Iris and Thula- Purrfect Friendship has no limits

Hi Folks, We’re guessing some of you have already heard the story of Iris and amazing cat companion Thula. We got word that this story would now be a short film as the first of a series of chronicals based on real stories about curious cats chosen for the new WHISKAS® campaign.
We were lucky enough to talk with Daniel the art director of an advertising agency in Sao Paulo, Brazil called AlmapBBDO which filmed and produced the film. We set down with Daniel to hear more about a one in a life time freindship between a brave little girl and her amazing feline friend.
A moving relationship that deserves being told and shared to help inspire and encourage families all over the globe to satisfy the curiosity surrounding their cats.

Please introduce yourself to our community

Daniel: I’m Daniel Martins, a brazilian art director working at AlmapBBDO São Paulo, the most awarded agency of the last year at Cannes Festival.

Can you tell more about the story behind the film?

Daniel: Whiskas, one of the clients of AlmapBBDO, asked us to create a new campaign based on the curiosity of the cats and their new slogan “Feed their curiosity”. We tried a different ways to deliver this idea but the idea that we liked the most was a platform where cat’s owners could share their stories about curious cats. Everyone has one. In order to launch the project we searched for an amazing and inspirational story and ended with Iris and Thula.

What do you think makes this film so special?

Daniel: The relationship between Iris and Thula was so special that we were worried about it not corresponding the true story. We created a few scripts until we came up with this idea of Iris living in a world with no one besides her. At least no one that she could see. Until the day she met Thula and the world opened up to her as she starts to see eveyone that is around her.
To produce this film we casted 94 little girls in two different cities in Brazil. We casted a maine coon cat that could perform with the girl and the film crew. Then the little actress and the cat spent 10 days together getting used to one another, while learning to play a girl with autism. The photo shoot took 4 days and we chose one the best Brazilians directors to do it, Claudio Borrelli.

How can we help this amazing project?

Daniel: We hope this beautiful story with the a girl with autism and the love of her cat could reach parents with autistic children to inspire them to find new ways to connect with their children, Also we recommend that anyone who has a cat to try nurture their curiosity because with that, incredible things can happen.

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