Why Your Cats Need A Cat Tree


When it comes to having pets, cats are one of the best animals that you can keep at home or in your apartment. They are very easy to be taken care of, self clean, low maintenance, they make no noise and have food only once in a day. Apart from that, they are very loving and comforting and are good with kids too. So this means they deserve to be kept happy and cat house is one of such thing, that you could buy.

There are some reasons that justify why you should have a cat house. They are:

Cat tower a safe place

If you have a small house or you have other pets in your home like dogs, then cat tower can be the best place for your cat to go and sit when it is disturbed. In case your cat doesn’t want to be disturbed by others or when it feels threatened, it can simply climb up the cat tower and sit in solitude. This will even save them from the hands of the little toddlers as well as from other intimidating pets. This will help you from trying to find them from their hidden spots like under the bed or on the cupboard. Moreover, this practice will make your kids understand that when the cat is on the cat tree, it doesn’t want to get disturbed.

Great place for multiple cats

If you have multiple cats at home, then cat tree can be the best place to place them. You must be knowing that there is some social hierarchy among the cats. So by having a cat tree with multiple perch, you will be able to keep them at different levels. This will help them to enjoy their place without getting into the territory of others. This will help from having some physical confrontations among the cats and the cat with most dominant power will take up the highest position.

Comes with scratching pole

Cats love to scratch. They like to have bare wood or sisal for scratching purpose. Most of the time the companies which build cat trees cover up the poles with such a material so that cats can scratch. In case the poles are wrapped with carpet, then you can roll some rope around the poles so that they can be turned into scratching poles.

Cats love to stay on the heights

When comes to humans they live in a vertical world and the same is in case of the cats. They love to be present on the top perch and see things around them. In case you failed to give them some vertical space, then they will end up on the top of your cupboard or fridge.

Cat tree best for exercise

When it comes to cat, they need exercise like any other animal. If you have a cat tree, then it can be the best thing for that. You will notice that after a month’s time, the coat of your cat has become shinier and it has become more active. Moreover, its behavior has improved too.

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