Sphynx Cat: How To Care For A Hairless Cat

Sphynx cats are a very new breed that originated in Toronto Canada in the 60’s. They are very friendly, energetic, great with children and other animals, they will show you more affection than a lot of other breeds, but at the same time, they do need extra grooming and care, because of their hairless nature.


Sphynx cat needs baths once a week, most of the cats are acclimated to taking frequent baths by their breeder from the time they are born ( make sure that that’s the protocol at the breeder you are getting your kitten from). This particular breed while sweating releases a reddish brown oil from their sweat glands, that forms a build up, on their skin. Even with frequent baths, they may leave oily brown stains on your furniture, sheets or clothes. If you can not deal with that, this may not be a cat for you.


The best time to clip the cat’s nails is right after the bath when the nails are softer and easier to cut. You can use a sharp nail clipper to cut them, just make sure you only trim the tips, do not go past the very sensitive pink part on the toes.


Sphynxes require having their ear cleaned a couple of times a week. Due to a lack of hair in their ear canals, it is really easy for dirt to collect in their ears. They also produce a good amount of dark earwax that is quite unsightly and can stain furniture and clothes. This wax will block the ear canal if left uncleaned. The gunk has to be clean out of their ears, it is best to use a cotton swab and some ear cleaner.


Since the cats have no fur to keep them warm, you need to make sure that you keep your cat comfortable and warm all the time. Especially if you live in a cold climate and are used to lowering your heat when no one is home, you may have to change your habits and spend an extra money for the heat or purchase a heated cat igloo to keep your cat nice and comfy. You can try dressing your cat in a sweater and see if he will accept it, some of them do and can appreciate the warmth, but many are very uncomfortable wearing clothes and will show you an unhappy behavior. No matter what the situation is, just make sure that your cats have blankets and pillows that can provide them warm spots to cuddle in and sleep.

Sphynxes prefer a human company and affection over other cats, they love to be in the center of attention, but at the same time, they do get along great with other pets. They don’t do well being left home alone for long periods of time, they are going to be heartbroken and become depressed. If you are working most of the day and you don’t have any other animals at home for the sphynx to interact with, you should buy two to keep each other company. You can get a sphynx and a different breed cat which doesn’t require so much maintenance, and if you get them as kittens and they grow up together, they will become best friends for life.

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