Cat Climb Time- Awesome Cat Game With Helping An Important Cause

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

Hey All-About-Cats folk! My name is Jerico and I am the stereotype of a game developer. I live underground and spend long hours of my day behind the computer but in doing so I have slowly taught myself how to make and release games that can be freed from the confines of the four walls of my room. I have created the business Equality Empires as my front with the hopes that games I release can be used to help this planet in whichever way, small or large, they can. That being said, Equality Empires is in motion with the release of its first game ‘Cat Climb Time’, the first beneficiary being my local cat shelter the Cat Haven who do immeasurable work to give homeless or abandoned cats a second chance at finding a loving home.

Q2: Tell more about the story behind Cat Cafe Purrth?

The Cat Cafe Purrth is part inspiration to Equality Empires and to the game Cat Climb Time. It is run by Chris and Turps who are two young philanthropists (though I don’t think you’d hear them say it themselves). The whole design to their Cafe was for both the benefits of cats and humans with their motto “part proceeds from everything we do goes to animal welfare”. They work quite closely with the local cat shelter Cat Haven as they are slowly establishing themselves as the central cat hub of Perth, being the cities first Cat Cafe ever. I first visited Purrth as just a regular cat loving customer where at this point in time, what was to be Cat Climb Time was in its bare bones of creation as a simple bouncing block. I learned more about Purrth and their charitable cause and I finally had something to make my first game about!
Sneakily, I made pixel versions of their cats from Instagram pictures they had posted and added them to Cat Climb Time as playable cats. With an early demo complete, I put on my fancy shoes and headed on down to the cafe with my iPad. Chris and Turps had no idea about this project but welcomed it excitedly when they saw their cats. They have been helping with marketing of the game whilst being my link to the Cat Haven.

Q3: What do you have planned with Cat Cafe Purrth in the future?

There are a few ideas that I have thought of but putting them in motion is another step. Next however we’d like to give players the opportunity to have their very own cats introduced into the Cat Climb Time lineup. This will be announced from the Cat Climb Time Facebook page when the time comes.

Q4: How can we help this amazing project?

By simply playing Cat Climb Time you’ll be helping! Tell your friends, tell your parents, tell your neighbours, tell your neighbour’s cat!!! But if you want to help the Cat Haven directly, they have a link to their donations page at They are currently at capacity. I visited them the other week and they have just over 200 cats at the moment. Although they are just one shelter in the world for cats, any help is considered extremely special to them.