7 Simple Hacks to Keep Your Cat Happy At Home

Is everyone in your home happy? What about your adorable feline friend? Does he seem satisfied or stressed? Have you ever noticed any changes in the mood of your cat and wondered what you can do to make him happy. Of course, you love your cat and you would want him to be happy as any other member of your family. Today we are going to look at some of the important things you need to remember to make your cat feel right at home.

It is a myth that having to let your cat roam outside is a requirement for his happiness. Playing regularly with your cat and providing all the entertainment toys will satisfy all their stalking instinct and keep them stimulated. Playing with your cat as well as providing the necessary toys will also provide your cat with the exercise he needs to stay happy and healthy. Additionally, making sure that your cats have things to do will keep them occupied. You wouldn’t want them to scratch up your curtains or furniture. Some of the best toys to purchase for your cat include balls, yarn, and any other toy they can move or chase around.

    1. Feed them properly

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Ensure you pay attention to your cat when it starts meowing. Although a cat meows to beg for various things, the most common reason is that he is hungry. Don’t keep your cat waiting for food for too long. Try to keep a regular feeding schedule and a routine that ensures that your cat is not starving. Remember, a hungry cat is unfriendly and unhappy. Make sure you feed him at the right time to make him comfortable. In the same breath, a starving cat can eat anything to satisfy hunger. For this reason, ensure you feed him properly to prevent the cat from eating poisonous food. Additionally, it is crucial to keep an eye on your cat to prevent him chewing on anything that may be dangerous to his health.

    1. Give them some space

Everyone appreciates having his/her little place where they can call their own. Your cat would also love having a comfortable place where he can rest. Create a convenient area in your home where your cat will have privacy. Make sure it is a secluded place with minimal disturbance. When your cat has his own space, he will feel safe while still providing with a sense of independence. The best resting spot for your cat should be in an elevated position so that he can feel safe while looking down to the surroundings. Additionally, ensure that you change the cat litter regularly.

    1. Let them scratch

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If you already own a cat, you will agree with me that you have claw marks on your wall, carpets or even curtains. It is almost impossible to make your cat stop scratching. Scratching is a natural behavior exhibited by your cat as he tries to mark his territory. Scratching also helps to keep their claws in shape as well as to help them stretch their bodies. If you do not want to find nasty claw marks on your wall, sofas, carpets, or carpet, ensure you provide him with scratching surface. Take note on what he loves scratching and provide him with similar surface for him to scratch. Some kitties love scratching horizontally while other prefer vertical surface. Observe his behavior and provides him with exactly what he loves. Some of the things that you can try include carpets, cardboards, as well as sisal ropes.

    1. Provide a Room with a View


Cats love to sunbath and enjoy looking outdoors. Install shelves or perches to ensure that your cat has more window opportunity. You can also place bird feeders near the window to attract a variety of wildlife that engages the interest of your indoor cat. If the weather allows you should also leave the windows open for your cat to get fresh air. However, ensure that the windows are securely screened so that your cat cannot jump or fall. Additionally, cats love chewing on grass among other plants. Go to any garden centers or pet supply stores and purchase oat grass or wheat that you can plant in small pots for your indoor cat. To ensure that your cat is safe to ensure that the seeds are not treated with chemicals and remove any toxic plant from the environment surrounding your cat. If it is impossible to provide your cat with a window view, try a TV. Some companies offer DVDs designed to keep your cat engaged. The DVDs contain a lively mix of cat-friendly sounds and images including those of rodents and birds that keep your cat entertained.

    1. Clean house

Cats are usually neat freaks and having dirty surroundings makes them unhappy. Make sure you clean the litter box regularly and could be wise to consider buying a non tracking cat litter. In cold months you can add make the cat’s box more comfy by providing a blanket or a cat dewormer to keep him warm. Additionally, providing your cats with more space doubles his pleasure. If you have limited floor space, try expanding the space upwards by use of climbing trees or kitty condos. Choose the taller models with multiple perches so that it appeals to your cat’s natural interests in heights.

    1. Head outdoors

If you feel that your cat still needs some outdoor time, provide it to him in a safe and secure manner. You can do this by trying to walk your cat on a leash. Although this might be stressful at first, it is very simple especially if you use cat harnesses that are specially designed for this purpose. A custom “catio” which is normally and enclosed patio can also be a useful structure that allows your cat to spend time outside.

    1. Spend Some Quality Time Together

Cats are friendly creatures and enjoy one on one time with you. You can do this by playing around the house, grooming petting, or just hanging out.


Keeping a cat indoors is one of the ways that you will ensure that he has a long and healthy life. However, your cat will not live a happy life unless you add some intrigue to the surrounding. The tips above will not take much of your time but will ensure that you have a happy and healthy cat.

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