Modern Cat Art Desgins With Sol Felpeto

We’re All About Cats are in constant search for feline inspiration across the web and this time we have something really special for you guys, Sol Felpeto is a super talented artist and it’s time the world got to know her for her awesome art work. Wet met up with So here goes:

blind cats meal

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community 

Sol Felpeto is a 26 year old multicultural artist born in Venezuela. She was raised between Buenos Aires-Madrid and sporadically passing through other countries along with his family, until at age 21 she decided to settle in the Spanish capital to study Fashion and Creative Direction. Her creative studies have led her to develop herself as an illustrator and painter in her own style, a mixture of art, humor and animals. Undoubtedly, her love for animals influences her work so that is why you can only  animals or nonhuman creatures in her art.

Q2: What was the inspiration behind your work?

My work seeks to translate art into something catchy for the audience eyes, making  a connection between something known as iconic works of art, and something totally new . For this I make a deep study of her references that helps me to create and to overlap her own world in them and to rewrite history with its characters, the animals. This provides a great challenge, to be “multi-style” and reproduce any technique. Once someone is caught by one of my paintings I hope that person can see beyond the aesthetic and find the way to the true message. Connecting animals and art through feelings and real stories is my final and true objective, like making a homage to Picasso and the tender bond he had with his cat Minou, or relating Frida Kahlo´s suffering with greyhound dogs which are so mistreated nowadays by the dog racing industry.


Q3: What do you like most about your art? 

What I love the most of my art is that it is fun. I really enjoy making it, I enjoy making each piece,  and my followers and clients love watching at it too because it carries happiness in it. When an artist makes things from the guts the work of art is capable to transmit every single feeling you put on it. I also like to bring animal conciousness to people and talk about responsibility and animal care. I still amazes seeing animal cruelty on 2017.

Q4: What do you have planned for future?

I´ve got  a solo show and an art fair to attend here in Madrid next months though people interested can buy the pieces online too. I hope I can soon finished the “Picatsso” project and start a new one called “Gatero”. It will be a collection of Boteros versions with cats as main characters too. I will collaborate with an animal rescue association from here, Spain with raising founds from these painting sales. The money will be used for cat needs from this shelter.

catçon a la pipe

Cats fishing in Antibes

Dora Caat portrait

El gato con sueño

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