Meet the Igloo cat litter box- Most innovative Litter box of 2017

It is an undisputed fact that cats are adorable. If you have a cat, you would always go an extra mile to give it the finest things in the world. One of the best amenities that you should consider giving your cat is the Igloo cat litter box. It is an elegant litter box that will give you and your lovely pet an excellent experience.

As the name suggests, the design and features of the litter box are similar to that of Eskimo snow house. Read on to get a deeper understanding about Igloo Cat Litter Box.


Igloo Cat Litter Box is a product of Pidan Studio, a fully-fledged startup that specializes in designing indoor products for cats. The rich background knowledge in design is the reason why this cat litter box has a unique and innovative design. To be specific, no other pet litter box in the market has a similar design to the Eskimo snow house. The creator of the product focused on both the design and the convenience. Just after six months in the market, the litter box won “Red Dot” award. It has received positive reviews from the pet owners and is definitely poised to make a huge impact in the pet industry.

Large size


Are you worried about the size of your pet? Probably you have an assumption that your cat is too big to fit in any cat litter box. With Igloo Cat Litter Box, the size of the pet doesn’t matter. It is large enough to be used by all sizes of cats-both big and small. The large size of the box means that you won’t have to discard it once your cat has grown old or when you decide to buy an older cat. The space inside the box is big enough to allow the cut to make movements with total ease. It can shift its positions and dig.

The entrance to the box is also wide enough, and a cat that is within 7kg can get in without struggling. Igloo is one of the largest cat litter boxes that are in the market because most of the other similar products are comparatively smaller.

Enclosed space

Cats always yearn for high levels of privacy. They will go to the farthest and most secluded corners of the compound to relieve themselves. Igloo Cat Litter Box takes the privacy of the cats to new levels. Being one of the best covered cat litter boxes, it will allow your cat to conduct its business without any form of interference.

The total enclosure prevents people from seeing what is happening inside the box. The enclosure also prevents bad smell from spreading to other areas of the house. You won’t bother keeping the box away in fear of bad odor. Even your young children will have no chance of bumping litter while playing. Most importantly, your dog will not access it.

Long grid

Cats will do anything to keep themselves tidy. Igloo Cat Litter Box makes this possible thanks to its long clean grid at the entrance. With this grid, the cat comes out of the box when already clean. The grid removes any elements of litter from the cat’s paws as it walks out. You won’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your house as there will be no traces of litter.

Easy to clean

The litter box will give you an easy time to clean. Its design allows you to have access to all its parts without hassle. All that you need to do is to lift the lid and grab the scoop. The front edge of the scoop matches with the contours of the box making it easy to scoop all the litter. After you complete the cleaning exercise, you can attach the scoop at the base.

With such a simple cleaning procedure, you will be sure that the cleanliness standards of the litter box will always be high. This, in turn, means that your space will never be affected by the presence of the litter box.

Aesthetic value

Igloo Cat Litter Box looks good thanks to its unique design. The box will easily blend with your room. It will just look like any other home accessory, and you won’t be embarrassed carrying it around even in the presence of the visitors.

Your cat deserves a treatment that befits the king, and nothing can bring this forth better than the Igloo Cat Litter Box. In addition to helping you with the hygiene issue, it is light meaning that you can easily carry it around. If you like it, you can get one on MeetIDEA.


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