55 Awesome Girl Cat Name

Giving your pet a name is as important as giving a name to your kid. It can become an easy job if you have the right choices. Let us list down 55 girl cat names under various categories so it is easy for you to choose.

Baby Girl Names

Pinky –Refers to the color pink but may refer to the little finger in your body.
Olivia – It is derived from the Latin word “Oliva” which means Olive.
Mia – Some may think it is short form of Missing in Action but it also represents beauty and sensuality.
Sophia – It is derived from Greek language and it means wisdom.
Amelia – This name is present in many languages and its Latin origin refers to “Strive”.
Victoria – In Latin it means victory whereas in Roman mythology, it was the name of the goddess of victory.
Aria – It may refer to the song in the Opera but in Hebrew it is derived from the word Ariel which means “Lion of God”
Layla – This is derived from Arabic Language in which it means “Night”
Zoey – It’s a Greek baby name which means “Life”
Luna– Luna is the Latin name for baby girls which means “The Moon”
Stella – Stella is the Latin word for Star

Calico Cat Names

Butterscotch – Very famous type of confectionary which is usually made of brown sugar and butter
Amber – Hard translucent fossilized resin typically yellowish in color
Confetti – Small pieces of colored papers
Mosaic – A picture or pattern produced by arranging small colorful pieces together
Peaches – A round juicy yellow fruit
Picasso – Named after famous artist “Pablo Picasso”
Spice – A substance used to in food to give color and aroma
Autumn – Season after summer and before winter in which everything is yellow or brown
Ginger – Reddish yellow or brownish color, also a famous spice
Tiger – Well, this simply implies your cat is bigger, fiercer and even more graceful like the animal tiger.
Rainbow – Made of different colors or mixture of colors

Names Based on Character

Alice – Named after the character from Alice from Wonderland and in English, it means noble
Cinderella – Famous character from the story derived from French which means Little Ashes
Fauna– Character from Sleeping Beauty also means animals from a particular region
Jasmine – Character from the famous story of Aladdin and also the name of the flower
Eudora – The princess and the frog character and in Greek, the name means good Gift
Cleo – The famous character from Pinocchio, a Greek prefix which means glory
Arista – The little Mermaid character also known as a part of the plant
Anna – Famous character from the movie “Frozen”
Hera – From the story of Hercules, she was also the wife of Zeus
Abigail – Abigail Gabble from The Aristocats
Anita – Anita Radcliffe from One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Black & White Cat Name

Bow Tie – A neck tie in the form of a bow
Charlie Chaplin – The famous comedian and artist
Butler –Usually chief house helper wearing black and white suit
Checkers – Famous board game played around the world
Dalmatian – It is one of the famous breeds of dogs which has black spots on the white skin
Keyboard – Famous musical instrument which has black and white keys to play
Panda – Large bear like animal which is black and white in color
Penguin – a black and white flightless bird
Eight Ball – It’s a famous game of pool in which the eight numbered ball is black and white in color
Chickadee – It is a small North-American song bird which is black and white in color
Oreo – Famous brand of cookies which has dark black chocolate biscuit with white cream inside

Girl Names from Movies

Rose – Rose was the character played by Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic
Daisy – Daisy Buchanan was a character assumed by Carey Mulligan in the movie The Great Gatsby
Hermione – Emma Watson played the role in Harry Potter
Marishka– Josie Maran played the role of villainess in the movie Van Helsing
Angelica –Angelica was a character in the Pirates of Caribbean, played by Penelope Cruz
Selene – Kate Beckinsale played the role of Selene in UnderWorld
Mikaela – Mikaela Banes was played by beautiful Megan Fox in the movie Transformer
Neytiri –Neytiri was a character in the in sci-fi movie Avatar whose role was played by Zoe Saldana
Lagertha – Katheryn Winnick played the role of Lagertha the wife of Ragnar Lodbrok
in famous movie series Vikings
Khaleesi – Famous HBO series Game of Thrones has a popular character of Khaleesi which is played by Emilia Clarke
Penny – She is a famous character from the Big Bang Theory which is played by Kaley Cuoco

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