Top 15 Cat Blogs You Should Know About- 2017

top 15 cat blogs

Hey guys, we’ve narrowed down our search for the top cat blogs around the world worth checking out. Our criteria included: topic-related content, new content frequency, and general creativity. The results? 15 awesome cat blogs.

Here is who made our top cat blogs list:

I have Cat, Single in the City, With Cats

Blogger: Tamar

Representing cat ladies from all around the world. This cat blog is one of our favorites due to the variety of well-written content. Tamar is one of the leading cat bloggers on the web.  Aside from the cute cat pillows they sell,  one can find interesting articles about all cat subject matter.

Living With Loulou

poopy cat
Living With Loulou is maybe a little like turning the pages of the I Ching. Any one day’s blog, if you decide to read it, might have an answer you were searching for! I know that’s pretty serious so let me say, too, that I love to do my blog with humor and silliness and hope you’ll smile or even maybe laugh out loud at some of my crazy ideas about every subject on earth. If I can do that, than I’ve done my tiny part to help the world spin in a kind and gentle direction.

The Purrington Post

Blogger: Mouse

top cat blog number 3
Led by the talented editor in chief the Purrington post is a fun, informative, humorous and often cheeky blog that celebrates cats of all types. Articles focus on cat behavior, cat lifestyle and inspiring feline stories. Coming mid-2017 they will be adding a new online store filled with unique and memorable kitty toys and accessories. Cat lovers will find this blog definitely worth following!

The Way of Cats Blog

Blogger: Pamela Merritt

top cat blog
Truly a cat blog worth mentioning. What started as a hobby for Pamela soon became AN incredible, many-layered, enterprise. The result? A great cat blog with loads of useful content. Make sure to check out the Cat Types section. Make sure to check out the Cat Types section. Way of Cats is a true inspiration for cat bloggers around the globe.

Love Meow Cat

love meow
In addition to their great website, Love Meow takes part in cat rescue events and community awareness.  They also aid in finding homes for abandoned cats. We recommend taking a look at the video section.

Sparkle Cat

Great source for book reviews with an awesome online store for kitty toys and accessories. Our favorite part  is the Advice section, where you’ll find helpful tips on a very large range of topics all given from a cat’s perspective.

Simon’s Cat

Warning, death due to laughing may occur while visiting this page! Simon cat’s logic videos are absolutely hilarious. If you haven’t seen them yet you are missing out.

Cat Versus Human

Blogger: Jasmin

Jasmin cat blogger/artist is a very talented artist with some amazing cat drawings that capture those silly feline-human interactions.

The Conscious Cat Blog

Without a doubt one of the best cat blogs around, The Conscious Cat features articles on cat health, cat nutrition, cat behavior, cat lifestyle, pet loss, cat growth chart and more. The Cat blog is owned by Ingrid King  an award-winning author and popular cat blogger, where she shares her insight to the world of cats. Be sure to check out the books section.

The Cat Blogosphere

Active since 2006 this top cat blog is a true veteran.Today it is one of the popular websites in the cat-blog community,  The Cat Blogosphere acts as a central news hub for trending stories.

Life With Cats Blog

life with cats
Huge website with loads of content. everything from great cat news to random cat-related articles , cat videos.Be sure to check out the cat Photography section as well as the Behavior & Lifestyle section.


Your Cat Blog

top cat blog
One of the best cat websites in the UK, the Your Cat blog comes from the creators of the UK’s bestselling cat magazine, Your Cat. This top cat blog covers all subjects related to our furry buddies, including health and behaviour advice, charity campaigns and rescue cats, and daily news updates from the world of cats. Our Favorites are the Cat Breeds section as well as the Cat Craft section.


Blogger: Angie Bailey

top cat blog
Catladyland cat blog was created by award-winning author Angie Bailey, Angie is a Minnesota freelance writer and successful cat blogger. Her trademark is her unique cat photos . It’s not a secret that cats can be pretty funny, this blog is known for posting some of those amusing videos and photos.


Modern Cat Magazine

top cat blogs
A well-rounded cat blog. Check out their free newsletter as well as the cat of the week contest at the photography section. Who knows maybe your cat will on the cover of next week’s issue…

Cat Lover Blogs

top cat blogs
A great place to post guest blogs and view quality content. There are  a lot of useful AMA post with different cat specialists. The cat lover blogs  brings you  “up close and personal” with other cat caregivers. It is a great resource of information for many cat bloggers.


Regina Cat Rescue

regina cat rescue
These guys take part in frequent rescue and charity work in the cat community. In addition to reading loads of articles and blogs, You can donate money or get involved with different volunteering programs.

74 thoughts on “Top 15 Cat Blogs You Should Know About- 2017

  1. Debbie S.

    Great article. I got to it by way of I HAVE CAT (my fav) but I never turn down new places to visit.
    And now I have you also! <3

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Jamie,
      I’m glad you liked the blogs!. Good luck with your new blog, we’ll be sure to check it out

  2. christophe liglet

    hi..i m a male cat lady..haha..all tattoed up with a mohawk, a french accent and 3 cats.
    i started making funny cat videos of one of them.. my 2 year old siamese boy..COCONUT..
    and somehow its creating a cool buzz on instagram..and facebook.
    they re all silly videos of me talking to him and saying stupid stuff
    he has a youtube channel as well..but i somehow dont really promote it..All are labeled as “coconut.. what are you doing?”.
    i d love to have your input.
    thx for your time

  3. Ryan

    Hi, great article, will definitely be adding a few of the sites to my favorites list. Please also have a look at my blog and maybe consider it for a future post. Thanks and keep up with the great work!

  4. julie carter

    hey your posts are nice and inspired me much about cats.. i have just started something with cats n m going to open a blog also

  5. Cara the Funky Cat Lady

    Great article. Super useful with fresh content. Looking forward to see the 2017 article. Would love to see who makes the list

    1. All About CatsAll About Cats Post author

      Hi Layla,
      We really appreciate your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to comment on our top cat blogs article.
      I’m not really sure how you got to the conclusion that only three can be considered top blogs. We are already working on the 2017 article. We’re aiming to give independent cat bloggers a bigger exposure on the new article. If you would like to submit a guest post in order to introduce yourself to our community you’re more than welcome.

  6. Cute Cat Collars

    Great top… I found interesting people behind these blogs.. 🙂
    I contacted few of them.
    So.. thanks for sharing.

  7. Mitch

    Great! I just love cats! I guess these sites are worth checking out. Those little blob of fur are so so cute I lose myself when I’m with them. Thanks for this.

  8. Khalid

    I Love this post awww. The blogs are good enough thats one thing, but the names are amazing :p Purrington, Conscious Cats, Cats vs Human <3 Love the names.

    You can have a look at my site too: 🙂 I am sure, one day we will be in that list.

  9. Gabby The Tabby

    Simon’s cat is so great!!

    That guy gets it.

    We started an instagram for our Gabby and eventually decided to move into full on blogging. I’d love it if you’d stop by our little blog and leave a comment 🙂 Maybe give us some pointers?

  10. sopno

    I Love this post awww. The blogs are good enough thats one thing, but the names are amazing :p Purrington, Conscious Cats, Cats vs Human <3 Love the names.

    You can have a look at my site toocat

  11. Maggie

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  12. Usman Zubairy

    It is very informative post regarding Cat Blogs. Really beautiful to learn from here.
    My niche is not this but its really good to have this information.

  13. munchkin cat

    yeh i love this collection of cats blogs. and i would like to share with you another one wih some tips that may help you with your cat.

  14. Doris

    greetings, CEO Shop Cat has something to meow about. Shop Cat is the boss at a TN manufacturing company, with 3 people under her, and 3 CNC machines she monitors on her shift. That is when she’s not napping or mousing.
    enjoy and
    maybe we can be considered for your future lists

  15. Gerard

    I really appreciate what you’re doing out here, it requires hard work and years of experience with pets to know all these things about them. I can’t deny the fact that we really share the same views regarding pets, as if I’m reading my own articles, again thank you for such new information.

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    Thank you so much for sharing great blogs! I would like to share my blog too – . It is a new blog focussing on advices and DIY projects! Again thank you!


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