App of the week- The Feline Finder

Here in all About the Cats we are in content search for cat-friendly trends. This time we wanted to feature the feline app with a twist. So We had a chat with Greg the developer of “The Feline Finder” app, to learn more about the Feline Finder that is about to take the cat community by storm.

Please introduce yourself to our community…

Hi, my name is Gregory Williams, but people call me Greg. Thanks for this opportunity to discuss my free iOS App “Feline Finder.” I have had cats all my life and have been a computer programmer for most of my life as well.

Tell us more about the inspiration behind the Feline Finder?

I started my pet project called Feline Finder as a way to help people find an appropriate breed of cat suited for them. Then I discovered that I could tie into RescueGroups data and also that every 8 seconds there’s a euthanized cat or dog so I included the ability to adopt. The killing is due to overpopulation, and I think it is unfair. Why buy a cat from a breeder or pet store when you can adopt one from a shelter. Many times shelters will have neutered/spayed, micro chipped, and litter trained the cat and will usually ask for a tiny amount of money to adopt the cat considering what services they provide. Contrary to popular belief, you can adopt almost any breed of cat from a shelter if you look hard enough. “Feline Finder” makes it easier to find and adopt those cats.

How exactly does the Feline Finder work?

Once you download “Feline Finder” from the iOS App Store, it shows a landing page where you choose what you want to do. I suggest you start off taking the short fun survey which points you in the right direction of appropriate breeds. If you do not want to do that, then you can go directly to the list of breeds. provides the list of adoptable cats. Shelters from around the United States enter the cats they have into the RescueGroups system, and apps display the data. Over 70 fields narrow down the search. Feline Finder shows you information, videos, and pictures of the cats. You can favorite cats you like and keep track of them to see if they are still up for adoption. There are several ways to contact the shelters. Even if you aren’t looking for a cat right now, you can still get involved by using the share button to post cats you like on social media.

What do you have planned for Feline Finder in the future?

First, I am working to get the word out about this app so that it helps provide rescued cats with good homes. Second, I am working on new features. For instance, if your initial search does not find the cat; you will be able to have the app continue to look offline and notify you when it finds a match.

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