All About Calico Cats

Every person who is interested into getting a cat or is just curious about cats comes across calico cats.
And if you don’t know why, that is because calico cats are so mysterious, and there are a lot of special things about them. And in this post we will tell you everything about them, but also at the end of the post we will share 10 fun facts about calico cats with you. Basically calico describes the color pattern, which is a white cat with orange and black patches on the coat. So calico cat is not a breed, it is a color pattern that could occur with any other domestic cat.



Usually there are scientifically documented studies about behavior and personality of each breed, but as we have mentioned earlier, calico cats are not a breed but a color pattern which means we can’t really tell how calico cats behave. And that is because calico cats are very different, but it is more likely calico cat’s behavior and personality is gauged more by the owner’s consensus. As we can’t know calico cat’s personality, buying one will make your life exciting. You could expect a laidback, mellow type which will enjoy your comforting and will be loyal, but on the other hand you could get the opposite of it. You can get a cat with an attitude which would be a little bit more to handle.

Health and Lifespan


The common question people ask is how long calico cats live. Are they really different than the other cats or do they have a normal lifespan like average cats? Well it all depends, the answer is yes and no. It depends if the calico cat is male or female.Basically, male calico cats live shorter than female calico cats because of their unique chromosomal makeup. But the good news is, that 99.9% of calico cats are females. You may wonder why is that so, but the simple reason is because of their unique chromosomal makeup.However, you should put worries aside, because any cat which includes calico cats could live longer with a proper health care. If you provide your cat with proper care, your cat could live a healthy longer life. Which means you should provide your cat a good shelter, feed her with a good quality diet and take her to the veterinary for routine care.

Types of Calico Cats


There are 3 most known types of calico cats.These are:
Dilute, Tortoiseshell, and Patched Tabby. As we have mentioned earlier, they are not a breed but a color pattern. This means that these are basically different color patterns of calico cats.Dilute means that the color is less intense so there is no real difference in color from calico type other than the color being less intense.However, there is an actual color difference in Tortoiseshell and Patched Tabby types. Tortoiseshell cats have very little white, and it usually appears as small spots mostly on the face, chest or paws. Also, ginger and black don’t appear in distinct patches.Patched Tabby is a type of calico cat which has distinct tabby stripes, along within the ginger and black patches.

10 fun facts about calico cats

  1. Females dominate

    As we have mentioned earlier, 99.9% of calico cats turn out to be females because of their special unique chromosomal makeup.

  2. 1 out of 3000 male born calicos are sterile.

    This happens because 99.9% calico cats are females and male calicos are rare, so 1 of 3000 male calico cats are born with Klinefelter’s syndrome. That means they are always sterile, but unfortunately they also have a lot of health problems.

  3. They represent a state

    Because of their color, calico cats represent The Official State Cat of Maryland. Fun fact is that only two other states have state cats. Authorities decided to do this because calico cat fur colors which are a mixture of white, black and orange are very similar to Baltimore Orion.

  4. Beckoning cat.

    The famous Beckoning cat is based of a calico cat.

  5. Different names

    Calico cats have different names in different cultures. For example they are called lapjeskat in Netherlands which means patches cat and mi-ke in Japan which stands for triple fur.

  6. Lucky charm

    Around the world, calico cats are known as lucky charms and omens of good luck. People also believe that calico cats bring good fortune to family home which takes care of them. Another fun fact is that they are sometimes referred as money cats in the United States. Also they are considered to be lucky because of their rarity. However, in 1870’s in Japan calico cats were symbol of fortune.

  7. They are brave

    A calico cat saved Japan’s railway station from being closed down. This happened back in 2007 when Kinokawa train station was about to be closed because of budget issues. But the town set a local calico cat to be station master, which had an office where she would greet passengers as they pass by. Calico cat became a celebrity and it caused a 17% increase in ridership from the station, and that is how calico cat saved a rural train station.Also as mentioned earlier, they are known as lucky charm which this story proved it to be true.

  8. They are everywhere

    Considering how rare calico cats are, they have really spread around the world. Calico cats were traced migrating along the routes in Europe and Northern Africa. They are originating from Egypt, but they were also traced in cities along Mediterranean in France, Italy and Spain.

  9. You can not breed them

    You couldn’t breed a calico cat, because they only happen by chance. That is why they are so rare, and why they are considered as a lucky charm. They are also considered to be a little bit of magical because of their three colors which is the reason why breeding calico cat won’t succeed. It is like having three cats at once, isn’t that interesting?

  10. They cure warts

    Very interesting fact, which isn’t proven to be true but is just a rumour is that calico cats could cure warts. Rubbing warts against the tail of a calico cat in May is supposed to cure it. We are not sure if this is true, but we are sure that the cat is not enjoying it!

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