Pet Radio Show Celebrates 6 Years!

Here in All About Cats we are in constant search for pet-friendly blogs we think are awesome! This time we wanted to feature one of the veteran pet blogs we’ve been following for a long time now. We’re talking about the amazing Pet Radio Show.  So We had a chat with Robert, the founder of Pet Radio Show , to learn more about his views after six great years, and about what the future holds for Pet Radio Show.

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

My name is Robert and I am a dog and cat junkie, and proud of it. I love bringing pet people together to share the love!


Q2: Tell more about the inspiration behind Pet Radio Show?

I started the web site to do podcast interviews and it grew into a magazine style blog as well as regular podcasts on all aspects of having dogs and cats in your life.

Q3: What makes the Pet Radio Show so unique?

Most pet blogs are written by one person with their own perspective on dogs or cats. I discovered for a blog to really be successful it needs varied content from multiple sources and I cultivated friendships with other bloggers and authors to contribute content.  The result has been an impressive collection of very well written material on a host of different subjects, different viewpoints as well as current news stories, and weekly podcasts. In doing this the focus has been more on quality content than click bait. It’s also more fun to me to be an editor rather than a writer. The podcasts are all me. I find the guests, record the interview, edit it, mix it with music and other audio and it’s ready to go. I somehow got into a PR database, so many of my interview guests come to me!


Q4: What do you have planned for Pet Radio Show the future?

I am actually kicking around ideas to take the podcasts into uncharted territory, creating old fashioned 1940’s style fictional stories with animals as characters acted out in a radio drama or comedy. Like the old Lone Ranger show and others! And other things like the reading of stories or books. I am also going to look at dabbling in video, (I just bought a camcorder!) and other possible mediums.

I have also found it very interesting to find wonderful stories from every day pet owners who follow my web site. There are so many unsung heroes out there who frankly do not care about fame and only want to make a difference.  Those are the stories I really like to tell. I have another site as well which is for dog lovers in Oregon. I have let it slip and have not posted anything to it all year. I want to get that going again and showcase videos of me traveling around the state visiting dog friendly places and activities.

My own pets right now are limited to my dog Buster Boy, who you will see photos of on the site from time to time. Prior to that for over three decades I always had cats. Dickens was my last cat who lived to be 15 years old before being hit by a car on the only time he ever escaped from inside my home. I was devastated. He was very special to me. Getting that much closer to Buster has helped to fill the void. He and I are inseparable. 24/7

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