The Benefits of An Automatic Cat Feeder

If you’ve been struggling with feeding your cat or keeping on a feeding schedule, then an automatic cat feeder could be just what you’ve been looking for!


We have all been there before. It’s Sunday morning, and all you want to do is sleep in. That’s hard to do when your favorite feline friend is climbing all over you and meowing the house down. There are some great benefits to having an automatic cat feeder in your home. In the following article, we’ll go through some of the benefits of installing an automatic cat feeder in for your cat.  


If you work and it’s getting hard to find time to keep your pet on a schedule, an automatic cat feeder is a great way to ensure that your cat is always being fed at the same time. If you have to get up early to work, or stay back and work a later shift, you won’t have to worry about who is feeding the cat. We all have very busy lives, and one less thing of a morning or an evening to worry about could make our lives a little less stressful. If the kids have sports or something comes up, you don’t have to worry about getting home to feed the cat.


When you’re trying to organize vacations, even just for a weekend, who is going to feed the cat can be a nightmare. You have to try and work around the cat and organize keys for friends or relatives to come to your home and feed the cat. You can try and leave enough food out, but we all know how that ends up! An automatic cat feeder will ensure that your cat gets the right portions of food on the same schedule it’s used to.


It’s hard sometimes to ensure that your cat is getting the right portions of food. We all love our pets and giving them extra treats and larger serves at meal times is an easy habit to fall into. This often leads our pets to become overweight. Looking after your cat’s health is an important part of being a pet owner. We love them, but that love could lead to a variety of very serious health problems, especially as our cats get older. By using an automatic cat feeder to feed your cat, you can rest assured that your cat is only getting the correct amounts of food. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly your cat gets used to regular meal times.


Automatic pet feeders are available with a wide variety of different feeding schedules and serving sizes. You can choose to have your cat receive all their meal in one serve, or have their meals be dispensed over regular intervals. This is especially good for cats that gulp their food down too fast and make themselves sick. Having food dispensed over a 15 or 30-minute period is better for the cat’s digestion, and better on your flooring!


Automatic cat feeders come with a variety of different modes and dispensing options, what you choose will depend on your cat and its eating habits. Some of the popular models include:


  • Digital timers for easy meal time settings
  • Dishwasher safe food trays that are easy to clean
  • Programmable for up to 5 meals per day
  • Battery backup in case of power failures
  • Dry and wet food options
  • Pest proof so you don’t have to worry about insects or animals breaking in



Ultimately, the model you choose is up to you! If you would like to make your life and your pets life just a little easier, then an automatic cat feeder could be the best investment you’ve ever made!


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