Should You Be Feeding Your Cat With Dry or Wet Food?

Every cat owner wants their cat to be healthy, well fed and happy. For that reason, there are many debates between cat lovers regarding the right choice of food for their cat. Some believe cats only need dry food, while others think that their diet should consists of wet food. Since your cat’s health is greatly affected by its diet, knowing the pros and cons of dry and wet food will help you determine the best diet for your cat.

Many choose to feed their cat with dry food because it’s most convenient

People often choose dry food for their cats because it’s most convenient for them to handle. It is cheaper than the wet food, it doesn’t take them time to prepare it and they can leave it in the cat’s plate longer because it will not spoil. The cat can go and nibble on it whenever it feels hungry during the day.  Another great thing about dry foods, or “kibbles” as it is also called, is that you can store it easily. This kind of food can be put it in a large plastic container with a tight lid and the food will stay fresh and not attract rodents and insects.

Dry food also serves well as a dental supplement and some are specially shaped to clean the cat’s teeth as it chews on it. It comes in different shapes and because it’s cheaper you can feed more cats with one bag of kibbles for a longer period of time. So should you feed your cat only with dry food?

Disadvantages of the dry food

Dry food has some disadvantages of course. One of the negative sides of the dry food is that it doesn’t provide moisture for the cat like wet foods do. If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, like many felines, they need to get moisture from the food they consume. This is especially problematic if you live in an area with dry climate, because your cat can get dehydrated. Another popular option is to use a cat fountain. We recommend using Miaustore as a super reliable product.

On top of that, too much dry food and absence of moisture in the cat’s diet can cause urinary tract disease, a disease that can be fatal. You can read more about this disease here.

Another negative side effect of dry food is its content. Most kibbles have lower levels of animal based proteins which are a very important part of cat’s healthy growth.

Wet food gives the necessary moisture the cat needs

As already mentioned before, some cats don’t drink a lot of water which means that they need another way to get more liquids into their body. For that reason it is recommended to feed your cat with wet food which will serve as a great source of hydration. They can also get a larger portion of food without adding more calories to their diet. Another advantage of wet food is that it would be better suited for older cats who have lost some of their olfactory senses and prefer to eat food that has a richer scent and flavor. Wet food will usually do the trick.

Wet food is a great alternative for cats who are ill and cannot smell, or lack appetite. In this way, you ensure they get enough protein, vitamins, and minerals which are necessary to maintain their health. Therefore, when you choose wet food, always check the ingredients and make sure it contains enough protein.

Disadvantages of wet food

Just as dry food has some disadvantages, wet food has some as well. The main downside of wet food is its preservation. Once you open a can of food it is more likely that it will spoil quickly. If your cat doesn’t eat everything you put in its plate the food goes to waste unless you cover and refrigerate it. Wet food is also more expensive than dry food, which is another drawback. Imagine you spend more money on it,  but your cat doesn’t eat the whole can and it goes to waste! For this reason, it would be best to buy smaller amounts at a time.

And of course, who hasn’t seen his cat carry its food away from the plate, only to eat it at a location of its preference? With wet food they can make a mess, which you will have to clean up afterwards.

So what should you choose? Dry or wet food?

The right answer to this question would be to balance between the two. Keeping in mind the advantages and disadvantages of both types of food, plan a diet for your cat and make sure that both types of food are in it. You should remember that cats that eat only dry food are more prone to obesity and diabetes, than the ones who eat more wet food. So even though dry food is more convenient to handle, you should balance it with wet foods as well. Also, make sure that your cat gets enough hydration and use the dry food as some kind of dessert or snack.

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