Cool Off This Summer With the Kooky Kittens Cooling Pad

Pets and especially cats are affected by heat, especially during the hot summer times. It is wise however, to keep our feline friends in a favorable environment for a healthy relationship. Cats can easily suffer from dehydration and heat stroke due to overheating. Most cat owners in the 21st century would definitely find it weird soaking their cat in an attempt to cool them down which could end poorly for both parties.

The kooky kitten’s pad is a great solution for a common problem. This pad is unique and super effective in terms of maintaining low temperatures for our cats and kittens. The kooky kitten pad can be placed on spots where your cat most likes to chill. During, the hot temperature you will most likely find your cat either on top of the pad or even beside it.
Most vets have been against the idea of placing ice next to your cat. Neither do they prefer funny methods like fanning a cat or shaving it. These old tricks are no match for kooky kitten’s cooling pads. The pad comes at a pocket-friendly price and it also has a variety of colors to choose from.

Why we liked the product

The kooky kittens cooling pad is a great product that just comes at the right time. A pad or two in the house will help your cat not to run around looking for shade. The pad is especially ideal for kittens who have not yet known their way to the backyard. Also, please make sure that you provide your cat with cool fresh drinking water on every how summer day.

Cool off this summer with the kooky kittens cooling pad that will help your feline friend stay relaxed at her favorite chill spot.

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