The Cat Meal Plan for Weight Gain You Need for a Healthier Cat

While cats don’t care about their weight, it will put a significant toll on their health if not treated properly! Just like humans, maintaining a healthy weight is important for your cat to live an enjoyable life with suffering from conditions that come because of his weight.

Not only do cats suffer from obesity, but they may be too malnourished because of certain factors! That’s why it’s essential to have them gain weight the right way. If you’re wondering how to do so, here’s a cat meal plan for weight gain to help you out, along with more things you need to know about an underweight feline.

Why Is Your Cat Underweight?

You’re probably wondering: Why is my cat underweight anyway? There are certain factors why you begin to see more skin and bones on your cat:


If your cat is sick or suffers from a medical condition, then chances are that he loses his appetite. You will need to get him checked with the veterinarian, especially if he suffers from other symptoms, as it may be something wrong with the digestive system.


This is the last resort that I HOPE you don’t do your cat! Some strays are underweight because of not being picky, but because they are deprived of the food and nutrition they need, resulting in drastic weight loss. If you have been neglecting your cat or found a cat on the streets, most likely he hasn’t been able to gain access to food.

Picky Eater

Your cat might not just like the food he eats, which results in him eating less, and then losing weight in the long run. The likely solution here would be to change his diet and see if that will work in improving his appetite.

How to Know If My Cat Is Underweight?

The ideal weight for cats would vary from the age and breed, so you’ll need to check with a veterinarian to see if your cat’s weight is stable or unhealthy.

You will be able to tell if your cat is underweight fever you can see a marked indent between its ribs or hips. A skinny back or noticeable bones is a sign of him being underweight.

Other signs would be a lack of shine in his coat, or if he loses energy to move at all, from playing games to grooming himself. If you see unfinished bowls or your cat hasn’t been eating right, then chances are that he’s losing too much necessary weight.

Cat Meal Plan for Weight Gain

There’s no need to change your cat’s food every day, but to change the brand and amount. You’ll need to calculate how much food he needs. The healthy caloric intake for weight gain would be about 250 calories per day, so you will need to feed him multiple times for your cat to easily digest the food.

Feed your cat food higher in calories, which would be kitten food that provides more protein and nutrition. It should have high protein and fat content, so choose one with 100% meat sources.

While you can choose between dry (30% protein and 20% fat) or wet (7% protein and 5% fat), the latter is more desirable as it’s said to retain more nutrients. You can also add in a bit of cheese or chopped egg as a treat to entice his appetite. Don’t feed him soy milk or cow’s milk, as this may disrupt his digestion.

It’s better to feed your cat a few times per day rather than one whole meal. Three to six times a day is great, as long as your cat eats all his food. Free feeding, or putting food in front of him for your cat to eat anytime, is also a good idea for shy cats.

But if your cat still refuses to eat, then you’ll need to take him to the veterinarian.

In Conclusion

Your cat requires the healthy weight to avoid suffering from malnourishment or other fatal conditions that will be challenging and expensive to treat in the long run. Plus, it doesn’t look good for your cat! That’s why he needs a bit of meat in him. Through adding just a bit more food and helping him encourage himself to eat, your cat will soon adapt to eating and learn to eat all of his food during meal times and more.

I hope that this article on the cat meal plan for weight gain helped you become more knowledgeable on what you need to do to fatten up your cat the right way. So what are you waiting for? If your cat is underweight, then try this cat meal plan for weight gain and the other tips for a fatter and healthier cat today.

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences on helping your cat gain weight, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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