What You Need to Know About Hello Kitty

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past four decades, you must know about the Hello Kitty phenomenon. This widely known feline can be seen on TV, clothes, food packages, accessories, cat products and many other items. However, Hello Kitty isn’t just a beloved cartoon character,

she has also made some serious influence on fashion and beauty products and she is the face of many themed establishments.

Who is Hello Kitty?

This iconic little kitty was created in 1974 by the Japanese company Sanrio. Originally, target audience were pre-adolescent girls, but today this cuteness has fans all over the world who don’t let their age stop them from showing their affection towards her. She was created by Yuko Shimizu and she is an anthropomorphic white Japanese Bobtail cat-inspired character. And in case you didn’t know, Hello Kitty’s full name is Kitty White and she was born in London, England. And while we see this adorable little kitten as just a cute face on our stuff, we shouldn’t forget that she is 43 years old and she is worth about $7 billion per year.

How did she become so popular?

As mentioned, Hello Kitty was originally created for young girls, however, the market has soon broadened quite a bit. But how did Kitty become so popular? The answer is quite simple, she became relatable to a much larger market. This is due to the fact that Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth, and it’s seems that people like this since it gives them the opportunity to project their own feelings onto her face. But Sanrio didn’t only develop the character of Hello Kitty, but her entire family, so people can easily identify with all these characters. Another smart move Sanrio did is collaboration with other well-known brands such as Vans, MAC cosmetics, O.P.I and others.

All things Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty’s face is literally everywhere – starting with products for kids such as school supplies, dolls, stickers, stationary, purses, pillows, footwear, pajamas and other pieces of clothing, but let’s not forget about amazing kids party supplies, ranging from cups and plates, balloons and posters, to of course yummy Hello Kitty cakes. It’s safe to say that having a Hello Kitty themed party is very popular. Kids are simply crazy about Hello Kitty, and this is probably because they can use her to express their emotions easier.

But, Hello Kitty didn’t stop at these ‘small’ things. She can also be found on household appliances and computer equipment. One can say that Hello Kitty can be a little posh considering there is even a Hello Kitty Jet, a commercial passenger jet airliner. Hello Kitty reached older audience by entering the wine market and her wines can be purchased online. And there is some serious Hello Kitty bling-bling out there. Hello Kitty has a fine jewelry and watch collection and Kimora Lee Simmons actually designed and launched the initial collection.

We can say that Hello Kitty dreams big. While her face first appeared on a coin purse, we can now see her in her very own theme parks, but also hotels (yes, there are entire Hello Kitty themed hotel rooms), restaurants and cafes. And let’s not forget about Hello Kitty themed maternity hospitals in Taiwan and Shanghai. New babies are bundled up in Hello Kitty blankets, and nurses in Hello Kitty uniforms take care of them in rooms decorated with Hello Kitty.

There are shoes, sandals, dresses, pants, tops, hats, jewelry, purses, watches and even major league baseball caps with Hello Kitty’s face on them. Probably the biggest Hello Kitty fans are, of course, cat lovers. What cat owner wouldn’t want to buy their furry pet a Hello Kitty water or food bowl; or a nice bed to sleep on or maybe a cute collar. Hello Kitty has a big market here considering that a toy with her face on it can become every cat’s new best friend.

So, there you go Hello Kitty fans. You might not have known all this about your favorite cartoon character but now you do and you may love here ever more because it seems like Hello Kitty isn’t planning on going anywhere any time soon.

About the author

Gabriella is a working mom of two kids, one dog and two cats. She lives in Sidney and writes for several lifestyle blogs.