Celebrating Cats All Around The World

Hi folks, today we’d like to tell you about a great up and coming cat documentary you should now about. We sat down with with the film’s producer to hear more about one of the most talked cat documentary films for 2017.

Q1: Please introduce yourself to our community

I’m Richard, the producer working on the new cat documentary that celebrates cats all around the world.

Q2: Tell more about the story behind the film?

This documentary hopes to feature incredible cats in all areas of life, from charity, business, adventure, sport, fashion, art, emergency service, entertainment and beyond! We want to show how cats have become an important part of every facet of human life…and not just become part of it…they have a starring role! We also want to show how important cats are to people and how there is nothing we won’t do for them.

Q3: What makes this film so special?

This documentary is global, there there are no limitations on where we might find out stories. We want to show how diverse the cat world is and all the amazing things they mean to us.

Q4: How can we help this amazing project?

If you know a cat with an incredible story, send us an email! You can email us at cats@flarebbdo.com. It can be your cat or you might even just know a story that you think we should be aware of. If there’s a fascinating story out there, we’d love to hear it!