feeders and dispensers one some of the most effective ways to fight the cause of these disorders. The way these products work is similar to fish feeders we’ve all probably already seen. The sensor system controls the amount of food available for your pet. According to your cat’s needs and vet’s advice, you can program the device to release the food in small portions, bit by bit, numerous times a day or all at once (a possible solution in case you take a short vacation). Advanced versions can be remotely controlled. If you’re looking for the best automatic cat food feeder, you now have all the information you need to make the best educated choice for your beloved cat.

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