5 Reasons To Adopt A Cat

If you’re thinking of adding a new feline friend to your family a good way to start the process is considering cat adoption.
Rehoming a rescue cat is a very rewarding experience and will help give cats a second chance of being part of a loving home that they all deserve.

Cat adoption is a wonderful way to support your local cat rescue centres, charities and those that are no longer able to care for their cats.

Below are five top reasons to consider when looking to adopt a cat.

You can teach an old cat new tricks

Cats that are currently sheltered or up for adoption come in all ages and love to play just as much as any other cat or kitten. They love human companionship and engaging in various games. Cats love to learn new tricks, irrespective of their age.

Adopted cats have varied personalities

All cats are incredibly diverse when it comes to their personalities. Some are shyer than others, whilst other cats love to play more. Cats for adoption share the same personalities, regardless if they’re looking for a new home.
There are many misconceptions for adopted pets – they’re unlovable or too hard to train etc. The majority of cats for adoption are very humble and extremely grateful for a potential new loving home.

Cats for adoption are ready to go

Most cats for adoption will be neutered or spayed, de-wormed, micro chipped, immunized and if they’re in a shelter; they will be assessed for any behavioural issues.
Another bonus for adopting a cat is that most will be litter-boxed trained which will save the new owners lots of money, time and avoiding that smelly transition of training.

If you’re looking to adopt a cat from a shelter, they often provide free food for the first couple of weeks; which they’ve already been feeding on. Animal shelters also have a vested interest to keeping their animals healthy and happy. So you will be ready to take home a healthy, happy cat.

Lead by example

There are lots of myths regarding cats for adoption. Claims such as; they’re too damaged, or broken in some sort of way. Factually this is wrong, the majority of cats for adoption are indeed happy, healthy and well-balanced. They’re looking for a new loving home, as unfortunately, this decision was taken out of their paws!.
Adopting a cat will encourage positive behaviour towards pet adoption and will hopefully help remove the stigma; making people re-think about pet adoption.

 Help with your well-being

Cats make great companions, especially those looking to be adopted. Their biggest desire is to be loved and in return you will receive bundles of love and cuddles. Caring for an animal can help lift low mood and help with mental health. Cats are especially good at this as they have  good vibes.


You must remember before you adopt; taking in a pet of any kind is a long-term commitment. The average lifespan of a cat is between 12-16 years, and some cats have been known to live into their early 20’s. Feeding a cat is relatively cheap, but vet bills can be expensive. Regular costs such as flea prevention and worming should be taken into consideration as well as a reliable pet insurance provider. It’s always worthwhile doing your research before you look to adopt, as well as looking at the financial impact this will have on your usual spendings.


Adopting a cat and providing them with a loving new home is big decision, but also extremely rewarding. All pets deserve all the love in the world and the comfort of a stable home.



The author loves to write about pets of all kinds and is a regular cat advice blogger at Mypetzilla